Lamborghini Says 900 Horsepower For Hurracan Replacement News Staff
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The Hurracan replacement is expected to debut later this year.

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has revealed Lamborghini's new twin-turbo V8 will produce almost 900 horsepower in a post on LinkedIn.

As Lamborghini prepares to replace the Hurracan and transition from a naturally aspirated V10 engine to a plug-in hybrid, twin-turbo V8 that revs to 10,000 rpm, the goal is to avoid overshadowing the Revuelto's V12 output, which stands at 814 hp with 535 lb-ft of torque and a combined output of 1,001 hp.

The Temerario, as the new model is expected to be named, aims to maintain a distinct identity with nearly 100 fewer horsepower than the Revuelto. The new V8 Hurracan replacement is expected to focus on providing more torque fill rather than outright power. Unlike turbocharged engines that typically do not rev high, the Temerario’s engine will reach 10,000 rpm–it's likely the turbos will be electronically assisted as the VW group has done with its other high-profile engines, like the 911 for example.

Lamborghini's photos of the new V8 engine show turbos located in the valley.

This is partially what will allow the engine to rev to 10,000, turbocharged engines are often rev-limited because of the catastrophic effects of uncontrolled pre-detonation. The VW Group uses a technology called e-booster, which is essentially just a compressor paired with an electric motor working in tandem with an exhaust-driven turbo. The motor-driven turbo provides a quick low-end response, and once boost builds, the exhaust-driven turbo is capable of handling the rest.

Winkelmann also revealed Lamborghini intends to use three electric motors to enhance torque when the engine is off boost. Logically, that puts one electric motor in each front wheel and the third likely between the engine and gearbox. This approach aims to give the Temerario a unique personality without compromising the engagement and intensity associated with the old V10. As the official reveal approaches, more details about the hybrid Lamborghini will emerge, but it is clear that the new model is set to make a significant impact.

For those who are fans of naturally aspirated Lamborghinis look for the next generation of Lamborghini Super Trofeo cars to arrive without hybridization to save on cost and complexity for race teams.

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The VW Group's e-booster turbo technology could be employed here. News Staff News Staff

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  • Don Don on Jun 05, 2024

    wow I wonder how many engies they blew up before they got the boost correct with the turbos and the fueling.

    and WOW i wonder what the warranty claim reserve is on their balance sheet for those engines