Toyota Weighs A Celica Revival

The Celica, once upon a time, was Toyota’s econo-car-turned-go-fast racer. Since then, other vehicles have filled that role — most recently the Corolla and its GR variant. However, per Toyota’s internal news outlet, the Toyota Times, the parties within the automaker are eyeing a return to the Celica.

Of course, all this supposes Toyota wishes to double-dip in a small segment outside its home market. Most buyers, frankly, could give a damn about rally heritage, WRC wins, or any of the reasons the Celica holds sway with enthusiasts. It all feels even more unlikely given that Toyota is only just willing to double-dip in the off-road SUV space with both the Land Cruiser and the 4Runner — and that segment is significantly more popular. Until these rumors become more than just that, it’s tough to see a Celica revival hashing out.

Toyota offers plenty of performance models already.

Doubts aside, folks at Toyota are at least having conversations about a revived Celica. Last year, the outlet asked Akio Toyoda for his thoughts on the old Celica. Toyoda reflected on the revival of old badges (presumably referencing the Supra, among others) saying this: “There was a period when Toyota dropped various cars, but we have since seen long-selling models make a comeback. I have a faint hope that President Koji Sato will carry on this trend for us.”

Following Toyoda’s comments in March of 2023, Akio was again pressed on a Celica revival, telling media that he’d put in a “request” for a revival, but that the matter was in Toyota Motor’s hands. “I’m not on the executive side,” said Toyoda.

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Chase Bierenkoven
Chase Bierenkoven

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  • Jason Jason on Jun 07, 2024

    Saw a news story on another website (?) that stated that the Supra and sister car BMW Z4 are headed out of production, so maybe Toyota is thinking of a replacement in the lineup?