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Road trips can be a heckuva thing. Between unexpected construction, other road users, and a constant asking of “are we there yet?”, the specter of taking off on a summer holiday can give some families more than a bit of pause. While the process of getting there is indeed half the journey, there’s nothing wrong with making that half just a smidgen more palatable.

Enter a company called Ottocast. They’re a global automotive electronics company which specializes in the development of CarPlay applications and adapters. Given that most folks have a smartphone in their pocket (and Apple has more than 50% market share in that space in North America), this is a wise business model. Whether commuting, running errands, or taking an epic road trip, products from Ottocast help users connect with the world around them for a better driving experience.

At present, a trio of models will be of interest to gearheads with a love for technology – each of which pack their own advantages. First, the Ottocast P3 is suitable for vehicles with built-in wired CarPlay and is capable of running video apps like Netflix and YouTube plus other entertainment like Spotify. Its variable interface can serve up CarPlay, Android Auto, or Ottocast’s own UI via a completely customizable split screen. This unit offers up a built-in Google Play store, along with the abiity to download software and customize the home page. Power input is taken from a simple USB connection and a mini HDMI out means impromptu movie nights are just a cable away. For cutting edge tech consumers, this is the one to get.

Unless you have a BMW. Recognizing the quirks of that brand’s unique iDrive system, Ottocast actually went ahead and developed a product specifically to play nicely with cars from Munich to you can play video. Called the i3 (there’s no way that was by accident, we think), it supports all iDrive versions from 6 to 9, has support for downloading new software, and is equipped with a handy HDMI output functionality. Like the P3, a quick one-touch split screen is dead simple to use, while the built-in GPS helps ensure your crew doesn’t get lost. Anyone who has tried to retrofit anything to an aging BMW knows the hassle of such an endeavor, so the Ottocast i3 may be a boon for certain installers.

Finally, the Play2Video Pro packs a lot of punch at an attractive price point. This model is suitable for cars with built-in wired CarPlay, converting that system in wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. Built in apps from YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify are on board, though downloading any new software is nixed on this model. But all the important stuff is present, including support for USB media and the ability to simply plug-and-play during initial set up. The ability to automatically connect to CarPlay or Android Auto through a wireless connection upon climbing aboard the car is incredibly convenient.

You can save $70 on the Ottocast P3, i3, or Play2Video Pro by using the code AG70 at checkout.

It should be pointed out that you shouldn’t be playing video within view of the driver should not happen while the vehicle is actually being driven. However, we’re all adults here – most of us, anyway – so we’re confident everyone will use this new technology from Ottocast in a safe and responsible manner.

And before anyone rushes to the comments section to bleat that everyone in the vehicle on a road trip should be staring out the window and soaking up the scenery, we would like to invite those same people to traverse the snowy northeast or endless cornfields of middle America on a late night sojourn. Sure, winding through the Rockies or along a coastal route in the daytime are activities best viewed in real-time – but we strongly make the case there are definitely a certain set of road journeys in which a skiff of video would be welcomed by the vehicle’s passengers.

Which is a need ably filled by either of these three units from Ottocast. As a global automotive electronics brand specializing in the development of CarPlay applications and adapters, they’ve done the hard work of sussing out the techie bits; all that’s left for you to do is select the right one for your application: full-meal P3, BMW-specific i3, or budget-friendly Play2Video Pro.

Sound good? You bet it does. Road trips will never be the same.

NOTE: This is sponsored content produced in partnership with Ottocast Staff Staff

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