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Are you feeling the need for more power? The Dodge Challenger is one of the most desired modern muscle cars on the road, but there are very few, select models that exceed the realm of average and dive deep into the world of supercars - the Demons. In 2018, Dodge produced 3,012 Demons – the fastest supercharged V-8 muscle car ever built. It has a supercharged 6.2L V-8 engine that is capable of 840 horsepower with the included track chip, and 808 horsepower for the streets. It pumps out a ground-shaking 717 lb-ft of torque, too. It all runs through a 10-speed automatic transmission. What is better still is that Dream Giveaway is making it possible for you to own it. Yeah, that got your attention!

0-60 in 2.3 Seconds!

The Demon has nearly double the horsepower of the HEMIs of the original muscle car era. This has made the Dodge Demon a car that muscle-car collectors crave. Many horsepower aficionados feel that the Demon to be most important muscle car in Dodge's illustrious history. Collectors grabbed up every Demon and having one available is unheard of, let alone making it something that you can win.

Of the 3,012 Demons produced, this is #1,125. It only has 8,000 miles on it and it has never seen a track - so yeah, you get to be the first to open it up and see what it can do. It is finished in an amazing Pitch Black color with the Black Demon logo and a black Laguna leather/Alcantara interior. It also includes the optional rear seat and comfort audio group.

But Wait, There’s More!

The grand-prize Dodge Demon comes with some extras that will more than sweeten the pot. As the winner, you also get the Demon crate! Along with the high-octane performance powertrain control module chip that unlocks the full horsepower potential of the beast of a motor, the crate includes seven trackside tools, front-runner drag wheels, and more! To make sure you’re running at peak potential, Dream Giveaway is throwing in an assortment of Race Gas products to truly let you light up the tires.


Of course, Uncle Sam wants his cut and with a vehicle with the value of the Demon, that would be quite a chunk. Fear not, as Dream Giveaway was the originator of “We pay the tax.” As part of the Dodge Demon prize package, you get an extra $24,000 to cover the taxes and fees. And while the Demon may give some nightmares, you can rest easy knowing that by getting a chance to win it, you’re also helping fund charities for veterans and children - Something Dream Giveaway has always done.

About Dream Giveaway

If you want to see the Demon in person? All Dream Giveaway vehicles can be seen in a special showroom that is open to the public in Clearwater, Florida. Dream Giveaway was founded in 2008 and has given away over 100 prize packages. They have provided funding to over 20 charities. Staff Staff

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