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When you think of winch manufacturers, most of us will agree Warn Industries is at the top of the list. It’s a well-deserved title, too. Warn winches are the best for a reason - they work, all the time. But to stay at the top of the hill takes work, and Warn has always been up to the challenge by constantly developing and improving upon its product line.

That is where the all-new Warn ZEON XD line comes in. ZEON XD is the latest line of performance winches from Warn Industries. It is a completely new model with new features designed for improved performance and dependability.

Setting the Standard

Warn Industries makes a wide range of winches for trucks, SUVs and Jeeps. When it comes to a standard-duty winch, you can’t go wrong with a Warn VR EVO. These are amazingly good winches for the money and have a lot of value packed into the winch. The new ZEON XD is part of Warn’s Premium Series of winches and boasts a wide range of improvements and abilities that make it the winch you will want for serious use. The VR EVO is a proven performer, but the new Zeon XD will do everything the VR will do, and it will do so more efficiently with added features that you will definitely appreciate.

The Warn ZEON XD is designed, engineered, tested, and assembled at Warn’s ISO-quality certified facility in Clackamas, Oregon. The employees there take their job and dedication to quality very seriously as they craft the in-house parts and put the final touches on each winch they handle. The ZEON XD features many in-house made parts, like the gears and other high-stress components. Warn also sources other parts globally to get the exact part needed to build the best winch possible.

Pieces of the Puzzle

What sets the Warn ZEON XD apart from the rest? As you may have guessed, winches are really just an intricate collection of parts that work together to perform a task, like the pieces of a puzzle. The ZEON XD uses Warn’s premium components such as a highly specialized gear train built to exact tolerances to not only give you the best and most efficient pulling power, but also the long-lasting durability Warn is famous for. The gears are mostly cut in-house in Oregon and have double the life expectancy of other winch gear sets.

Warn even looked at the drum for the new ZEON XD. It uses a one-piece, large-radius cast-aluminum alloy drum, designed with a very strong, through-drum rope attachment point. This larger diameter helps to extend the rope’s service life and helps with the recovery speed. Of course, the drum needs a brake system, and the ZEON XD uses an extra-durable, six-segment cone brake for increased holding power and control.

Don’t Be Scared of the Water

The ZEON XD also uses durable, waterproof Albright contactors, OEM-grade black fasteners, and bus bars instead of external wires to connect the controls to the motor. These components were selected with durability and longevity in mind. The ZEON XD electronics are housed in a metal control pack casing for durability and a cleaner look.

Warn also knows how people use winches and the places and conditions we all seem to find ourselves in when we have a winch. With that in mind, Warn made the ZEON XD IP68 and IP69K waterproof certified so you can hit those mud pits and remote trails with added peace-of-mind that you will be able to recover. To that end, Warn also uses the most durable rubber O-ring seals available.

On the business-end of the winch, Warn relies on a forged hawse fairlead for the ZEON XD. This helps spool the line more efficiently. Unlike some other Warn winches, which have two options for line, including braided steel cable, the ZEON XD line is only available with premium Spydura synthetic rope. Most of us who have used winches with any regularity can attest that in most circumstances, synthetic rope is superior to cable.

Zero-Load Speed

The new Warn ZEON XD winch comes in two models – 10S (10,000 lbs) and 12-S (12,000 lbs) The combination of high-performance parts and improved gearing in the XD makes both models significantly faster at zero load. Zero-load line speed is important because it allows you to recover your winch rope quickly after use. For example, a ZEON XD 10-S has a zero-load speed of 40 ft./min., whereas a VR EVO 10-S will recover at 27.1 ft./min. The ZEON XD 12-S has a zero-load line speed of 31 ft./min., versus the VR EVO 12-S offering 26.2 ft./min.

Warn suggests using the VR EVO as a comparison because it is a popular winch for those looking to be a little budget-conscious. Both are good options, and it is up to you which you should choose. For more information, go to Warn’s website at

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