Stellantis Reveals Details Of STLA Medium EV Platform

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
stellantis reveals details of stla medium ev platform

Stellantis drops new details of its latest EV platform.

Despite Stellantis electrifying its small car lineup in Europe fairly quickly, its larger car and crossover models in other markets have been largely ignored. That’s all going to change though, as the corporate automotive conglomerate has released details on its latest new platform.

Called STLA Medium, this new platform is designed to house vehicles in the C and D segments, or compact and midsized segments for those not familiar with automotive segment classifications. These are important segments, Stellantis says that the C and D segments comprise more than 78 million of all vehicles sold, globally. The brand needs an entry in these segments.

The STLA Medium platform is designed to be an EV platform. Stelantis says that the platform can get up to 435 miles of range, and accommodate up to an 98 kWh battery pack. However, unlike other manufacturers which have switched to 800-volt architecture in the name of efficiency, the STLA Medium platform sticks with the 400-volt architecture. Still, the brand says that owners will be able to DC fast charge from 20% to 80% in as little as 27 minutes.

Interestingly, STLA Medium will be primarily front-wheel-drive but can accommodate AWD with the addition of a second motor at the rear of the car. Power will range from 214 horsepower, all the way up to 382 horsepower. Likewise, the platform’s flexibility allows for a multitude of wheelbase lengths and ground clearances. STLA Medium can underpin any number of vehicle shapes, from crossovers to sedans and hatchbacks.

No official vehicles have been unveiled on the platform just yet, but given that Stellantis’s North American full EV efforts are behind the curve, we expect something coming very soon.

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