Top 6 Cars For Dog Owners

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Owning a dog is a lot of fun, especially if you live somewhere that allows you to get out and do things with your pet. Whether it’s heading out to the backcountry for some camping or down the street for a drink, you probably need a car to get there. Thing is, some cars are better for dog owners than others. That’s exactly what this list is for, so take a look at the best new cars for dog owners.

1) 2024 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco, in just about any configuration, is an excellent car for dog owners. For starters, Ford has built an SUV that’s large enough for pretty much any breed of dog. Even two-door Broncos feature 22.4 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, which also fold up to allow larger dogs to fit comfortably. If you’d rather your furry buddy ride in back where the airbags are, Ford Bronco models also have tough, durable, and washable vinyl and fabric uphostery choices that should stand up to pet hair, dirt, claws, and more. Plus, you can hose out the floors if things get really messy. There’s also standard 4WD starting at $39,630 with acres of ground clearance EM perfect for dog owners that like to go out hiking, camping, or anywhere the road ends.

2) 2025 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid

The “active” lifestyle may not be for you and your dog. Maybe you just need to get from A to B without losing your ass on gas. The latest Hyundai Tucson was refreshed recently, and with it came the introduction of a new hybrid powertrain. The 2024 model was good for 38 mpg combined, and there’s room to spare in the trunk and the rear seats for all manner of dogs. It’s not anywhere near as rugged as the Bronco, but we’re willing to bet the Tucson will stand up to dog-related abuse just fine. Hyundai also offers a plug-in for slightly more money (though how much isn’t known yet).

3) 2024 Hyundai Ioniq 5

Supposing a hybrid doesn’t offer enough electrification, there’s also the Hyundai Ioniq 5 to consider. Like the Tucson Hybrid, it features a practical hatchback layout for maximum usability EM you’d have no problem fitting the family plus the dog in the Ioniq. We’re fans of its stylish design and long legs, too, which should help commuters and weekend warriors alike get where they need to go without a hint of range anxiety. Even base models, which start at $43,195 inculde 220 miles of range.

4) 2024 Subaru Crosstrek

We’re going to swing back towards the outdoorsy for the last hatchback on the list. Subaru’s Crosstrek is already a phenomenal CUV, with standard AWD, competitive pricing ($26,540 MSRP), and a reputation as one of the most popular small cars out there. Outdoorsy owners and their dogs will love the Wilderness trim, which offers more off-road capability than you’d think. For our purposes, the Crosstrek’s rear hatch is a little light on headroom, but many trims come with durable vinyl upholstery, which means you won’t have to sweat a little dirt in the back seats. Subaru also has a range of dog-friendly accessories for its owners, ranging from seatbelts to removable cargo trays and everything in between.

5) 2024 Honda Civic Si

Not every car is here to haul your dog around town or take them camping for the weekend. Sometimes, you need a quick, engaging, and affordable driver’s car with room for the dog too. Enter the Civic Si. Honda’s current Civic Si has been around since 2022, which saw a totally new Civic and corresponding Si trim. The Si is only available with a manual transmission, spinning the front wheels. It’s one of the best manuals on the market regardless of price, and the Si’s relatively light curb weight (2,952 lbs.) and affordable price ($29,100) make it a great car for car-minded dog owners. There’s plenty of room in the back seat for your furry buddy and a large trunk for any other items you might need to bring with you.

6) 2024 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing

In keeping with the theme of the fun enthusiast-oriented sedan, we’d suggest the Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing. It ain’t cheap, at $94,890, but it is now what the BMW M5 used to be: a continent-crushing luxury car with a monster V8 under the hood capable of destroying the track and putting your dog in back. There’s almost nothing here to dislike, from the 668 hp supercharged V8 to the standard manual transmission. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is a carsick dog on those beautiful leather seats.

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Chase Bierenkoven
Chase Bierenkoven

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