These days, nearly every car leaves the assembly line with cup holders. Some car owners however, may need more cup holders inside their car or wish the cup holders accommodated larger bottles. Thankfully, there are numerous car cup holders available that expands on your current storage, whether by adding more cup holders to your interior, or adapting your current cup holder so that it can hold a larger bottle. If you’re one of those car owners that needs better options for cup holders inside your car, you’ve come to the right place.

Car cup holders are relatively basic products and you should shop based on the features you need. Our recommendations are all manufactured from high quality materials, so choose the one that does the job.

For more information on the best car cup holders, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: BottlePro Adjustable Cup Holder

bottlepro adjustable and extendable cup holder

Designed for most 32- and 40-ounce bottles, this car cup holder is adjustable and extendable. It includes an adjustable 3-ring base that securely fits the majority of factory vehicle cup holders, allowing you to safely store your larger water bottles. Helping protect your car’s cup holders from scratches or damage is a soft fit foam sleeve. The base on this cup holder is extendable, so you can adjust its height for the perfect fit. Since it comes with an adjustable base, you can also use this cup holder in your home, like on a living room recliner.

Product features:

  • Fits most 32- and 40-ounce bottles
  • Adjustable 3-ring base
  • Soft fit foam sleeve protects factory cup holders
  • Extendable base

2. Swigzy Car Cup Holder

swigzy car cup holder

This cup holder is designed for 3.4″ to 3.8″ diameter bottles and cups, featuring an adjustable base and rubber tabs to keep your bottle secure. Adjusting the base is straightforward, simply turn the cup portion of the adapter to expand or contract. It’s designed to fit most factory car cup holders since you can adjust from 2.5″ to 3.75″ diameter. The one-piece design also makes it quick and easy to move the cup holder from car to car. This cup holder is manufactured from high quality ABS and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Product features:

  • Fits 3.4″ to 3.8″ diameter bottles and cups
  • Easily adjustable base fits 2.5″ to 3.75″ diameter cup holders
  • Rubber tabs keep bottles secure
  • One-piece design makes it easy to move from car to car
  • Manufactured from high quality ABS
  • 1-year warranty

3. SMART KUP Car Cup Holder

smart kup car cup holder

This recommendation is available with a black or charcoal finish and holds cups/bottles up to 3.8″ in diameter. Its design features a 3″ upper cup, which ensures your bottle won’t tip when you’re making turns while driving. Another handy feature is the 1″ cut out, allowing it to hold mugs or other cups with a handle. Constructed from high strength ABS plastic, the tapered base on this cup holder goes from 3.2″ to 2.6″, providing a better fit for most factory car cup holders.

Product features:

  • Fits cups/bottles up to 3.8″ in diameter
  • Available in black or charcoal finish
  • 3″ upper cup keeps bottles in place
  • 1″ cut out accommodates containers with handles
  • Constructed from high strength ABS
  • Tapered base goes from 3.2″ to 2.6″ for better fit in factory cup holder

4. Camco Adjustable Cup Holder

camco adjustable cup holder

While our previous recommendations expand on your existing car cup holders in order to accommodate larger containers, this versatile option adds an additional cup holder to your car. Available in black, gray, white, brown, and khaki finishes, this cup holder simply mounts with tape or screws to anywhere you want inside your cabin. It’s easily adjustable to hold most standard sized cups, bottles, and cans, neatly folding up for compact storage when it’s not in use. This also works great around the house, mounted to a desk or even a treadmill.

Product features:

  • Available in variety of colors
  • Mounts with tape or screws
  • Folds up for compact storage
  • Adjustable to hold most standard cups, bottles, and cans

5. Iokone Side Pocket Cup Holder

iokone side pocket cup holder

This option is for car owners who don’t need a larger cup holder, but want to add more cup holders and storage to their interior. It’s an accessory that goes between the front seats or between the front seat and center console, adding 2 cup holders and a side pocket that is great for storing your phone, wallet, or keys. Constructed from durable plastic and high quality leather, this car cup holder should fit most cars. Just keep in mind it won’t accommodate larger cups or bottles.

Product features:

  • Adds 2 cup holders and a side pocket
  • Slides between the front seats, or between the front seat and center console
  • Durable plastic and high quality leather construction
  • Fits most cars

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Photo credit: BottlePro