We evaluated the best extended car warranty companies in the nation to help you find the right extended warranty coverage, price point, and customer experience.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of extended warranties and provide comparisons of top-rated warranty companies. Before making your final decision on vehicle protection, we recommend getting several quotes so you can compare coverage options and costs side-by-side.

Best Extended Warranty Companies
Best Coverage Best Service Best Financing
★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★1/2
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The Best Extended Car Warranty Providers

When it comes to purchasing an extended vehicle warranty, you have two choices: dealership warranties or third-party extended warranties.

While dealership extended warranties come with the advantage of providing original manufacturer parts when repairs are needed, they are generally much more expensive than third-party extended warranties and offer a similar level of service. Dealership extended warranties are also typically purchased when you buy your car, so they may not be an option if you’re trying to get coverage for a used vehicle.

Among third-party providers, our research found five extended car warranty companies that stand out when it comes to auto repair coverage and benefits.

Best Extended Car Warranty Providers Award Star Rating Best For
1. Endurance Best Coverage 4.9 Drivers who want a reputable extended warranty with excellent coverage
2. CARCHEX Best Service 4.8 Drivers who want a reputable extended warranty with outstanding service
3. CarShield Best Value 4.6 Drivers who want great extended warranty coverage at a low price
4. Protect My Car Best Financing 4.5 Drivers who want smaller monthly payments over a long period of time
5. autopom! Best Customer Experience 4.4 Drivers who value customer claims service

#1 Endurance: 4.9 Stars

Based in Northbrook, Illinois, Endurance is our pick for the best extended warranty overall with a 4.9-star rating.

Endurance is a direct provider, meaning the company files its own quotes and claims. Many other extended car warranty companies work with third-party administrators to file quotes and claims, and this can sometimes lead to inconsistent coverage. Endurance is available in every state except California.

Endurance holds great customer review ratings, earning a 4.4 out of 5.0-star rating on Trustpilot and a 3.4 out of 5.0-star rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Endurance was added to 2019 Inc. 5000—a list of the 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies in the US—after increasing revenue by 280 percent over the course of three years. We believe the reasons for Endurance’s quick growth are its outstanding coverage and Endurance Elite Benefits.

Endurance Warranty Plan Details
Supreme Bumper-to-bumper exclusionary coverage
Superior Most component coverage
Secure Plus Shortest waiting period
Secure Most affordable
Select Premier For high-mileage vehicles
EnduranceAdvantage™ Combines an extended warranty with maintenance coverage

An Endurance car warranty covers vehicles with 200,000+ miles through the Select Premier plan, which is relatively rare in the industry. In addition, its six plans serve a wide variety of warranty needs. Because of its great coverage plans and ability to cover high-mileage vehicles, we recognize Endurance as having the Best Coverage among competing providers.

The Endurance Elite Benefits are what set Endurance apart the most from other extended warranty companies. These benefits are free to new customers for one year and include benefits such as:

  • Tire repair and replacement: Endurance will reimburse you for up to two replaced or repaired tires per year.
  • Total loss protection:  Endurance will reimburse you up to $1,000 toward vehicle replacement.
  • Collision discount: Get $500 per covered collision, up to a $1,000 limit.

Endurance also gives customers standard industry benefits, such as a 30-day money-back guarantee and emergency roadside assistance.

We named Endurance the best extended car warranty provider not only for its excellent membership program but also its six levels of coverage targeted to customers’ needs.

Endurance is our pick for best direct provider, with its comprehensive coverage options.

#2 CARCHEX: 4.8 Stars

CARCHEX is based in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been in business since 2004. When we compared CARCHEX to other best extended car warranty companies, we found CARCHEX to have the Best Service. This is because CARCHEX has a sterling reputation in the industry for its positive treatment of customers and employees. It is also available in all 50 states.

CARCHEX holds a strong 3.2-star rating on Trustpilot and was awarded the Top Workplaces Award by the Baltimore Sun for seven consecutive years. In addition, CARCHEX has made the Inc. 5000 eight times in its history, becoming a Hall of Fame honoree of the rankings. Beyond its awards, CARCHEX holds notable partnerships with industry leaders, such as CARFAX, Kelley Blue Book, and Edmunds.com.

The company offers five outstanding levels of extended warranty coverage, some of which can cover older cars for up to 250,000 miles.

CARCHEX Warranty Plan Details
Titanium Exclusionary coverage, similar to a bumper-to-bumper plan
Platinum Highest level of component coverage available
Gold Coverage for all major systems on a vehicle
Silver Provides essential coverage to the major systems of your vehicle
Bronze Provides basic coverage for the major systems of your vehicle

Though not as comprehensive as Endurance’s Elite Benefits, CARCHEX offers a number of helpful benefits that are available for the duration of your contract. And because CARCHEX is known for its great treatment of customers, you can expect positive customer service experiences when using your benefits, which include:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Choice of over 30,000 licensed repair shops in the US
  • Emergency roadside assistance with flat-tire changes and fuel delivery
  • Rental car benefits
  • Towing benefits
  • Trip interruption benefits
Our research found this provider to offer the industry’s best service.

#3 CarShield: 4.6 Stars

Based in St. Peters, Missouri, CarShield is arguably the most popular provider on our list of the best extended auto warranty companies in the nation. CarShield has been selling extended warranties since 2005 and says its administrators have paid over $1 billion in claims to customers during this time period. CarShield extended warranties are available in every state except California. The company has a 4.0-star rating from Trustpilot.

CarShield offers six extended service plans. Notably, CarShield covers motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles in addition to automobiles.

CarShield Warranty Plan Details
Diamond Bumper-to-bumper coverage
Platinum Best for high-mileage vehicles
Gold Great for major and minor vehicle parts
Silver Most affordable
Aluminum Great coverage for most electrical and high-tech problems
Motorcycle & ATV For motorcycles and ATVs

We named CarShield the Best Value after our CarShield review found that the company offered the lowest monthly cost among many top providers.

CarShield offers all of the standard extended warranty benefits, including the following:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Rental car benefits
  • Towing benefits
  • Trip interruption benefits
We found this provider to be the best value, offering month-to-month plans.

#4 Protect My Car: 4.5 Stars

Protect My Car is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and was established in 2005. This company holds a 4.56-star rating with the BBB based on more than 600 reviews, which makes it a strong contender for the best extended car warranty. Protect My Car offers coverage in 44 states. It does not cover vehicles in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Missouri, Oklahoma, or Washington.

In our review of Protect My Car, we recognize the provider for having the Best Financing because car owners can get extended warranties with payments spanning 36 to 48 months. Our review team reached out to each of the providers highlighted in this guide for quotes, and none of them offered as long of a payment term as Protect My Car.

Protect My Car has three levels of coverage for extended car warranty plans. It is important to note that Protect My Car does not offer plans for vehicles over 13 years old. For older vehicles, the company has Ambassador Maintenance Plans, which are car maintenance insurance contracts.

Protect My Car Warranty Plan Details
Supreme Bumper-to-bumper coverage
Select Designed for vehicles with over 50,000 miles
Driveline Covers some components but excludes the turbocharger, navigation system, and front and rear suspension

In addition to flexible payment plans, Protect My Car offers these perks to customers:

  • PMC Rewards for dining and shopping discounts
  • Emergency roadside assistance
  • Rental car benefits
Protect My Car is our pick for best financing.

#5 autopom!: 4.4 Stars

autopom! stands for “automotive peace of mind,” which this provider aims to offer. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, autopom! sells vehicle service contracts from administrators Mercury Insurance Group, United Car Care, Enterprise Financial Group, and Royal Administration. Because autopom! is a broker rather than an administrator, it is able to run a service team dedicated to ensuring customer claims are filled.

This provider’s dedication to customer service is reflected by its high customer review scores. autopom! has an A+ rating and is accredited by the BBB. It also has a BBB customer review rating of 4.57 stars and a Trustpilot score of 4.8. We believe the company offers the best customer experience in the industry because of its customer claims process and positive online reviews.

With autopom!, customers can choose from four plan options. Contracts are transferrable and can protect your vehicle for up to 7 years or 150,000 miles.

autopom! Warranty Plan Details
Exclusionary Extensive plan that covers nearly all mechanical and electrical vehicle components
High-Level Covers most major systems, including the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, steering, electrical, air conditioning, braking, cooling, and fuel system
Mid-Level Covers powertrain components and some components of the steering and braking systems
Powertrain-Plus Offers protection for your car’s major systems, including the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, differential assembly, air conditioning, and basic electrical components

All autopom! plans also come with the following perks:

  • Rental car reimbursement
  • 24-hour roadside assistance and towing
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Trip protection (protection from road hazards such as potholes and nails)
  • Interest-free payment plans
Autopom! is our pick for best customer experience.

What is the Cost of an Extended Warranty?

Our research team found that the cost of an extended warranty ranged from $1,700 to $4,700. While some warranty providers require that you pay upfront, most allow you to make monthly payments, which typically fall between $100 and $200 per month, depending on the plan. It is also common for providers to ask for a down payment.

To compare prices, we obtained quotes from our top providers to see how much comprehensive coverage would cost on a 2017 Ford Explorer that had logged 45,000 miles. Here’s what we found:

Warranty Company Plan Coverage Term Monthly Payments Total Cost
Endurance Supreme 3 years/80,000 miles $166.88 per month for 18 months $3,181.94
CARCHEX Titanium 5 years/100,000 miles $202.89 per month for 18 months $3,652.02
CarShield Diamond Unlimited $129.99 monthly Varies
Protect My Car Supreme 4 years/100,000 miles $96 per month for 48 months $4,707
autopom! Exclusionary Plan 5 years/100,000 miles $136.04 per month for 24 months $3,264.96

Out of the five providers we profiled, Endurance offered the lowest price at $3,181.94, although it had the shortest coverage terms among the top providers. It also had the largest down payment at $178. CARCHEX and autopom! offered similar coverage and were separated by a margin of around $400, while Protect My Car had the highest costs. 

How are Warranty Costs Determined?

The cost of your extended warranty will depend on several factors but mainly hinges on your vehicle and the peace of mind you’re willing to pay for. Here are a few things warranty providers look at when determining prices:

  • The vehicle manufacturer, model, and mileage
  • Location (warranty coverage may not be available in all states)
  • The level of coverage
  • The deductible amount

What is an Extended Auto Warranty?

An extended auto warranty is a vehicle service contract designed to protect your vehicle from costly repairs after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired. While a manufacturer’s factory warranty is included with every new vehicle for free, an extended car warranty must be purchased separately.

A manufacturer’s warranty typically provides bumper-to-bumper coverage for a new car for around three years. It may also provide powertrain coverage for a bit longer than the bumper-to-bumper coverage, so generally around five years. Unlike car insurance, these warranties protect your car against mechanical breakdowns and may also extend to used cars that are not very old when a change in ownership occurs.

Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, vehicle owners are completely responsible for all repairs needed on the vehicle. To protect themselves from such costly repairs, many customers buy coverage from the industry’s best extended warranty providers. According to IBISWorld, drivers spent almost $18 billion on extended warranties last year in the US.

Types of Extended Warranties

There are three common types of extended warranties:

  • Bumper-to-bumper warranty: Bumper-to-bumper extended auto warranties are comprehensive, exclusionary warranties. As the highest level of coverage, bumper-to-bumper extended warranties will cover almost any type of repair needed on your vehicle. There are certain excluded items, which are listed in the warranty’s contract.
  • Named-component plan: A named-component extended warranty is an inclusionary contract that specifically names the components covered by your contract. Some named-component warranties focus on covering the high-tech items on your vehicle, while some cover hundreds of major and minor car parts.
  • Powertrain warranty: This type of warranty covers the powertrain of your vehicle, which consists of your engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Repairs on these parts of your vehicle are typically the most expensive, so some consumers decide to only protect these components with an extended powertrain warranty.

All extended car warranties are either inclusionary or exclusionary. Inclusionary warranties provide a list of items that are specifically included in your contract, while exclusionary warranties provide a list of items that are excluded from your contract. Exclusionary warranties are typically more comprehensive since everything not mentioned is covered by your contract.

Almost all warranty plans will exclude costs associated with routine maintenance, such as oil changes, wear-and-tear items like brake pads, or damages caused by external factors like natural disasters or collisions. Read the fine print of your contract to learn more.

Benefits of an Extended Car Warranty

Car repairs can be very expensive. Unexpected repairs costing between $1,500 and $3,000 are not uncommon. For people who have a large savings, an extended car warranty may not be needed. But for those who cannot afford to cover repairs, an extended warranty is a great option. For a relatively small monthly payment, you don’t have to worry about bank-breaking repairs. You pay only a deductible at the repair facility if your car breaks down.

Here are a few of the benefits of purchasing coverage from one of the best extended car warranty companies:

  • Peace of mind: Though extended car warranties may cost some customers more in the long run, they provide peace of mind. You don’t have to stress about large repair bills when you have an extended warranty.
  • Convenience: The most reputable extended auto warranty companies pay your repair shop directly. You don’t have to worry about writing large checks or acquiring loans from your bank. The only payment you are responsible for upfront is the deductible.
  • Additional benefits: Most extended vehicle protection plan companies provide additional benefits to customers. These include roadside assistance, towing benefits, and rental car reimbursement. Some offer member rewards, such as vouchers that can be used for dining or shopping. Endurance provides a personal assistant and two free tire replacements or reimbursements per year.

For some customers, buying a warranty means getting the most out of your vehicle. A 2018 study from Pegasystems polled 1,000 consumers to examine aftermarket buying habits. In that survey, 60 percent of respondents agreed that warranties add value to a vehicle purchase, and 62 percent of active warranty customers said they benefited from the investment within the past year.

Car Warranty Company Comparison

Extended Auto Warranty   Overall Star Rating   Coverage Price
#1: Endurance 4.9 5.0 4.8
#2: CARCHEX 4.8 5.0 4.7
#3: CarShield 4.6 5.0 5.0
#4: Protect My Car 4.5 4.6 4.6
#5: autopom! 4.4 4.4 4.4
#6: ForeverCar 4.1 4.0 4.3
#7: Liberty Bell Auto Protect 4.0 4.0 4.2
#8: AA Auto Protection 4.0 3.9 4.0
#9: Infinite Auto Protection 4.0 4.1 4.0
#10: Concord Auto Protect 3.9 3.8 3.9
#11: Zurich Insurance Group 3.5 3.6 3.2
#12: AutoAssure 3.1 3.5 3.2

Selecting the Best Extended Car Warranty

Each of the five companies we highlighted is a great choice for an extended auto warranty. Some of these providers have particular strengths. If you are looking for comprehensive coverage and benefits, Endurance may be your best choice. If you would prefer to pay for your plan over a period longer than 36 months, Protect My Car could be the right fit for you. Many top providers offer coverage for new cars and vehicles with more than 100,000 miles.

If none of the providers we featured is right for you, plenty of other options are available. Just be aware that some scams pose as trustworthy providers, so below are some guidelines we put together to help consumers find the best extended car warranty companies.


The best extended warranty companies give you most of the information you need upfront. That includes sample contracts (outlining vehicle service plan coverage), info on deductibles and the claims process, and info on any cancellation fees. 

If a warranty provider withholds basic coverage information before you pay, consider that a red flag. 

Read Reviews  

Our top picks for car warranty companies all have solid reviews from both industry experts and customers. Check out common complaints customers post on the BBB and Trustpilot, which should give you an idea of what to expect from the customer service department. 

It is also worth running the name of a warranty company through a search engine just to see what appears. Discovering a company has been investigated for sketchy business practices means it’s probably not worth your time. 

Compare Extended Warranty Costs

The best extended warranty providers offer multiple levels of coverage so you don’t buy coverage you may not need.

For your extended warranty and automotive service contract needs, our recommendation is to get a quote from several providers. It’s worth your time to investigate plans and benefits thoroughly to find the best deal.

Best Extended Warranty Companies
Best Coverage Best Service Best Financing
★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★1/2
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(888) 650-5952 (866) 254-0205 (888) 430-0227

Q & A

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best extended car warranty.

Are extended car warranties worth it?

If you can easily afford an unexpected repair costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, then extended car warranties may not be worth it to you. If you’re looking for peace of mind and small monthly payments instead of unexpected repair costs, vehicle service contracts are worth looking into.

What is the best extended car warranty company? 

The best extended car warranty company is the one that fits your needs. When we ranked every major provider in the industry, these five had the highest ratings:

  • #1 Endurance: Best Coverage
  • #2 CARCHEX: Best Service
  • #3 CarShield: Best Value
  • #4 Protect My Car: Best Financing
  • #5 autopom!: Best Customer Experience

How much should I pay for an extended warranty?

How much you should pay for an extended warranty depends on several factors, including your budget, the mileage and age of your vehicle, and the level of coverage you purchase. Our research found that extended car warranties can cost anywhere from $1,700 to $4,700, so look for plan pricing on the lower end of that range. Typically, the cost of an extended warranty is broken up between a down payment and several monthly installments, so you won’t have to pay everything all at once.

Is CarShield a ripoff?

Despite some negative reviews from CarShield customers, we’ve found the company offers comparative services to other reputable providers. CarShield sells affordable coverage with flexible terms and can be a good option for consumers who don’t want a long-term financial commitment.