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If you drive a Ford F-150, you’re not alone. This full-size pickup truck is one of the most popular vehicles in the United States thanks to its combination of massive utility, smart performance, and a comfortable cabin that makes the F-150 easy to live with for daily driving.

But no matter how much you appreciate the design work that went into your F-150, we know there are things you wish you could change. Thankfully, the truck’s popularity means there is almost a limitless variety of aftermarket accessories available to make your F-150 even more practical.

Narrowing this list down to the best F-150 accessories was a tough task, but we think we’ve curated a useful selection of items for both the interior and exterior of your truck that will help you get the most out of the F-150 and its intelligent design.

Therefore, this list includes items to help you make the most of its cargo box; keep smaller items better organized in the cabin; and make your truck even more comfortable for your day-to-day driving needs.

If you’re keen to find ways to get the most out of your Ford pickup truck, read on for our recommendations.

For more information on the best Ford F-150 accessories, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor’s Pick: Tyger Auto T1 Tonneau Cover

Tyger Auto T1 Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover for 2015-2021 Ford F-150

A tonneau cover is one of the most practical accessories you can add to your Ford F-150, as it turns your truck’s bed into a private, weatherproof way to transport cargo without reducing the truck’s utility. Tyger Auto makes a variety of tonneau cover designs and our pick is the T1, which is a soft roll-up model. Like all of Tyger Auto’s soft tonneau covers for the F-150, the T1 is made of marine-grade vinyl that fits over a frame of aircraft-grade aluminum.

The company says you can install this tonneau cover in about 30 minutes without drilling into your truck’s cargo bed. When the cover is in place, you can lock it with a pull-cable latch system. Not only does Tyger Auto promise the T1 tonneau cover will keep your cargo secure, but it is also designed to protect your things from the elements.

This cover fits three generations of the Ford F-150: 2004 through 2008, 2009 through 2014, and the aluminum-bodied version sold from 2015 through 2021. You can also get the Tyger Auto T1 for F-150s with the 5.5-foot and 6.5-foot bed sizes.

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2. Best Cargo Storage Accessory: Undercover SwingCase

Undercover SwingCase for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

If you wish your Ford F-150 had a built-in solution for storing small items in the cargo box, this swing-out, bed-mounted bin could be what you’re looking for. Undercover’s smart designers created a box that snugs up against the side of your truck’s bed, where it stays neatly tucked away. But, as its name suggests, the SwingCase swings through about 180 degrees to end up out over your tailgate so you can easily reach the contents while standing on the ground.

Not only does the SwingCase’s top lock for security, but the case itself locks into place when it’s stowed against the side of the bed to keep it from moving around while you drive. The company says you won’t need any special tools to install the SwingCase. When properly installed, the top of the SwingCase sits about three inches below your truck’s bed rail, so it won’t interfere with your tonneau cover. Also, once you’ve installed the SwingCase’s hardware in your truck, you can easily remove the box and reinstall it without tools.

Undercover makes the SwingCase to fit either the driver’s side or the passenger’s side of your truck’s bed.

3. Best Hidden Storage Accessory: HitchSafe Key Vault

HitchSafe Key Vault

Here’s a type of product we had no idea existed, but we think it’s brilliant. The HitchSafe key vault is a tiny safe that fits into your F-150’s trailer hitch that you can use to lock away a wallet, keys, and other valuables while you’re away from your truck.

Naturally, you can always lock items like a wallet or cash away in your truck’s glove box or center console. But what if you’re going swimming or boating and will have nowhere to keep your truck’s key fob safe from getting wet? Lock it away in the HitchSafe key vault. Another good use for this vault would be to keep a spare key around in case you lock yourself out of your truck.

Once you’ve stashed your valuables inside, you can place a rubber cover over the vault’s combination lock. To unlock the vault, pull that cover off, enter a four-digit combination on the HitchSafe’s front-mounted dials, and the spring-loaded drawer will open up. The company says installing the key vault in your F-150 requires no tools.

4. Bull Ring Truck Bed Tie-Downs

Bull Ring 4025 F-150 Truck Bed Tie-Downs for 2017-2020 Ford F-150

Have you ever wished your Ford F-150 pickup had cargo tie-downs mounted on the top of its bed rails? If so, Bull Ring has the answer with its flush-mount tie-downs. These tie-downs are exactly what they sound like: metal rings to which you can hook the end of a cargo retention strap or tie off a length of rope. The really clever idea here, however, is that when you’re not using the rings, they slide down below the top of the bed rail where they stay out of the way until you need them.

In addition, Bull Ring has designed its tie-downs to look like an OEM product with textured plastic that matches the top of your F-150’s cargo bed rails. The company says that, in most cases, you won’t need any special tools to install these tie-downs. Once you remove the covers over the holes in the rear of your truck’s bed rails, all you’ll need is a screwdriver to fasten the tie-downs in place. Once installed, Bull Ring rates the tie-downs for 1,000 lbs of weight.

5. Husky Liners Sunshade

If you spend any time driving your F-150 in hot, sunny weather, you can use all the help you can get keeping your truck cool while it’s parked so that the cabin doesn’t feel like a sauna every time you get behind the wheel. And because the best solution for a problem is often the most straightforward one, we recommend Husky Liners’ custom sunshade to help your F-150 keep its cool.

You’ve probably seen a product like this before, and for less money. However, what you’re paying for here—beyond this shade’s three-layer insulated construction—is the way it’s designed to perfectly fit your F-150’s windshield to keep out as much direct sunlight as possible. The outward-facing side of this sunshade is reflective for the best possible sunlight protection, and a foam core center layer does the job of insulating against the sun’s heat.

Apart from helping to reduce the temperature in your truck’s cabin, Husky Liners’ sunshade also keeps out harmful UV rays that can damage your truck’s interior over time.

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6. Rydonair Flexible Rubber Antenna

rydonair flexible rubber antenna

The Ford F-150 comes from the factory with a tall, metal antenna that is responsible for the strong radio reception you enjoy in your truck. However, if you’re annoyed that the stock antenna hits low-hanging garage doors or ceilings in parking structures, Rydonair is here to help with this low-profile flexible rubber replacement antenna. Like your F-150’s stock antenna, Rydonair’s design is flexible, so it will move with the wind in highway driving but will always return to its upright position. An aluminum base provides a sturdy mounting point, and a carbon fiber column adds extra strength and lends this antenna a high-tech look.

One caveat is that because this antenna is shorter than the original one, your radio’s reception will likely suffer somewhat. Installing it could not be easier: the stock one is threaded onto a mount on the fender, so once you have unscrewed it, you can simply thread your new Rydonair antenna on in its place. Rydonair says that while the packaging for its antenna says it fits F-150 models sold until 2019, it will actually fit the later 2020 and 2021 trucks, too.

7. Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Mats

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Mats for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

At its core, the Ford F-150 is a ruggedly built work vehicle, but we know that part of the reason this pickup truck sells so well is that Ford has turned it into a comfortable vehicle for daily driving, too. If you use your F-150 for both work and pleasure, here’s a set of Husky floor mats that will protect your truck’s interior from the former while making it easier to enjoy the latter.

At first glance, you may question the idea of paying a premium for a set of floor mats. After all, aren’t they just there to collect dirt? Well, yes, of course, but Husky Liners has designed these mats to be a perfect fit in your F-150 SuperCrew so that they collect dirt and hold onto it so that it doesn’t end up all over your truck’s carpet.

This three-piece set is designed specifically for F-150 SuperCrew models sold between 2015 and 2020 with the front bucket seat option. There’s a separate mat for each front footwell, and a large floor liner that covers the entire floor in the rear seat, which means that all three rear passengers have somewhere safe to put their feet.

8. Vehicle OCD Center Console Organizer

 Vehicle OCD Center Console Organizer for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

Your Ford F-150’s cabin was designed to help optimize your efficiency on the worksite, but there are a few details that could use some refinement. One of those is the large storage bin located in your truck’s center console. This is a handy place to keep any number of small items tucked away, but if you’re not careful, that bin will turn into an unruly mess that will make it hard for you to find the item you’re looking for when you need it.

Enter Vehicle OCD, which has designed this clever organizer for your F-150’s center console. Made of five pieces of plastic that slot together to form a grid, this organizer splits your console bin into 12 smaller compartments that are perfect for keeping tidy the items you use every day. The organizer is made of 1/8-inch plastic and has rounded edges for a quality look and feel. The pieces are sized for a snug fit in your truck’s console to prevent rattling as you drive.

The company says this organizer will fit the storage bin of any 2015-2020 F-150 with the front bucket seat option and its flow-through console.

9. KMMOTORS Console Armrest Cushion

KM Motors Console Armrest Cushion for 2015-2020 Ford F-150

Your Ford F-150’s center console isn’t just for storing small items in a secure, out-of-the-way location. The top of it also serves as an armrest for you and your front-seat passenger. However, in most versions of the F-150, its hard, durable surface may be uncomfortable for long drives. If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your truck’s long-haul comfort, take a look at this console armrest cushion from KMMOTORS.

Designed for Ford F-150 models sold from 2015 through 2020, this cushion fits snugly on top of your console and provides a padded surface covered in quilted leather upholstery. There are flaps that cover the sides of the console lid, too, for a finished look that gives the impression of a genuine Ford accessory. But while this cushion covers the entire console, it still allows you to access the latch that keeps the lid closed, and won’t interfere with the hinge on which the lid swings open.

To install this armrest cushion, there are three elastic straps that you loop around the console lid for a secure fit. Note that this product only fits trucks with the flow-through console option.

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10. Seven Sparta Rear Seat Release Kit

Seven Sparta Rear Seatback Release Kit for Ford F-150 SuperCab and SuperCrew

Ford makes its popular F-150 in a variety of body configurations, including four-door SuperCrew and SuperCab models that offer comfortable rear seats. And while you can fold away those rear seats for extra cargo storage space, Seven Sparta has designed an ingenious product to make your F-150’s cabin even more practical by allowing easier access to the space behind your truck’s rear seat.

The American automaker designed the F-150’s rear seatbacks to fold flat, but, for some reason, on the driver’s side, you have to reach into the tight space behind the seatback to push a little pin to release the seatback. Seven Sparta has the solution: a simple seatback release mechanism that allows you to lower the seat by simply tugging on a strap.

This product replaces the factory-installed latch behind your F-150’s driver’s side rear seat. Simply remove the stock latch using a screwdriver and install Seven Sparta’s part in its place. The sturdy nylon strap remains visible above the top of the seatback; give it a tug, and the seatback will release and fold down. The company makes its seatback release kit out of high-quality steel and rugged nylon.

Why should you choose aftermarket accessories for your F-150 instead of genuine Ford parts?

best ford f-150 accessories

Photo Credit: The Ford Motor Company

It’s very difficult to design a vehicle that will please 100 percent of buyers all of the time—and that’s especially true for a vehicle that sells in huge numbers the way the F-150 does. Despite Ford’s extensive knowledge of the pickup truck marketplace, you can be sure there are aspects of the F-150’s design that miss the mark, however narrowly. To be fair, Ford’s engineers have a lot on their plates making sure the F-150 is built to suit the needs of most mainstream pickup truck buyers, so they don’t want to misplace resources designing parts that they think few buyers will care about.

That’s where the aftermarket comes in. Companies that make accessories for the F-150 have a unique perspective on the marketplace. They may notice trends in enthusiast forums where many different drivers say they all wish Ford had done one thing differently when designing the F-150, and see an opportunity to create a product that will address that complaint.

Some products are actually created by those wishful drivers, and new aftermarket accessories companies are born.

Are aftermarket F-150 accessories as well-designed as genuine Ford products?

Like many industries, there are a lot of cheap products out there conceived to generate fast cash for an unscrupulous business. The people who run these operations don’t care about their businesses’ reputations because they don’t plan to be around long enough for it to matter.

However, there are a lot of well-made aftermarket F-150 accessories for you to choose from that are made by companies who want to turn you into a repeat customer. Rest assured that the items we’ve included on our list are high-quality parts designed to stand up to everyday use.

What else should I look for when searching for F-150 accessories?

Your best bet is to stick to products that have generated a large number of reviews. Even if not all of those reviews are positive, other buyers’ opinions can help you decide whether a product is right for you and the way you plan to use it.

We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more about how this works.