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Sure you love your car or truck, but maybe you wish it had some of the bells and whistles that it was missing when it left the factory? Like heated seats, one of the best automotive innovations since the radio, if you live anywhere with cold climate.

Heated and ventilated seats have become more common in new cars over the last few years, but the idea of a heated seat cover or cushion has been around for decades. Thanks to the aftermarket, you can add more warmth and comfort to your vehicle for the fall, winter, and spring seasons quickly, easily, and affordably with a heated seat cover.

Heated seat covers are a bit different than traditional seat covers, as most of them are actually cushions that install over your seats and don’t provide full coverage. Still, they’ll do a fairly good job protecting the seats, even if you don’t need to use the warming or cooling features on your commute.

So if you’ve sat in a friend’s car and fell in love with heated car seats, check our our recommendations for the best heated seat covers so you can add that same level of comfort to your vehicle. Some of our recommendations also have a cooling effect, while more premium options also add a massaging feature.

For more information on the best heated seat covers, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: HealthMate Velour Heated Seat Cushion

healthmate velour heated seat cushion

Simple, soft, and warming, the HealthMate velour heated seat cushion gives you a maximum heating temperature of 114-degrees Fahrenheit, which should be plenty for even the coldest winter day.

This option comes with two heat settings and a three-way switch, with the cover held to your seat with four clips, two elastic straps, and four cinch straps to keep it in place. The soft covering should make it more comfortable even when you’re not using the heating feature, with the cushion adding lumbar support in addition to the warming. It’s also a durable cover designed to keep delivering that comfort for a long time.

An 8-amp fuse increases safety and it can be connected to a 120-volt adapter for in-home use as well as in-car. The manufacturer offers a pair of color options, letting you best match your vehicle’s interior color and match style with comfort.

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2. Zone Tech Heated Car Seat Cover

zone tech heated car seat cover

These heated covers from Zone Tech are designed to be simple, thin, and warm, letting the comfort of your factory seat support you. Instead of heating wires running through the cover, this unit uses infrared heating. That means no lumpy wires and increased comfort.

The remote lets you choose your exact desired temperature and allows you to set that temperature as high as 150-degrees Fahrenheit, in case you need to keep your coffee warm on your car seat. Straps with hooks and elastics work to fasten the cover securely to your seats.

Offered as a two-pack, this set lets you warm yourself and your passenger without buying two separate kits. A 45-minute auto-timer turns the seat heaters off, saving you from needing to push the button yourself on a long drive.

3. Lvydec Heated Car Seat Cover

lvydec heated car seat cover

Whenever there are only high and low settings, neither is ever right. So this heated seat cover offers three levels of heating to let you find the temperature—ranging from 86- to 140-degrees Fahrenheit—that’s just right for you. Even better, it heats up quickly, letting you feel the warmth in as little as two minutes to get you toasty more quickly.

The seat cushion is fitted with a thermostat controller that provides protection from overheating, and there is a timer that turns the seat off in 50 minutes, helping you to stop from draining your battery accidentally and because you probably don’t need the heat anymore at that point.

An anti-slip rubber backing and adjustable elastic straps work to keep the cushion in place. It also offers 24-volt compatibility if you’re using it in a truck, bus, or other higher-voltage vehicle. It also has the controls mounted to the cover instead of the common and more easily damaged remote.

4. Zone Tech Heated Rear Seat Cushion

zone tech heated rear seat cushion

It’s not just front seat passengers who deserve to be warm in the winter. It’s time to warm up the passengers in the back seats, too, and this heated rear seat cushion from Zone Tech should do just that.

A long and flat cushion designed to attach to the bottom of your vehicle’s rear bench seat, this can warm your second- or third-row passengers all at once. Far-infrared technology makes the cover flatter for improved comfort, and a fireproof layer improves safety for rear seat passengers.

The cushion itself is finished with a premium quality polyester to give the cover long life and resist wear from passengers getting in and out. It can fit nearly all flat rear seats, and could even be used on an in-vehicle bed like in an RV. It comes with a remote to select the temperature, but there’s just one so you’re responsible for your passengers agreeing on the same setting.

5. Big Hippo Heated Car Seat Cushion

big hippo heated car seat cushion

This cushion from Big Hippo comes in grey to let it match your light-colored vehicle interior. It also offers a high-quality leather surface with pleating that can enhance the look of your vehicle while warming your backside.

The leather finish makes it resistant to spills and easy to clean. It’s a perforated surface ensuring that you won’t get too hot when you’re not using the heating function. Non-stick rubber underneath the cushion comes in contact with the seat and features a hook and chuck design to fix itself firmly in place.

Three temperature settings allow the user to pick from 95- to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Another bonus with this design are the small pockets on the front of the cushion that let you conveniently store small items like your phone, wallet, or payment cards. A headrest cover, something most of these options lack, completes the look and helps to give the cabin a more finished appearance.

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6. Snailax Car Seat Cushion - Cooling and Heating

snailax car seat cushion - cooling and heating

If your car or truck didn’t come with heating, it probably didn’t offer ventilation, either, and in that case this solution from Snailax might be just the ticket. In addition to two-zone rapid-acting heating that is designed to warm up your seat quickly and provide you with winter warmth, this cover also comes with a cooling function that helps you to stay comfortable when things heat up in the summer months.

A 3D breathable mesh cover works to circulate air underneath your body to keep you warm without making you sticky, but the interior structure is designed to offer support as well as allow the necessary flow for the ventilation function. Three fan speeds for warm weather combine with two levels of heat for the cold, and there is overheat protection and a 30-minute auto shut-off timer. Non-slip undersides and integrated straps keep the seat cover in place at all times.

7. Fochutech Heated Car Seat Covers

fochutech heated car seat covers

Why settle for just seat heating when you can get heating for winter, cooling for summer, and vibrating massage for all year long? This option offers it all, turning that car or truck you already have into the one you really want.

Automatic thermal controls maintain the heat and turn off the heating element when the seat is back up to temperature. While many of these covers are always on, this cover turns off the heat until it starts to cool, then warms up again—just like your home heating system.

Eight built-in fans and multiple air outlets give you air circulation in the summer, keeping you cool and comfortable on long trips, and two vibration motors mounted in the seat cover give you a deep tissue massage that can relax and relieve tension on long road trips. This cover can also be purchased as a double-seated set, which means that it comes with two covers sharing a single plug. You won’t need to find a second 12-volt outlet in your car or buy an adapter with this one.

8. AUTOTRENDS Heated Car Seat Cushion

autotrends heated car seat cushion

Nothing says comfortable more than soft fleece, and that’s exactly what is adorning these heated seat covers from AUTOTRENDS. The covers offer multiple zones of heating as well as high and low settings to keep you comfortable. A 45-minute auto-timer shuts the heat to reduce power use and stop you from overheating.

The manufacturer says that these can reach a comfortable temperature in just three minutes even in extreme cold, getting you warm as quickly as possible. Quick and easy to drop in, the cover has a non-slip surface to keep it in place along with elastic hook fasteners to make the seat cushion more secure. Though the blue color is unusual.

These covers aren’t the most elegant on the list, but they are economical, and sometimes it’s necessary to balance one or the other. Air channels on the cushion allow airflow to keep air circulating behind you, even when you’re sitting, giving you increased comfort.

9. Snailax Shiatsu Back Massager

snailax shiatsu back massager

Giving you the type of features that would normally be reserved for expensive luxury cars, this cover gives you seat heating as well as a multi-function massage. The cover starts with memory foam cushioning for the back and bottom to help keep you comfortable even on the longest trips. Then it adds multi-mode heating that can keep you warm and relaxed, offering three different auto shut-off timers, set to 15, 30, and 60 minutes.

There are six vibrating massage motors to help soothe you even more on those commutes home after a long day at the office. There are five different massage modes, including pulsate, tapping, rolling, and kneading, as well as four different intensities and the ability to choose from four different massage areas.

The manufacturer says the seat can help relieve fatigue, muscle tension, and soreness, and take out some of the sting of sitting for so long. A system of straps as well as an anti-slip bottom keep the cover in place on the road.

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10. SEAMETAL Heated Car Seat Cushion

seametal warm car seat cover

This heated seat cushion from SEAMETAL can let you feel the warmth in as little as one minute thanks to the 10 heating lines on each portion of the cushion. Two settings let you control the heat, and if you’re a fan of 1970s car seats then you’ll love the look of this cushion. That’s because it looks just like the pillowy, quilted options common to luxury cars of that era, and it’s finished in a warm and soft velour the really gives the covers the look of classic luxury.

Even better, SEAMETAL says that the covers will stay warm after you’ve turned them off. They claim up to 160-degrees Fahrenheit of warmth when you are sitting on the seat, and the ability to remain at 100-degrees Fahrenheit when you’re not, and that’s for up to 10 minutes after turn-off.

The non-stick pad underside works to keep it in place, though there do not appear to be any straps. The manufacturer says that the edges are tough and anti-scratch, to protect the cover, the seats, and anything that might still be in your pockets when you sit down.

Why Heated Seat Covers?

Heated seats are a wonderful thing in cold weather. Before the engine can heat the cabin air, electrically heated seat pads begin to warm up the cold foam block that is your chilly driver’s seat. That way you’re warm by the end of the street, not 10 minutes down the road, soothing some of the chill of fall and winter.

Sure you could buy heated seat pads designed to go under the cover of your factory seats, just like from the dealer, but that requires you to remove your seat, undo hog rings, straps, snaps, and other fasteners, strip off the cover, fit and hardwire the seat pads, and then put everything back together again. It’s labor-intensive and expensive, with modern seats sporting airbag and seatbelt sensors, you could easily damage something even pricier.

These covers go overtop of your seat, adding heat on the outside. Saving you from taking the seats apart, eliminating the need to tap into complicated wiring, and making DIY quick and easy.

How to Install Heated Seat Covers

Take the cover out of the box, put it on your seat, plug it into your 12-volt outlet. There, you’re done. Ok, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but not much. Attach the included straps to the vehicle’s seat and secure it in place and you’ve accomplished the hardest part. If you want more than one heated cover and only have one 12-volt port, a splitter can divide that one plug into two or more, letting you plug in more heated seat covers.

How to Pick Heated Seat Covers

Look for a cover that offers multiple heat settings and you might like extra features like ventilation or massage, but they will cost extra. Next, look for a color that best matches your interior’s, and try and find a cover that matches your seat style. Easy-access remotes are a nice feature, since on-cover controls can be tough to reach. If you’re large or tall, look for thin covers that don’t push you off the edge of your seat.

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