Upgrades, repairs, improvements, or making your drive easier, whatever your reason, adding accessories to your car is always a good idea, no matter if you drive a Mercedes-Benz or something with a lot less luxury. Even the best German sedans and SUVs don’t come with every feature you might want, especially if you have last year’s model and something better came out this year. With the best Mercedes-Benz accessories, you can add functionality, improve the looks of, and bring the tech up to date in your vehicle, from A-Class to GLS.

The wide variety of accessories available in today’s market allows you to customize your vehicle based on your personal preferences. But it’s not all about form, you can also add some function with the latest tech, such as a wireless charger. Whatever your reason may be to accessorize your Mercedes-Benz, you can check out our top picks of the best Mercedes-Benz accessories below.

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1. Boxiti Interior Cabin Fragrance

boxiti mercedes interior cabin fragrance

Leave your Mercedes-Benz smelling as good as it looks with replacement cabin fragrances for your Air Balance Package-equipped car. The Air Balance Package P21 dispenses a fragrance into the cabin, like a luxurious and more integrated version of the traditional pine tree hanging from your mirror, but here with a choice of five different fragrances for the atomizer. Agarwood, Downtown, Freeside, Nightlife, and Sports Moods let you pick the right aroma for your car or SUV.

These are official Mercedes-Benz fragrances, designed specifically to fit your vehicle and restore the fresh scents that were available when it was new. The canister slots into the dispenser in your glovebox and slowly disperses the scent into the cabin for long-lasting effects. The Air Balance Package is fitted to models including the GLC, GLE, GLS, CLS, C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class, working to make the experience inside the vehicle more pleasant each drive, so why wouldn’t you refill it when the factory container runs out?

2. Littrain Tempered Glass Screen Protector

littrain tempered glass screen protector

The latest versions of MBUX and their massive dual screens for the dashboard and infotainment are impressive to look at and use, but if you’re worried about that much expensive glass in your car, you’re not alone. If you want to help protect the big screens from scratches and light impacts, this glass screen protector from Littrain can help you do just that.

It has a 9H hardness rating that means it is highly resistant to accidental scratches from your fingers, dust, rings, gloves, and other accidents in your car. The seller also says that the coating on their screen protector is hydrophobic and can reduce ugly fingerprints on the glass to keep it looking shiny and make sure you’re not spending all of your time cleaning. The protector is ultra-thin so that it won’t affect touch control, and covers the screens from edge to edge in two easily applied pieces.

3. CarQiWireless Wireless Car Charger

carqiwireless wireless car charger

If you’re driving an older Mercedes-Benz model, you might not have the latest gadgets like wireless charging. But you don’t need to get a brand new vehicle to add the feature on. This is a wireless car charger designed specifically to fit in the 2015 and up C-Class including AMG models, as well as the GLC. The Qi wireless charger will work with almost any modern smartphone that’s compatible with wireless charging, and it’s designed to fit exactly where the factory would have put it—conveniently in the phone tray that lives just ahead of the cup holder.

The wireless charger uses the existing 12V cigarette lighter port for power and fits like it was there when the car left the factory. It has an anti-slip texture to keep your phone in place along with cooling ports and temperature monitoring to make sure that your wireless charging doesn’t get too hot. Thanks to the power switch, you can also turn it off when you want more storage and less charging, so add the latest tech to your last-gen car today.

4. Cszlove Illuminated Front Grille Star

cszlove illuminated front grille star

In 2013, Mercedes-Benz introduced a light-up star for the grille of certain models. It wasn’t available on all, and not everyone picked it, so what if you want to add it yourself after purchase? This illuminated star logo is exactly what you’re looking for, using an LED light to illuminate a logo using the vehicle’s key fob and the automatic light setting in your car.

The star logo measures 18.5 cm in diameter and will fit in most 2013-2015 E-Class, GLK, A-Class, B-Class, ML, and GL, along with other vehicles, and of course, other parts are offered for other Mercs. Make your Mercedes stand out from the crowd and the rest of the parking lot with a whole lot of nighttime style for a fraction of the price of the factory part. It does need some underhood wiring to light up, but a two-wire connection should be simple for your average mechanic to hook up.

5. RDBS Button Repair Package

rdbs button repair package

Tired of old and faded buttons on your radio, steering wheel, and power window controls? With time, these buttons can start to peel, discolor, and just look terrible. To replace them, you would need to purchase all new switches and a new radio from your dealer for big bucks. With this button repair package accessory for your Mercedes-Benz from 2007-2014, you can re-cover the switches and make them look like new for a fraction of the cost.

The old decals scrape off and you can then apply the new ones, restoring the look of your vehicle’s interior and making it feel newer again. This sticker pack includes six pieces to cover your ventilation controls, power windows and mirrors, steering wheel, power locks, and even the built-in dial pad. You can re-cover your whole car, or just the buttons that need it, it’s up to you. The replacement stickers let light pass through so you know a switch is activated, just like the originals.

6. 1797 Bling AC Vent Caps

1797 bling crystal ac vent caps

We know not everyone is a fan of the look, but one of the most popular Mercedes-Benz accessories is adding more bling to your Benz by way of bedazzling with crystals. This is one of the cooler kits, offering a shiny new look for your C-Class or GLC’s front air vents. The round covers come in a pack for five vents to add Czech Preciosa crystals (instead of just plastic) and zinc alloy gleam to your ride.

This kit covers the inner and outer bezels as well as the direction and opening knob in the center remaining in place with an adhesive that can be removed without a trace later. To complete the look, you can also get crystal bling for your door locks, seat adjustment buttons, cup holder cover, or nearly any other part of your vehicle. It’s a quick and easy upgrade to the matte plastic that your car had when it left the factory.

7. SYPPO Running Boards / Side Steps

syppo running boards side steps

Climbing into your GL can be tough thanks to the tall off-road ride height. A pair of running boards enhance the style of the vehicle by widening the body between the wheels, but they also make it easier to climb in and out. This set of aluminum running boards for 2013-2016 GL models and their tall ride height is designed to give you a factory look that can let you either add a component you didn’t have, or replace one that has seen better days thanks to damage, wear, or corrosion.

Each running board is designed to support up to 500 pounds, making them safe and secure steps, with one-piece construction and no drilling required. A heavy-duty plastic tread texture is meant to keep your feet in place even when your footwear is wet, snowy, or muddy, plus you can use them to scrape debris from your shoes and keep it off of your carpet.

8. JYMAOYI Sunshade

jymaoyi sunshade windshield visor

Keep your cabin temperatures lower in the sun while protecting your interior from harmful UV rays with this sunshade wearing the Mercedes-Benz star and AMG logos. Made from polyethylene plastic and microfiber, the sunshade is designed to be tough, but light, and to not scratch your car when you’re installing or removing it.

The silver material can block sunlight and stop UV rays, both of which work to keep your cabin cooler meaning you don’t burn yourself on hot interior parts and the AC is able to chill the cabin in no time. The flexible size lets it fit in nearly any windshield, and when it’s time for storage, the sunshade folds up into a nine-inch disc to let you hide it under the seat or on the floor in the back. As a bonus, it makes it harder for thieves to see into the vehicle to spot any valuable items you might have left behind.

9. Bumper Sill Cover

bumper sill cover

Years of use putting cargo in your hatch and taking it back out can leave your bumper looking like it was attacked by a pack of dogs that needed their claws trimmed. But you can hide that damage, or stop it from even happening in the first place with a rear bumper guard cover like this one. It’s made to fit GLC models from 2016 and up, and puts protective metal over the easily damaged paint, just like the factory offering that’s on higher-end Mercedes models but not the GLC.

Made from 304 stainless steel in a matte finish, the bumper guard cover resists scratches caused by loading cargo, removing groceries, or even just Rover hopping in and out of the hatch. Stainless steel won’t rust with time and washes, while the adhesive underneath makes the bumper guard easy to install. Save hundreds or even thousands off the cost of a replacement rear bumper while improving the looks of your SUV at the same time.

10. Maiqiken Trunk Floor Mat

maiqiken custom trunk floor mat

Protect the trunk or cargo area of your Mercedes-Benz with style using this customized cover from Maiqiken. It’s available in “flat” to cover just the floor or in “full coverage” that protects the plastic and carpeting of the sides of your vehicle as well as the seatbacks and the floor, all with a custom look that can match the look of the rest of your cabin.

Choose from nine different color choices including contrast stitching, with a diamond quilt pattern that accentuates the look of your Benz. The covers are made from artificial leather that is meant to add durability as well as a waterproof finish for your trunk. A one-year warranty covers durability concerns, with options available to fit nearly every Mercedes-Benz model. Anti-skip protection on the bottom keeps the mat in place while padding helps protect your precious cargo from damage over bumpy roads. Don’t worry about mud, sand, or transporting mulch anymore.

Why Accessorize?

There are two ways to get features like wireless charging if your car didn’t come with it from the factory. You can buy a newer vehicle, or you can add an accessory to get you that feature. The same applies to many different parts of your vehicle, from the carpet to the buttons. The right accessories can protect parts of your vehicle that see the most wear, saving you costly repairs down the road, and they can make your vehicle easier to use every day.

More importantly, adding accessories lets you make your car stand out from the rest, too, making it more personalized and more “yours.” Because you didn’t buy a luxury car to blend into the background, you bought it to help you feel special with every drive, and the best accessories can do that and more.

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