Unless you own an electric vehicle, routine oil changes are part of keeping your car’s engine in good running condition. You don’t necessarily have to head to your dealership or local mechanic to get an oil change however, as most vehicles can have their oil changed within the comforts of your garage or driveway. Some of the tools you’ll need when doing your own oil change include a jack, jack stands, oil filter wrench, and an oil drain pan to catch all your old oil. This is, of course, in addition to a replacement oil filter and new oil for your engine.

In this article, we’ll focus on our picks of the best oil drain pans, but truth be told, most of them are very similar. You will however, find that some have a more versatile design than others. When choosing the best oil drain pan for your needs, make sure you check the capacity of the drain pan. Larger engines require more oil, which means you’ll need a larger drain pan if you have a V8, as opposed to a four-cylinder engine.

For more information on the best oil drain pans, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: Hopkins FloTool Super Duty Drain Container

hopkins flotool 16-quart super duty drain container

One of the most popular oil drain pans on Amazon comes from Hopkins. With a capacity of 16 quarts, the Hopkins FloTool features a leak-proof design with heavy duty caps and seals, ergonomic handles, and elongated basins to capture the oil. This made in the U.S.A. oil drain pan can be stored upright or flat without leaking and is developed for high capacity, which means you can do multiple oil changes before having to empty it out.

Product features:

  • 16-quart capacity
  • Leak-proof design
  • Heavy duty caps and seals
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Elongated basins
  • Can be stored upright or flat
  • Made in the U.S.A.

2. ATD Tools Black Drain Pan

atd tools black drain pan

If you want something more basic, ATD Tools offers an 18-quart oil drain pan measuring 6″ deep with a 15.25″ diameter. It features a large spout on one end for easy pouring when disposing your old oil, while molded handles make for convenient carrying. An anti-splash lip helps ensure all your fluids stay within the drain pan. This may seem like a fairly basic oil drain pan, but its design is loved by many of its owners—especially for the spout, which allows you to drain straight from the pan without a funnel.

Product features:

  • 18-quart capacity
  • 6″ deep with 15.25″ diameter
  • Large spout for easy pouring
  • Molded handles for carrying
  • Anti-splash lip

3. Lumax Black Drainmaster Pan

lumax black 15-quart drainmaster pan

The Lumax Drainmaster Pan features a 15-quart capacity and a heavy duty construction with an E-Z handle design and E-Z roll wheels. At the top of the drain pan is a large 8″ opening with screw cap that can accommodate dirty oil filters. A catch-all basket allows you to easily retrieve drain plugs and your filter, while an o-ring seal ensures your liquids stay inside the container. If you’re willing to pay a bit more and want the convenience of added wheels to your drain pan, this is the one to get.

Product features:

  • 15-quart capacity
  • E-Z roll wheels and handle design
  • 8″ large opening with screw cap
  • Can use dirty oil filters
  • Catch-all basket
  • O-ring seal

4. Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan

capri tools portable oil drain pan

Capri Tools’ offering is similar to ATD Tools’ drain pan on our list, with a large 18-quart capacity and an anti-splash lip. This oil pan is constructed of tough polyethylene material for long lasting durability. Oil can be drained directly into the large opening while the molded handle and 1″ diameter spout makes carrying, pouring, and storing easy. Capri Tools has a lineup of different pans, including a green-colored pan and a smaller capacity drain pan.

Product features:

  • 18-quart capacity (also available with an 8-quart capacity)
  • Constructed of tough polyethylene material
  • Large opening
  • Molded handle and 1″ diameter diameter spout

5. ARKSEN Portable Waste Oil Drain Tank

arksen portable waste oil drain tank

Not everyone needs something like ARKSEN’s portable waste oil drain tank, but for those who need a more complex system for their vehicle, this is made for you. This is a commercial oil drain tank with 80-quart capacity along with a venturi-vacuum extracting system. To easily transfer the oil from the tank to your secondary container, you can simply use an air compressor.

This oil drain tank is height adjustable from 45″ to 72.5″. With a heavy duty and rugged steel construction, this oil drain tank may be expensive but it’ll last your car’s lifetime and more. For easy mobility, ARKSEN has equipped the tank with 2 fixed 6″ wheels and a pair of 3″ swivel casters.

Product features:

  • Commercial oil drain tank with 80-quart capacity
  • Venturi-vacuum extracting system
  • Height adjustable (45″ to 72.5″)
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Equipped with wheels and casters for easy mobility
  • Includes regulator and gauge

6. Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan

custom accessories oil drain pan

Don’t care for any bells and whistles and just want a real cheap oil drain pan? Custom Accessories has the answer with this option, featuring a 6-quart capacity at a really affordable price. It doesn’t have any standout features and one glance at its photo tells the full story. Just keep in mind that the spout’s design isn’t the best, as some owners have noted pouring out of the pan can be awkward.

Product features:

  • Basic 6-quart capacity oil drain pan
  • Extremely affordable—you can buy 2 for less than the price of a fancier oil drain pan
  • Spout design isn’t the best

7. Matrix Concepts Oil Drain Container

matrix concepts oil drain container

Find black oil drain pans to be a bit boring? Matrix Concepts offers a clear oil drain pan, if that’s your thing. Designed to be easy to store, carry, and empty, this oil drain pan has a built-in container along with a screw-on cap and plug for a tight seal. An extra-large carrying handle makes for a comfortable and secure grip, while emptying the container is similar to pouring a glass of milk. With no built-in spout however, you’ll likely need a funnel to empty out the container without causing a mess.

One thing to note is that this container doesn’t have a large capacity, so it’s best for cars with smaller engine.

Product features:

  • Clear oil drain pan
  • Screw-on cap and plug for tight seal
  • Extra-large carrying handle
  • No built-in spout
  • Small capacity

8. Lisle Oil Lift Drain

lisle oil lift drain

If you’re somehow able to easily get your car up in the air and prefer an oil lift drain, take a look at Lisle’s option. Featuring a uniquely shaped, translucent jug that holds 32 quarts, this oil lift drain can be adjusted from 36.5″ to 74″. The bottom of the container features 4 ball bearing wheels measuring 2.5″ that swivel and roll easily. Other features include a heavy duty adjustment clamp, large handle, big pour spout with threaded cap, and a large 15″ funnel with a built-in strainer to catch drain plugs.

Product features:

  • Translucent jug with 32-quart capacity
  • Height adjustable (36.5″ to 74″)
  • Ball bearing wheels (4 x 2.5″)
  • Heavy duty adjustment clamp
  • Large handle
  • Big pour spout with threaded cap
  • Large 15″ funnel with built-in strainer

9. NEIKO Oil Drain Pan

neiko oil drain pan

An offering from NEIKO, this drain pan has a two-gallon capacity, measuring 12.55″ in diameter and 5″ deep. Constructed from recyclable polythene plastic, this oil drain pan is resistant to corrosion and will stay durable when carrying oil or other fluids such as gasoline or antifreeze. To help prevent splashing while moving the pan, there is a curled lip edge, while grip handles can be found on both sides of the pan for easy transporting. An attached spout makes it straightforward to empty out the pan once you’re doing changing your car’s oil.

Product features:

  • Two-gallon capacity
  • Recyclable polythene plastic construction
  • Grip handles for easy transport
  • Curled lip edge to prevent splashing
  • Attached spout

10. Goplus Portable Oil Drain Pan with Pump

goplus portable oil drain pan with pump

This is one of the most expensive oil drain pans on our list, but it’s extremely versatile if you’re willing to pay the money. The Goplus portable oil drain pan has a massive 68-quart capacity and is equipped with 4 swivel casters measuring 4″ for easy maneuverability. The tank is made from high-impact polypropylene, making it lightweight and durable. Attached to the oil drain pan is a 29″ T-handle that folds for easy storage, along with an 8′ hose for added versatility with the pump for convenient draining.

Product features:

  • Massive 68-quart capacity
  • Swivel casters (4 x 4″)
  • Constructed of high-impact polypropylene
  • 29″ T-handle for easy maneuvering (foldable for easy storage)
  • 8′ hose
  • Pump for convenient draining


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April 7, 2021: Removed the Motivx Tools Oil Drain Pan due to availability. Added the NEIKO Oil Drain Pan.

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