The Best Purse and Shopping Bag Hangers for Your Car

Bryan Raab Davis
by Bryan Raab Davis
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Have you ever felt the frustration of your shopping bag or purse flying off the passenger seat and unloading its contents all over the floor? Everything that was safely stowed is all over the car; it’s frustrating, it’s a pain to clean up, and things invariable get lost in the melee. Consider too that having the contents of your bag disgorge themselves in the car could even create a dangerous distracted driving situation.

Shopping bag hangers are a great tool to securely stow your bag or purse. They help keep your car cleaner and safer—and might stave off a really bad day.

The best cargo hangers are secure, sturdy, and don’t clash with a vehicle’s cabin environment. They can be made of a variety of materials: metal, imitation leather, ABS, and other plastics.

Here are some of our favorite purse hangers for your car, truck, or SUV.

1. Editor’s Pick: Sunferno Car Headrest Hooks

Sunferno’s great-value car headrest hooks are easy to install, sturdy, and look good. Photo credit:

These hooks are sold in packs of 4 and will fit on headrests 0.4 to 0.6 inches in diameter. They can be slipped around headrest supports with little effort. Alternatively, remove the headrest, slide the hook over the supports, and reinstall the headrest.

The black ABS plastic is solid and wide. A stout 44-pound capacity makes these hooks great for everything from purses to groceries and school backpacks. Because the plastic is smooth and the hook is wide it’s less apt to damage bag straps and handles. Some users report color rubbing off on lighter-colored purses after extended use. The close-fitting shape of this model means they might not fit wide seats because they'll have a tendency to jut out horizontally from the top rather than hanging down straight.


Simple, sturdy, affordable


Color may rub off, may fit some seats better than others

2. Best Value: EldHus Ofspower Four Pack Car Vehicle Purse Hanger

EldHus’s set of four hangers is compelling for more than just their incredibly low price. Photo credit:

These solid ABS plastic purse hangers are among the best-priced on the market. They also include a little carabiner-style lock that holds them securely on your headrest poles—clever. The wide hook opening also means they’re easy to install and easy to remove when you don’t need them.

It does however mean these are more rattly than others and will jiggle a lot when they’re not under load.

They’re rated for up to 44 pounds, and made from a wide piece of sturdy plastic. They're curved to conform tightly to your seat back and don’t take up a lot of room. Like other painted plastic hooks they can wear off on softer or pale color purses, especially suede or leather. Still, we like these because of their great price and attractive appearance.


Good value, simple, strong


Loose fit, may not be colorfast

3. Best for Delicate Bags and Upholstery: Yicheyiyou Leather and Stainless Steel Car Seat Purse Hanger

A solid stainless steel frame wrapped in stitched faux leather makes this option both tough and delicate. Photo credit:

Both your car seat and bag handles will thank you for choosing the gentle faux-leather wrapping of these stainless-steel hooks. They’re rated for up to 45 pounds of weight and yet shouldn’t abrade your bag or your upholstery thanks to a rugged yet gentle exterior.

That leather-look microfiber wrap is stylish and set off with visible stitching. Colors include brown, beige, black, and black with red stitching.

We like the ease of installation courtesy of a wide-cut channel you can simply slide around headrest supports. There’s a small divot at the bottom of the channel to prevent the hooks from sliding off but it’s small enough they may still rattle if they’re not held in place by being under load. There are two of these high-end hooks in each pack from Yicheyiyou.


Soft-touch surface easy on bags and auto upholstery, attractive


Cost, may detach when not under load

4. Best Bling: Savori Auto Hooks Bling Car Hangers

Bling up your ride with these gemstone and steel bag hangers. Photo credit:

These very pretty stainless-steel purse hangers from Savori are embellished with simulated gemstones for a glitzy look. The stainless steel hook is available unpainted or in all black, and the balls at the end come in solid back, stainless steel, gold, diamond, pink, ruby, or blue colors.

The hooks can hold one or two purses at a time. There are two in each pack, and you can double them up on one pole to hold four purses in one position. We don’t advocate that though, as these hooks don’t hold as much weight as the options above. No max weight is given.

Savori’s hooks are easy to use, sturdy, and look sensational.


Great looking, easy to use


Low weight capacity compared to others, may fall off headrests

5. Best for Big Bags: High Road Contour Car Hook

These powder-coated headrest purse hangers from High Road are perfect for bulkier handbags and purses. Photo credit:

High Road’s Contour range of car bag hangers features powder-coated steel construction and padded spring-type openings at the top to protect your car’s interior. They’re available in solid stainless steel or with extra padding on the hook part for your purse. The padding is made from faux leather and comes in brown or gray. There are also color options for the hooks, including red or black, but the powder-coat finish can rub off on purse handles.

We like how easy it is to install these hooks, just pull the tops apart, loop them around and they lock back in place. The hangers will take up to 40 pounds, which is less than others on our list, but they are wide-set so they can hold big-handled shopping bags and backpacks without issues

While not the most handsome option available, High Road Contours are a long-lasting and sturdy purse hanger with two in each pack. Choose this option if you need to hold larger purses or backpacks.


Easy to install, wide-set


Powder-coating might abrade, more costly

6. Most Innovative: Amooca Universal Multifunctional Purse Hanger and Bag Holder

Amooca’s universal-fit multifunction purse hanger is one of the most innovative seat-back hooks available. Photo credit:

The hook rotates easily around your headrest pole and tucks away neatly underneath when you’re not using it. Plus it has an inbuilt-secondary hook that rotates on the vertical plane giving these hooks an impressive range of functionality. As one final magic trick, that arm extends to accommodate cell phones from 4.0 to 6.5 inches wide so you can entertain the kids in the back while driving.

The wide hook loop fits more headrest poles, and adhesive EVA rubber padding is included in the set of two so you can adjust the gap to fit your seatbacks. A locking ring on the top helps prevent the hook from coming loose once you’ve installed it.

They’re available in black and beige; black versions have a choice of colors for the locking ring including carbon fiber, blue, gold, red, and silver. They're also reasonably priced. The only drawback is that they are rated for just 22 pounds each, and some found the build quality inconsistent.

For sheer cleverness and versatility though, these seatback car hooks make great gifts as well as a handy addition to your own car interior.


Multifunctional, tuck away when not in use


Some buyers report inconsistent build quality

7. Most Versatile: Heroway Magic Headrest Hooks

Hang multiple items of various strap sizes and types with these flexible plastic and nylon hooks from Heroway. Photo credit:

The Magic Headrest Hooks from Heroway make it easy to handle your purse, water bottle, gift bags, shopping, and more with one affordable pack. There are two units in each pack, both with two hooks each, which is why Heroway labels this a four-pack—be wary, if you want four separate units you have to buy two packs.

The easy-to-install ABS plastic hooks fit any headrest pole, and the flexible nylon band means they always contour to your car seat in any configuration.

They’re long too, which makes them great for holding things steady even if the base is resting on the seat. That means if you have a heavier object like a laptop bag or large water bottle you can place it on the seat but hook the straps into this purse hanger to keep the object steady. The hooks can also take up to 17 pounds each on their own.

We like the variety of hooks available. The bottom of one strap has a narrow hook for things like plastic shopping bags, but also a horseshoe-shaped hook that juts out with two arms for two smaller bags as well. You can turn your seat back into a packhorse with these clever hooks from Heroway.


One device with many hooks, flexible


Limited weight capacity, may come loose easily

8. Best for Clutches: Car Cache Purse Holder

You can still hold your purse even if it doesn’t have handles thanks to this mesh holder. Photo credit:

The Car Cache solution to purse holding is great for smaller purses and clutches, especially those with no strap or handle. It sits between the seats suspended from the headrest poles and allows you to place your bag securely in a large mesh pocket.

This might not be the most attractive option on the list but it is one of the most convenient; it leaves your bag within easy arm's reach. It also doubles as a toy holder for kids or a spot to put bacterial wipes, pet toys, or snacks.


No strap required, multifunctional


Bulky, unattractive

Tips for Securing Your Purse in Your Vehicle

Securing your bags while driving is safer and more convenient than letting them roll around the cabin of your vehicle. Never leave a purse or other valuable cargo unattended in a vehicle—it is a target for smash-and-grab thieves. Besides that, your bags are more likely to suffer UV damage on the front seat than in the back. So it makes sense to use a cargo hanger to stow your stuff safely behind the front seats rather than leaving them free to roll around and provide temptation to thieves.

If your purse hanger rattles or is slightly loose, you can use tape or foam strips to help it fit more snugly. If it’s only a small rattle, nail polish on your headrest poles can help your hook bite more securely and stay firmly in place. Use caution applying nail polish, especially if you have leather, Alcantara, or suede upholstery. Make sure it’s dry before you hang your purse on a hook you’ve treated with nail polish.

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