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September 13, 2021
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The Best Steam Cleaners for Your Car

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Steam cleaners clean differently from any other method you might use. Because of this, they are often the only tool that will get rid of stains and dirt that nothing else will touch.

A steam cleaner simply uses plain tap water (or perferably distilled water), which it heats to to over the boiling point of 212°F/100°C, and forces out under pressure through a nozzle. Just creating steam, which increases the volume over liquid water over 1,700 times, creates all the pressure needed and no additional pump is required. Because of this, steam cleaners are often very simple machines—the trigger or button to activate it might be the only moving part.

When the superheated steam comes out of the nozzle, the heat dissolves the bonds that are sticking tough dirt and stains to your car upholstery and other surfaces, while the moisture dilutes it to lift it away keep it from sticking again. There’s very little water used in a given area, and between that and the heat, surfaces then dry rapidly. Steam cleaners work best when you vacuum first to remove any loose dirt; and then for maximum cleanliness, again afterwards to pick up anything the steam cleaner has loosened from your car upholstery. A powerful shop vac, which has good suction and can suck up water, is perfect for this. There are heated carpet extractors which combine suction and steam cleaning in one unit, but they are professional machines that usually only detailers would use, and often cost over $1,000. 

Steam cleaning was originally an industrial process in the mid-1800s, but because of the energy needed to boil water in a pressure chamber, steam cleaners for household use didn’t appear in North America until the late 1980s, long after they had been available in Europe. They took a while to catch on but by the early 2000s, they had started to evolve into the large variety of affordable and convenient models available today. We sift through the bulky industrial and heavy-duty models to highlight the best steam cleaners that can perform a wide variety of tasks within your vehicle, and inside your home.

For more information on the best steam cleaners for your car and how to use them, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor’s Pick: Dupray One Steam Cleaner

If we’re picking our absolute favorite, we’re going with the Italian-made Dupray One. You’ll notice right away that it’s more expensive than the handheld cleaners, which is just about its only downside because this ONE does it all. What sets it apart is its adjustable steam control, which is good, because it gets up to a piping hot 303°F/150°C, allowing it to disinfect 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. However, the steam has a low moisture ratio, so it doesn’t leave things wet. It heats up in a claimed eight minutes and has enough capacity in its 39-ounce stainless steel boiler tank for up to 50 minutes of run time before you need to fill up again.

The power cord is 16 feet and the hose is another six feet, so you should be able to plug in to an outlet in that garage and reach all the way around the car in the driveway. It’s large, about the size of a canister vacuum but weighs just 10 pounds, so it’s easy to move around, so it’s easy to move around and store.

Best of all, it comes with a 16-piece kit of cleaning attachments, some for large surfaces like seats and carpet, a window squeegee, plus small tools for detail work, and microfiber steam mops for fabrics, leather upholstery, and wiping away the gunk that the steam releases. When you run out of the included towels, you can any other microfiber cloths, which are available in very affordable and washable bulk packs.

This is the top of the line for home steam cleaners. The large size makes it much more than you’d need if all you were doing was occasional car interior cleaning, but if you want a versatile machine that can do everything you’ll ever ask of it, the Dupray One steam cleaner is the One you need.

Promoted Product: JAXPETY 1050W Portable Handheld Steamer

The JAXPETY 1050-watt Portable Handheld Steamer is an excellent all-around choice if you’re looking for something with loads of accessories. Because this thing has tons: general and extended connecting spray nozzles, a round brush nozzle, a long spray nozzle, a bent spray nozzle, a door/window spray nozzle, and a textile steam head. In other words, whatever you need to steam clean, you can bet this JAXPETY steamer has a nozzle for it.

Plus, the steamer’s ability to generate high-pressure and high-temperature steam means it doesn’t just clean, it disinfects and sterilizes too, eliminating odors and bacteria so your pride and joy will smell new-car-fresh once you’re finished. With a long runtime for its size, JAXPETY’s steamer takes only three minutes to heat up to its 275°F temp, cutting back on your overall detailing time.

Best of all, this steamer does all that for your car and is also able to handle other common steam cleaning tasks, like cleaning clothes, floorboards, and more. An easy-to-use, chemical-free and environmentally-friendly solution, it’s great addition to any at-home auto detailing kit.

*This is a sponsored placement.

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2. Best Overall: McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner (MC1275)

Time and time again, the McCulloch tops out best steam cleaners lists, and for our money, it’s the best value, too. The McCulloch MC1275 is powered by 1,500 watts of heating power and the steam is pressurized to 43 PSI, so it really blasts away stuck on grit deep in those cupholders and gets deep into the vents to clean the air circulation system. Heating time should be under 10 minutes although some users mentioned slower times. With a 48-ounce water tank, the McCulloch should provide enough steam for 45 minutes of continuous cleaning, with a trigger lock to keep it going without having to hold it down.

The McCulloch also a 15.7-foot power cord and 10-foot steam hose, and wheels at both ends so it rolls around easily. It even comes with 15 accessories for all the big and small jobs of cleaning your car and household, plus a handy measuring cup and funnel for accurate filling. If you’re not convinced yet, the McCulloch earns a coveted Amazon’s Choice selection and with thousands of customer reviews, it’s still rated at 4.4 stars. For those not satisfied, McCulloch’s Kansas-based team will help you with their two-year warranty. 

3. Most Versatile: OApier S15 Steam Cleaner

We’ve only seen a couple of steam cleaners like the modular OApier, which is designed a little like a Dyson vacuum or some stick vacuums. The actual steam cleaner is a detachable handheld unit which you can use on its own, or you can slot it into the upright stick to use as a steam mop on floors. Because of the floor applications, it comes with an extremely long 30-foot cord, like you’d find on an upright steam cleaner. It also has a switch for three steam volumes, which is handy to prevent your carpet from getting too wet. OApier says it produces steam at the boiling point, 212°F/100°C.

It does have a tank on the smaller side at 10 ounces/300ML, but the upside is a fast 30 second heating time. The main upright unit has onboard storage for the included tools and hoses. The entire assembly weighs 11.7 pounds, and while we couldn’t find a weight for just the handheld portion, consumers we surveyed estimate it’s under five pounds. Parent company light-n-easy offers a 12-month warranty.

4. Wagner AutoRight SteamMachine


The Wagner is comparable to the McCulloch in many ways, but is a smaller steam cleaner built with cars specifically in mind. Wagner is well known for their popular home paint sprayers, and as a larger company can offer a two-year limited warranty. 

The AutoRight SteamMachine comes with a suite of seven tools which are mostly sized to fit the many inconvenient to reach spaces in a vehicle. There are attachments specifically for both leather and cloth seats, and other for both carpet and hard surfaces. A big 40-ounce tank gives a long 35-minute steam time, but it only has an eight foot cord and hose, so you’ll need to use either the wheels or built-in folding handle to move it around. It scores well in both steam temperature at 290° F and pressure at 55 PSI. It costs more than most handhelds but is affordable for a tank style carpet steam cleaner. And of course, the tools that work great on your car seats will work great on the seats in your house, too.

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5. Costway Multipurpose Steam Cleaner

Here’s another steam cleaner we really like because it seems to have it all. The Costway Multipurpose Steam Cleaner is a 1,500 watt steamer with multiple attachments that should deliver about 45 minutes of cleaning for every fill-up of its water tank. The 1.5-liter water tank needs to be heated up for eight to nine minutes prior to use, and reaches temperatures up to 226° F. Accessories that are included with this option are a pair of tension tubes, a mop head, brass utility brush, scrub pad, steam jet nozzle, squeegee, triangle brush, measuring cup, five nylon utility brushes, two microfiber pads, and a water funnel. A convenient onboard storage box is great for some of the smaller accessories, and the nozzle clips into the top handle.

With a 16-foot cord and very long 79-inch hose, you should be able to reach deep into your vehicle with ease. A canister-style steam cleaner, the Costway does come in at 16.5 pounds, so you’ll be using the wheels.

6. Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner (SF-370WH)

Another steam cleaner we’ve selected for high user ratings, Steamfast also earns an Amazon’s Choice badge. The SF-370WH is affordable, but still delivers a pressurized flow of steam from a 1,500-watt boiler to naturally clean and sanitize. The Steamfast comes with 15 attachments, 15-foot cord with integrated cord wrap, and 6.5-foot hose, making it great for all the hard surfaces of your interior, windows, wheels, and even to steam clean your engine bay.

The generous 48-ounce water tank should provide up to 45 minutes of cleaning and it takes only eight minutes to heat up, with a steam-on-demand button or a lock for continuous steam. While it maintains a 4.4-star rating, some users are critical about the durability of the product and the attachments. Steamfast offers a US-based two year warranty, though.

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7. MLMLANT Power Steam Cleaner

MLMLANT’s SC541 Power Steam Cleaner is a feature-rich canister-style pull behind steam cleaner on gliders aimed at household usage, but its light 11.8-pound weight, generous feature set, and accessories make it a good choice for dual home and auto purposes.

Even with a big 1.5 liter water capacity for steam times in the 35 minute range, it’s a fast heater at only three to five minutes. It’s also got a long 16 foot cord that conveniently coils on board, and five foot hose with a trigger lock. The accessory pack is very complete as well. MLMLANT isn’t entirely consistent about their specifications, but this appears to be a superheated steam cleaner, making 275°F/135°C.

If you’re curious, as we were, about the MLMLANT name, well, parent company MARYANT says, “MLML stands for double horsepower in China, ANT stands for hardworking ants.” We don’t know what an ant’s nominal horsepower is*, but double that has to be good.

*According to Comparative Biomechanics: Life’s Physical World (2nd ed.), despite their 50 milliwatt individual output, ants† are extremely biometrically inefficient compared to a horse as you scale metabolic output, so you’d need about 15 million ants to produce one HP. As one HP is 746 watts, and as this is a 1,500-watt steam cleaner, it has the power of approximately 30,160,858 regular ants.

†We’re using the numbers for a European red wood ant, formica polyctena, from Production Ecology of Ants and Termites.

8. Vapamore MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner

If you find you’re using your steam cleaner a lot, or you’re using it just as much inside the house as in your vehicle, it might make sense to choose a heavy-duty model like the premium Vapamore MR-100 Primo. At 15 x 14 inches it’s larger than many less expensive steam cleaners, but it’s still designed to be compact and storable. The more than 40 years of experience that Vapamore has show in the many thoughtful touches, like an easy-to-grab handle, smart tool storage, large knobs, and commercial-style solenoid to control steam flow.

This is a lower temperature unit, delivering 210-220°F steam at up to 50 PSI. There are more than a dozen cleaning accessories, wands, wipes and nozzles included, along with a set of replacement O-rings for maintenance. At 30 Db it is literally whisper quiet. 

A six-foot hose is on the shorter side, but the cord is 18 feet. It has a 1.6-liter capacity for up to 60 minutes of steaming, and heating time is 10-11 minutes. Vapamore backs its steam cleaner with a lifetime warranty.

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What IS a Steam Cleaner?

Steam cleaners do one thing only: Heat water to produce steam, which is then forced out a nozzle with the pressure generated by boiling the water. They don’t use detergents, they don’t have moving brushes and most of all, they don’t vacuum. You might want to do some of those processes as part of your cleaning routine (see our Tips below), but you can accomplish a surprising amount with just hot water vapor.

Why Do I Need a Steam Cleaner?

Using a steam cleaner in your car can replace a variety of different cleaning chemicals and products with pure water, which is less damaging to many of the materials in cars. Because there are no solvents, it can be used on a variety of surfaces, from leather, fabric, and carpet, to plastics and trim materials and even places you can’t get to directly.

Although many surfaces can be cleaned using just steam, combined with the right cleaning agents, the steam cleaner can get your car interior cleaner than you ever imagined, not to mention getting your windows spot-free. It also makes the cleaning process far less strenuous, allowing the cleaning power of steam to lift dirt and debris instead of scrubbing to get stains and grime off.

And of course, steam at hundreds of degrees is extremely efficient at killing bacteria and viruses on soft surfaces like carpets and upholstery where other methods don’t work well. It has even been shown by the National Institutes of Health to reduce both allergens and dangerous chemicals in household dust.

Steam Cleaner Safety

While stream cleaners are safe to use if you follow directions, steam burns are extremely dangerous and can cause third-degree burns. Always treat steam with respect, and read your machine’s instructions and don’t deviate from them

The #1 rule of steam cleaner safety is don’t add more water when the machine is hot. The heating element in the boiler can flash boil the water you’re putting in, and cause an eruption of steam and boiling water. 

You’ll want to be very gentle on hoses and wands. Don’t pull or stretch them, just move the machine closer. We’ve certainly torn our share of vacuum cleaner hoses, but where all that does is make you lose suction, in a steam cleaner that can release a jet of superheated steam. Also be careful of parts of the machine, hose or accessories heating up, especially after extended use. Any exposed metal parts are particularly likely to get hot.

And it goes without saying: Never get any part of your body close to the nozzle any time the machine is warm.

What Should I Look For in a Good Steam Cleaner?

The cleaning potential of steam comes from the heat, which not only cleans, but also kills germs, so temperature is the biggest requirement. More power, measured in watts, gets the steam hotter, and therefore dissolves sticky gunk better, getting surfaces cleaner. And for some purposes, having good pressure can help blast dirt away. But high heat and pressure can damage delicate surfaces and is less safe to use.

Although there are some battery-powered units out there, steam cleaners suck down a lot of power and we stuck with more powerful corded models. Make note of the length of the hose and cord, which gives you greater range, although using an extension cord will get you as far as you need to go. Then again, more powerful units are usually heavier and bulkier, meaning they will be less convenient to move around and take up more storage space.

Look for models with decent capacity for water and good efficiency to give you longer run time, allowing you to finish projects without having to fill up partway through. Also check out what kind of attachments come with the model you choose, as certain attachments will make easy work of seats and large areas, while you’ll need others to get into small spaces and little nooks and crannies.

If you’re more interested in a carpet cleaner, which doesn’t vaporize the water into steam and won’t tackle the hard surfaces in your car, look for models that are at least heated, which should increase their cleaning effectiveness. Also, dig into the owner reviews regarding the effectiveness of the brush heads and the suction power to lift stains and messes.

What to Avoid?

You’ll want to make sure you don’t order an old-old-fashioned stand-up steam cleaner as that won’t be very useful in your car, unless it has a bypass hose with attachments, and even then it is not the right tool for the job. And although some of the compact, handheld units can do some detailing, they have limited usefulness and the fact that the water and steamer are combined means you are waving around a lot more weight than you would for a canister-style steamer with a hose.

Be very careful when using steam to clean leather, suede, or microsuede fabrics. Although the Alcantara brand recommends against using steam, some makers claim that their low water content can clean the surfaces without oversaturating it and risking damage. Do not steam clean leather or suede too frequently either, as it can cause it to dry out, and each material might have particular needs when it comes to stain removal, so research each accordingly. As with any delicate fabric, try an out of the way test spot first.

Dupray also has a great primer page about steam cleaning your car that includes tips and techniques to use for getting the dirt out of various interior materials and exterior surfaces, with quick demo gifs that illustrate exactly how to detail different things. However, note that for many of the jobs, a powerful 220-volt steam cleaner is required for getting an exterior properly clean, and those can cost thousands of dollars.

Tips for Steam Cleaning your Car

Rule number one with steam cleaners is to use distilled water. Not only could tap water leave a layer of whitish mineral deposits, but it will rapidly form scale inside the cleaner that will need to be cleaned out with vinegar. Even an hour of steam cleaning won’t use more than a dollar’s worth of distilled water, so it’s worth the expense.

Always vacuum first. Steam cleaners can do an amazing job, but you need to remove as much loose dirt as possible so the steam can get to the stuck on gunk. And vacuum again after surfaces are dry to pick up the dust that steaming has loosened.

Spend some time with the instructions or user manuals, or visit the manufacturer websites for guidance on how to use all the attachments so you have the right tool for each job. Make sure you use the various tools provided, as they not only help you clean more effectively, they also protect surfaces.


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