November 24, 2021
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Best Toyota Camry Accessories For Every Owner

There’s no denying that your Toyota Camry takes good care of you, but with the right Toyota Camry accessories, you can transform your vehicle into an even more practical, convenient, comfortable commuter car.

The Toyota Camry is the undisputed king of the midsize sedan segment in North America, defying the odds as crossovers come to represent an increasing share of all new passenger vehicle sales and continuing to sell in breathtaking volumes. What’s the secret to its success? It’s practical, it’s comfortable, and it packs Toyota’s legendary reliability in an approachable, good-looking package. In essence, it’s in a league of its own.

But even the very best of cars can be improved upon, and with so many well-made aftermarket vehicle accessories available today from such a wide selection of reputable manufacturers, it’s never been easier to outfit your vehicle for a more enjoyable ownership experience. Here, we’ve done the hard work for you, searching high and low to bring you the ten best Toyota Camry accessories on the market today.

Promoted Product: Toyota Camry Platinum Shield Car Cover

Keep your Camry protected indoors and out with one of the best-made, best-priced car covers on the market: the Platinum Shield Weatherproof Car Cover. consistently strikes the perfect balance between premium performance and price, and the Platinum Shield is an excellent case in point. With a tough, reflective silver polyester outer layer and double-stitched reinforced seams, this Toyota Camry car cover provides complete protection against water, acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, dirt, dust, and other hazards that can dull and ruin your Camry’s finish over time, yet it’s breathable enough that moisture never has a chance to build up under the cover and feed mold or mildew. It also reflects incoming light so your car doesn’t bake in the sun underneath the cover, and a super soft fleece lining keeps your paint from scratching. Each Platinum Shield Weatherproof Car Cover is custom-tailored to a specific car model, with elastic hems to ensure a perfectly taut fit, and wind gusts are no issue thanks to a high-wind strap kit. even offers a cable and lock kit to keep your cover safe from theft.

1. OxGord Windshield Snow Cover

Driving in a winter wonderland isn’t so great when you have to spend 10 minutes clearing snow and ice off your windshield before you can safely get going. Ditch the brush and get your winter morning commute going fast with the OxGord Windshield Snow Cover. This cover slips over your Camry’s windshield when parked, with tabs that tuck into the doors to restrain it from being displaced, and catches any falling snow so that all you have to do to clear your windshield is remove the cover and shake it out. It’s really just that easy. It’s made from durable black 600-denier polyester, which is resistant to tearing with regular use, and the sheer amount of time savings it delivers every day makes it hands down one of the most useful, no-brainer Toyota Camry accessories available.

2. OASIS AUTO Faux Leatherette Car Seat Covers

Beside their legendary reliability, Toyotas are also known for their stellar resale values, but few things can kill your car’s resale value quicker than a worn, stained, or ripped up interior. Keep your seats safe from harm with these OASIS AUTO Faux Leatherette Car Seat Covers. There are plenty of cheap, poorly made, bad-fitting universal seat covers on the market, but these aren’t among them. They’re made from a tough-yet-supple polyurethane material that does a pretty convincing job of imitating real leather, available in an array of different colors to match your factory interior. They’re also airbag and armrest compatible, and a chart published by OASIS suggests they’ll work with Camrys from 1996 all the way through 2017. And sure, installation is a bit more involved than simply slipping them over the factory seats, but the taut fit and high-quality look is well worth the extra effort.

3. Miracase 4-in-1 Cell Phone Holder Mount

Taking a hand off the wheel to check your progress on your favorite navigation app is just plain dangerous, and if you’ve gone all this time without a good in-car smartphone mount, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. It’s about time to get a Miracase 4-in-1 Cell Phone Holder Mount. This super strong, flexible phone mount can be positioned just about anywhere, with a secure suction cup to attach to your Camry’s windshield, a 3M adhesive pad to stick it to just about any flat surface, and our favorite, an HVAC vent clip for the most secure attachment available. The mount arm is rated to hold an incredible 44 pounds, and with telescoping, tilt, and swivel adjustments, you can put your phone exactly where you need it, minimizing how far your gaze has to depart from the road.

4. CoverCraft UVS100 Custom Sunscreen

You know the scene: you’ve parked your car outdoors in the middle of summer, gone and done your thing, and by the time you return, your Camry’s cabin is more like an oven, suffocatingly hot almost to the point of being dangerous. The remedy? The CoverCraft UVS100 Custom Sunscreen. This is a custom-fit sunshade made to perfectly fit your Camry’s windshield, leaving no square inch of glass uncovered and keeping your interior as cool as humanly possible on bright, sunny days. This total coverage is also important for the longevity of your interior’s appearance; being bombarded with UV rays day in and day out causes colors to fade and shift, and any small gap in your sunshade can cause a nasty uneven fade pattern. The CoverCraft UVS100 even has a foam core that acts as an insulator, further helping it deflect the summer heat. CoverCraft offers versions for numerous Camry model ranges, so take care to ensure you’re ordering the right one. Part No. UV11531SV covers 2018-2021 Camrys with a rearview mirror-mounted camera, for example, while UV11222SV covers 2012-2017 without Lane Departure Alert or Automatic High Beams.

5. Goodyear Shatterproof Window Deflectors

They might seem simple and unnecessary, but window deflectors are actually among the most comfort-enhancing Toyota Camry accessories available. They’re designed to alter your Camry’s aerodynamics slightly, directing wind to the top of the car from the sides in order to reduce wind noise and sweep rain, snow, and other unpleasant things away from your open window so you can keep the glass down more often. These “shatterproof” ones from Goodyear are among the best for the Camry. They’re tinted to provide a bit of extra sun protection whether you’re parked or on the move, and they’re custom-formed to perfectly fit the Camry’s factory body lines, with available in-channel-mounted deflectors that don’t rely on a sticky adhesive backing to install on your car. As with all custom-fit Toyota Camry accessories, be sure to order the correct part number for your model.

6. WeatherTech Custom Fit Floor Liner

Keeping your Camry’s factory carpeting clean can be a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be with a good set of plastic floor liners – like these Custom Fit floor liners from WeatherTech. Manufactured by one of the best-known, most well-respected names in aftermarket vehicle interior protection, these floor liners are about as good as you’ll ever find, molded to perfectly fit the contours of your Camry’s factory floor pan, with a high lip to contain spills and other messes and keep them away from your carpeting. They’re made from WeatherTech’s patented high-density tri-extruded material, which is flexible yet firm and delivers plenty of grip for your feet even when wet. While there are plenty of cheaper “one-size-fits-all” floor liners on the market, not one of them can touch WeatherTech’s top-notch design and production quality. Take care when ordering to ensure you’re purchasing the right set for your Camry.

7. WeatherTech Custom Fit Cargo Liner

Inside the Camry’s cabin isn’t the only area that needs protecting; if you’ve ever had a cooler spigot fail and start dripping ice-cold water all over your trunk floor, you know what a mess that is to clean up. Thankfully, WeatherTech has you covered there, too, with their line of Custom Fit Cargo Liners. From skis and snowboards to mud-caked boots and wet towels, there are plenty of messy things you probably toss in your trunk without even thinking about it. Now, you can do that without having to suffer the consequences. Using the same mess-containing high-lip design as the company’s FloorLiner products, with the same strong, flexible high-density tri-extruded material, this cargo liner is the perfect line of defense to keep your trunk area protected. Plus, the grippiness of the plastics used to make it means that your groceries aren’t prone to sliding around quite so much, which is always a welcome thing.

8. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but dead batteries happen – yes, even to Toyotas. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of the road, or a long, impatient wait for a Good Samaritan with a pair of jumper cables, thanks to the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter Box. Powered by lithium-ion battery technology, this jumper box packs enough oomph to jump start a gasoline engine up to 6.0 liters in displacement, yet at just 2.4 pounds and less than 8 inches in length, it’s so small and light you might just forget you have it. Amazingly, it stores enough energy to perform up to 20 jump starts on a single charge, and as an added plus, a built-in LED flashlight provides illumination when you need it, or a flashing “SOS” signal when you require assistance. All that, and at a price that won’t break the bank? We suggest buying it without a second thought, and never leave home with out it.

9. AUTODECO 118-Piece Car Roadside Emergency Kit

A flat battery isn’t the only unfortunate event that can befall you out on the road; a lot can happen, from flat tires to blown fuses to getting stuck in snow or mud. You can be ready for it all with this 118-piece roadside emergency kit from AUTODECO. This kit is ridiculously comprehensive, its convenient carrying bag enclosing first aid supplies like bandages, a tow strap in case you ever get stuck, a folding shovel, air compressor, tire patch kit, gloves, reflective safety vest, jumper cables, spare fuses – basically everything you might ever need. It’s unbelievably well-priced, too – inexpensive enough that there’s virtually no excuse not to have one on-hand for your next road trip. There are very few Toyota Camry accessories out there that might actually save your life, or at least help avert a seriously crummy day, but this is one of them.

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