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Look, we’re well aware the Toyota Prius isn’t a sports car. In fact, you won’t find very many owners saying their Prius is “exciting” to drive. You could argue it’s mainly designed to do one thing, which is maximizing your fuel economy, and it does that extremely well. It’s little surprise it’s one of the most successful hybrid models of all time and even with the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the Prius continues to be a strong seller.

If you own a Toyota Prius, it doesn’t necessarily have to be boring. There is surprisingly strong aftermarket support and plenty of accessories you can buy to not only personalize your Prius, but to add more functionality and convenience to it. Below, we’ll share our top picks of affordable Prius accessories that should come in handy for all types of owners.

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1. Editor's Pick: The Nimbus Mount

the nimbus mount

A phone mount is one of the most popular accessories for many car owners and The Nimbus Mount is a clever take on what is otherwise a boring product. Instead of a mount that clips onto your air vent or your steering wheel, this one replaces the factory gear selector on your Prius with a magnetic mount. It’s designed specifically for the third-generation Prius (2009 to 2016) and will work with nearly any phone.

Simply swap your factory shift knob with The Nimbus Mount and insert the metal plate between your phone and case. After that, you can just simply drop your phone onto the mount and it’ll stay in place. You can even adjust the viewing angle so it’s positioned just right. This is a great mount if you’re using your phone as a navigation device on a daily basis.

The company provides a one-year warranty on the mount. Just know that it won’t fit the Prius c.

2. CHUNLING Door Projector Lights

chunling toyota door logo lights

To add a bit of fun to your Prius, check out these replacement door projector lights. Featuring Cree LED chips, these lights replace your factory door lights, so make sure your vehicle is equipped with them first. The manufacturer says these welcome lights will work on the 2010 to 2018 Prius. If you’re unclear exactly what these lights do, they’ll project the Toyota logo onto the ground when you open your doors, and they’re noticeably brighter than the factory lights since they are LEDs.

They’re similar to the puddle lights that you can find on more expensive, luxury vehicles. The idea is that a light shines on the ground so you can see water puddles before stepping in. You might not find it particularly useful, but it’s a fun way to customize your Prius.

3. CDEFG Center Console Accessory Organizer

cdefg center console accessory organizer

Often use your center console to store numerous items and find yourself getting frustrated trying to find that one thing in a pile of a mess? Check out this center console organizer from CDEFG. It’s a tray that fits the 2016 to 2021 Prius and there’s even a built-in USB cable hole in the front so your phone cord can be neatly routed into the tray. The idea is to organize all your items in separate compartments, whether it’s your cellphone, sunglasses, face mask, or coins. Stop wasting time guessing where something is and get your center console organized.

The product is manufactured from ABS plastic and features a matte finish, so it’s nice and durable. It includes textured rubber mats to ensure your items won’t go sliding around in the tray while you’re driving.

4. Cuztom Tuning Window Visors

cuztom tuning toyota prius window visors

Want to customize the exterior of your Prius with a subtle modification? Check out these smoke/tinted window visors from Cuztom Tuning. Designed for the 2016 to 2020 Prius, these low profile window visors are great for keeping out rain if you accidentally leave your windows slightly opened. That also means you can roll down the windows during rain or snow to let fresh air in, without having to worry about a mess inside your car.

Each set of these visors comes complete with four pieces, two for each side. They’re made from high quality PMMA material and won’t degrade in harsh weather conditions. Simply install them onto your Prius with the included 3M tape and clips. Naturally they won’t fit the Prius v and Prius c models, since they’re designed specifically for the windows on the standard Prius.

5. Kaungka Cargo Liner Rear Trunk Mat

kaungka cargo liner rear trunk mat

For something that makes your Prius even more practical is this rear cargo tray from Kaungka. It’s designed to perfectly match the interior contours of the 2016 to 2019 Toyota Prius and is a skid-resistant tray to protect against spills and wet items. It’s a great way to keep your trunk area nice and clean, especially if you’re often transporting large objects. The high outside lip keeps any potential spills contained within the tray, which can easily be cleaned with a hose and a towel.

It’s both wear-resistant and waterproof and installation is as easy as simply dropping it into your trunk. The company does mention that the raised lip might get in the way if you routinely lay your back seats flat, so keep that in mind before purchasing.

6. Trunknets Inc. Envelope-Style Cargo Net

trunknets inc envelope-style trunk cargo net

Did your Prius not come with a cargo net from the dealership? Instead of paying a premium for a factory option, consider this one from Trunknets Inc. It’s an envelope-style trunk cargo net, similar to the one you’d find being offered at your local Toyota dealership. This particular cargo net fits the 2010 to 2015 Prius and includes all the mounting hardware you need to properly install it in your trunk.

It’s constructed with durable elastic mesh with a hammock-style design to keep your items upright and in place while driving. It takes just a few minutes to attach it to the factory mounting points in the cargo area and when you’re not using it, you can simply fold it flat so it’s not taking up any trunk space. Simple and effective, every Prius owner who uses their hybrid for grocery runs should invest into one of these cargo nets.

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