The Best Water Spot Removers to Help Keep Your Car Looking New

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Water is essential to life as we know it, and it is also our most basic cleaning tool. However, water is not friendly to every surface it touches: Believe it or not, it can actually be particularly harmful to your vehicle’s painted surfaces. You know those water spots you find all over your car or truck after every wash or rainfall? What you’re seeing are mineral deposits left behind after the water dries. Apart from being ugly to look at, water spots can wreck your car or truck’s paint if you don’t promptly remove them with a water spot remover.

The risk of damage is even more severe if you wash your vehicle with “hard” water, which contains a higher concentration of minerals. In theory, thoroughly drying your car can help, but some of those mineral deposits will still be left behind to cause paint degradation, even if they’re not as visible.

If you have a vehicle you want to keep looking showroom fresh, keep reading, because we’ve found a few of the best water spot removers designed to clear away those ugly deposits and let your car or truck’s paint shine through.

For more information on the best water spot removers, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor’s Pick: Boat Bling Hot Sauce Hard Water Spot Remover

As its name suggests, Boat Bling’s Hot Sauce water spot remover is formulated primarily for use on boats, but the company says you can also safely use it on your car or truck. For marine applications, Boat Bling suggests you apply its water spot remover after every day you spend on the water. Therefore, if you use this product on your vehicle, we suggest applying it after driving in wet conditions. To make your life easier, Boat Bling says you can apply Hot Sauce whether your vehicle is wet or dry.

Application is easy: Spray this product on any part of your vehicle where you want to remove water spots, and then wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may need two or three towels to effectively clean the entire exterior. The company says its Hot Sauce spray will not strip wax from your vehicle’s paint; in fact, it contains wax sealants that will add protection each time you use it.

As a bonus, Hot Sauce is safe for you to use on glass and plastic to help you easily eliminate water spots on windows, including the plastic rear windows in some convertible tops.


Easy application, made in the U.S.


Some users said this product was not aggressive enough for extreme hard water spots, harder jobs may require multiple applications

2. GlasWeld ProClean Hard Water Spot Remover

Don’t be put off that Glasweld's ProClean water spot remover is primarily marketed for home use. This product is an all-purpose formulation that you can use to clean water spots off your vehicle’s body or glass. This eight-ounce bottle of gel comes with an applicator pad you can use on glass. However, GlasWeld says that you should use a microfiber towel or cloth when you apply ProClean to your vehicle’s painted surfaces to avoid scratching.

A couple of buyers said ProClean left scratches in their vehicles’ glass. However, based on some of the positive comments left by satisfied buyers, you will get good results by treating your vehicle’s surfaces like an eggshell—which is to say, very gently. If you are concerned about scratching your vehicle’s windows, you should use microfiber on all surfaces. You should however, avoid plastic surfaces with this product as it could damage them.

GlasWeld says ProClean is a water-based, biodegradable product that is safe for the environment.


Includes an applicator pad for glass surfaces, environmentally friendly


Pricey for a small bottle, can leave fine scratches in glass if you’re not careful

3. Chemical Guys Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover

Chemical Guys says its heavy-duty water spot remover uses basic chemistry to do its trick by neutralizing the alkaline elements in water stains using a gentle acid, which makes it easy for you to remove the offending spots. This product is a gel formulation that you squeeze onto a microfiber cloth or applicator sponge and then apply to the surface of your vehicle, preferably out of direct sunlight.

While the company says its water spot removal gel will not damage your vehicle’s paint, the company recommends washing your car or truck before using it. That’s because any dirt or grit on your vehicle’s body could leave scratches or blemishes when you apply the gel. Once you’re done removing water spots, you should rinse and wash your vehicle again to neutralize the surface.

While you can use this water spot remover on any of your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, it is not formulated to restore hazy, clouded headlight lenses. And the company recommends against applying this gel to vinyl-wrapped body panels.

Once you’ve used this water spot remover and then rinsed it off, you can apply your favorite wax or sealant to help protect against future spot formation.


Reasonable price, an effective way to protect your vehicle’s finish


Not compatible with vinyl-wrapped vehicles, may require multiple applications on badly spotted vehicles

4. Boat Candy Speed Gloss Water Spot Remover

Next up is another product that was conceived primarily for boats, but you can also safely use it on your car or truck. Boat Candy’s water spot remover is a spray-on formulation that, beyond removing water spots, also promises to shine your vehicle’s surface and contains wax to protect your car or truck’s paint against future contamination. It also acts a bit like a vehicular sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.

Using this water spot remover is as easy as spraying it onto your car’s surface, waiting a few seconds for its proprietary formula to begin dissolving the water spots, and then wiping it off with a dry microfiber cloth. You can use Speed Gloss on wet or dry surfaces, and in full sun or shade. In fact, Boat Candy suggests applying Speed Gloss immediately after driving in wet conditions to keep water spots from forming in the first place.

Another benefit to this recommendation is that it can also fill in fine swirl marks and scratches in your vehicle's finish.


Includes wax for instant surface protection after use, non-toxic and non-corrosive


One disappointed buyer said Speed Gloss couldn’t break through wax on the surface of their vehicle to remove water spots beneath

5. Meguiar’s Extreme Water Spot Detailer

The final entry on our list of the best water spot removers is another multipurpose product originally conceived for marine applications, but you can also use it to improve the look of your road vehicle. A well-known brand in the car care industry, Meguiar’s came up with an advanced chemistry for this product that removes water spots, shines your vehicle’s surface, and leaves behind protection against future spotting. This spray contains laureth-9 and a combination of different types of alcohols as surfactants, a silicon emulsion to repel water, and dimethicone to protect your vehicle’s surface.

For best results, you should apply this product to one part of your vehicle’s surface at a time. Let it sit for a few seconds—or longer for severe water staining—and then wipe the product off with a dry microfiber towel. After you’ve cleaned away water spots, you can apply your preferred wax or sealant to help prevent the formation of future water stains.

It's recommended to apply this spray to a cool surface and use it before and after washing your vehicle or driving it in wet conditions. Avoid getting this spray on plastic surfaces.


Attractive price for a 32 oz. bottle, an effective product from a trusted brand


One buyer complained that while the product worked well, the bottle is cheap and breaks easily, removing long-set water spots may require multiple applications

6. Adam's Polishes Water Spot Remover

Adam’s water spot remover does a great job dissolving the minerals and salts that cause water spots. Because of that, it’s also a great item to add to your winter wash routines, in addition to regular spot removal. Adam’s formula actually sticks to your car (briefly) by design so tha the formula can work on those spots better. It has the added benefit of meaning you’ll rarely need a second pass, too.

As with so many others, the application is easy. Just spray the product on and then wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. It’s also safe on just about every automotive surface, including paint, glass, chrome, and mirrors.


Spray application, formula sticks to dissolve spots, can be used on many surfaces


Acid-based, cannot let the product sit for more than 30 seconds

7. Gyeon Quartz Water Spot Remover

Gyeon isn’t a common brand here in the US, but it is a solid, reputable one nonetheless. Its water spot removal is unique in that it can be used on ceramic-coated vehicles, which makes maintenance of your perfectly protected finish easy. Like so many others, you’ve simply got to spray the product down and wipe it away. You also can’t let this one dry, much like the Adam’s Spot Remover.


Can be used on multiple surfaces, keeps ceramic coatings intact



What is hard water and why does it leave spots?

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A water spot is caused by the minerals that occur naturally in water and are left behind when the water evaporates. And as far as things that can wind up on your car are concerned, you’d think water spots would be pretty harmless. However, those minerals can damage your vehicle’s exterior finish—especially if the car is parked in the sun, which can etch the minerals into your car or truck’s protective clear coat and eat away at it. If the water spots are severe enough and left for a long time, the only solution to remove them might be to have your vehicle repainted.

Water spots will be left behind no matter the reason why your car was wet in the first place. All household water has some level of mineral content, and that will be especially high if you have “hard” water. Naturally, rainwater contains all sorts of minerals and other chemicals, none of which are likely to be kind to your vehicle’s paint if left to dry on.

Most of the minerals in water are on the alkaline end of the pH scale, which means that you could neutralize and remove some water spots with a mild acid, like a vinegar-and-water solution. But for more severe water-spotting, you will need a specialized product designed to eliminate the spots while also protecting your vehicle’s finish.

What do I need to do before using a water spot remover?

To prepare your vehicle, you will need to wash it. Because water spot removers need to be wiped onto and then off your car’s paint, you want the surface to be free of any dirt or grit that could potentially scratch the paint.

The makers of some water spot removers recommend that you dry the car before you use the product, but others can be applied to a wet car and then wiped away with a dry cloth. Always refer to your product's instructions before using it.

Can I use a boat water spot remover on my car?

Yes. Most spot removers are formulated primarily for boats, but are also safe and effective to use on your car or truck. You can also use some of these products to clean away water stains in your bathroom. However, whatever you use on your vehicle, make sure the manufacturer recommends its product for that purpose. Otherwise, you could cause more damage than would the water spots you’re trying to remove.

Should I use skin and eye protection while using a water spot remover?

Yes. Many of these products contain mild acids. While brief skin contact is unlikely to harm you, some water spot removers contain chemicals that could irritate your skin during the time it takes you to go over your entire vehicle.

We recommend that you wear eye protection too, at least with spray-on spot removers that could get picked up by a breeze and blown toward your face.

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