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October 1, 2021
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Best Weatherproof Car Covers

Parking your car or truck outside can be dangerous. Nearly everything it will face can damage your paint, including UV light, pollen and dust, bird droppings, snow and hail, and more. The best way to protect your outdoor-parked vehicle is with an all-weather cover. the best all-weather car covers keep out ice and snow and rain. They’re also breathable to prevent moisture and mold from building up inside your parked vehicle, and strong enough to stay in place in the worst weather. Our list of the best all-weather car covers gives you somewhere to start searching for the right cover for you.

Promoted Product: Platinum Shield Car Cover

The top-selling, top-rated Platinum Shield Car Cover offers superior protection from all outdoor elements. Made of high-grade woven polyester fabric with an added soft inner fleece lining and UV reflective coating, your car is sure to be protected.

The Platinum Shield cover is the best solution for maximum weather protection. Lightweight yet durable, the Platinum Shield offers our highest level protection from all elements. The breathable characteristic of this material naturally prevents mold, mildew, and rust. This cover is made of a high quality woven polyester fabric with a reflective urethane coating that provides excellent water and sun resistance. With an ultra soft fleece liner, your car’s finish will be perfectly preserved and protected.

Key Features:

  • The reflective polyester cover material with polyurethane coating sheds water as soon as it hits the cover.
  • UV-reflective-silver material protects your vehicle from sun damage and keeps your car cooler.
  • Reduces heat based damage.
  • Provides great protection against bird droppings.
  • This multi-layered car cover guards your car from tree sap, dust, dirt, and other harmful pollutants.
  • Durable synthetic fabric naturally resists mold, rot, and mildew.
  • Double stitched seams provide leak protection and fantastic durability.
  • An elastic front and rear hem ensures a snug fit.
  • Color: Reflective Silver

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1. Autsop Truck Cover

This weatherproof cover offers six layers and is waterproof to keep the outdoors off of your vehicle’s paintwork. The outer layer is a non-woven protective layer meant to protect the layers underneath. It’s followed by a waterproof polyethylene layer that is waterproof and meant to protect from heavy rain and water. It’s followed by an EVA layer to keep out dust and dirt and one more waterproof layer. Finally, you’ll find a layer that reflects light and is anti-UV to reduce temperatures in your covered vehicle and protect the paint and interior and a soft cotton layer to prevent scratches. The cover is anti-hail and resists freezing. It also protects your paint from pollution and bird dropping through all four seasons.

2. Kayme Weatherproof Cover

A lower-cost option from Kayme, this cover is made from 190T polyester. The material is high-density and strong to offer the same level of protection you’ll find in an umbrella or raincoat. It can withstand 1200 mm of water pressure, which means it is very water-resistant. The cover is just 2.8 lbs, making it easier to install, remove, and store when not in use. The Kayme cover comes with reflective strips to add visibility at night, has windproof straps to keep the cover securely attached, and includes a driver door zipper that gives you easy access to the interior, even when your vehicle is parked for the long term. UV-resistant, soft to resist scratches, this provides your all-weather protection needs. The cover also comes with mirror pockets to help let it better fit your ride.

3. ICarCover 18-Layer

ICarCover says that this cover offers a total of 18-layers of all-weather protection for your car or truck. Uniquely, the company says that each of the layers has been firmly compressed to form just one single layer when it arrives. That means the layers will not separate and flap around in the wind. The cover’s layers protect your vehicle’s finish from dust and microdust. It protects from hazards like animals climbing on your vehicle as well as leaves, bird droppings, and other damaging debris. UV layers keep your interior from overheating when in storage. They also protect your paint and interior from harmful UV rays that can damage clear coats and plastics. Elastic hems help keep the cover in place while straps and reinforced grommets keep it securely fastened. The cover also offers a waterproof carry bag and two antenna patches and a set of grommets if your vehicle has a stationary antenna.

4. Budge Protector V

The Budge Protector V is a serious cover with five layers that make it the brand’s thickest in its more than 80 years of making covers. Budge says that it will even protect against debris hitting the vehicle. Think rocks, acorns, and ice and hail. The five layers of the cover include three polypropylene layers that sit on top of a waterproof membrane. These give the cover all-weather protection and keep UV and water from reaching the paint. The innermost layer is a non-abrasive fleece meant to stop any scratches that can occur with movement of the cover. Then all five layers are ultrasonically welded together to make sure that they don’t separate and cause damage to themselves or your vehicle.

5. Coverado Thick Shell Car Cover

This three-layer cover from Coverado is thick to protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions. The cover is a mix of breathable and waterproof fabrics to keep rain and snow from getting inside and to let moisture get back out. The cover’s bright finish is also meant to help keep your vehicle from overheating inside when it is covered. The cover offers a windproof design with elasticized hem and fixed buckles to secure waterproof straps to keep the cover in place. It also comes with a security strap and combination lock to prevent the cover being stolen. Antenna patches and a storage bag are also included. Most sizes of this cover have mirror pockets as well for a better fit

What is the difference between indoor and outdoor covers?

Indoor covers are great for keeping dust off of your ride, and maybe to dampen a door ding if you’re moving the lawnmower around the garage and give it a bump. But they aren’t designed to be waterproof or even water-resistant. They are lower cost because they are designed for a low-impact environment.

Outdoor covers are made to withstand the elements. They can handle rain, snow, sleet, and even hail, as well as often being UV-resistant. They have more layers and they work harder. They weigh more and they likely cost more, but they will keep water off of your paint to help prevent staining and mold. They will also help stop damage caused by animals walking on the vehicle as well as bad weather.

How to install a car cover

The easy way to install a cover is to drag it from end to end over your car. Don’t do that, because you will end up with scratches. Instead, unfold the cover along the middle of your vehicle, working toward the front and then the back. Then pull the cover down over both sides and strap it down.

The same goes for removal. Pull the cover up from the bumpers and then roll it toward the middle from the sides and ends. Don’t drag it off, especially if it’s frozen. Make sure the cover is completely dry before you pack it away for storage.

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