When it’s cold outside, it’s also cold in your ride. At least until the heater gets a chance to warm everything up, that is. If you live in an area that experiences cold temperatures, you need a set of winter driving gloves to keep your fingers and hands warm until the heater does its job, but not just any pair will do. You need something that will let you grip the steering wheel and let you use your radio, navigation, and heater controls without having to take them off.

The best winter driving gloves give you all of those things and leave you in comfortable control of your vehicle when the thermometer drops and the road gets icy. In this guide, we’ll go over our recommendations for the best winter driving gloves and what you need to know when shopping for a quality pair.

For more information on the best winter driving gloves, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: PERSIST Winter Gloves

persist winter gloves

These gloves offer three layers, each adding a different quality that you want in a winter driving glove. The first layer is Lycra, a material that is highly-elastic to allow stretch for fit and works to keep the insides dry in snow or light rain. They’re not waterproof, but they offer some resistance, enough for scraping and snow clearing. The second layer is TPU, which is windproof and keeps the wind from blowing in and giving your fingers more wind chill. The third, inside layer, is high-quality velvet, which makes your hands feel warm and cozy.

The palms of the gloves are coated with silicone, which makes them non-slip, and it will remain flexible at cold temperatures so they won’t crack when you’re holding your steering wheel. The pair is breathable to help keep your hands from getting sweaty, and you can also pick from black or grey colors to suit your look.

Product features:

  • Triple layer
  • Breathable
  • Silicone non-skid
  • Available in various colors
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices

2. VBG VBIGER Winter Gloves

vbg vbiger winter gloves

The outside of these gloves are finished in jacquard fabric, and that gives them a more modern and fashionable appearance without the casual look of ski-type gloves. It’s also a stretch fabric that includes some spandex for extra stretch. That’s good for fit as well as hand comfort while you’re wearing them, reducing fatigue when you’re gripping a cold steering wheel. Helping the gloves to resist abrasion while simultaneously giving you a better grip on frozen items, these come with a silicone material on the palm surface.

A conductive material embedded into the fabric makes the gloves touchscreen-friendly for modern in-vehicle devices. Reviews say that the gloves offer a looser fit than most, and that’s a benefit for anyone who wants warm hands, but may have some circulation issues that are worsened by tight-fit hand coverings. Lightweight, warm, and comfortable, these are ideal driving gloves for winter temperatures.

Product features:

  • Jacquard fabric
  • Light weight
  • Loose fit
  • Anti-slip silicone palm
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices

3. Achiou Winter Gloves

achiou touchscreen winter gloves

A more technical-look glove for those who want a ski-ready or athletic look over traditional leather, these gloves can be thinner to give you more dexterity while you wear them. That lets you hold onto the steering wheel, aided by the non-slip design with large palm areas coated in a grip-friendly surface to help you hold onto your steering wheel, your turn signal, or your cup of morning coffee.

The thumb and first two fingers have a touchscreen-friendly material on them to let you use your vehicle’s screens, and the gloves are available in multiple colors so you can match your coat or your vehicle’s paint color. Lined with cotton for warmth and breathability, this pair has a zipper cuff designed to adjust fit and work with the elastic wrist to stop cold air from getting in and warm air from escaping. Designed for cycling, these should also let you easily handle your ice scraper to stay warm when you fix your visibility in the morning.

Product features:

  • Flexible fit
  • Low price
  • High-grip palms
  • Anti-slip design
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Compatible with touchscreen deviecs

4. Harrms Leather Gloves

harrms leather gloves

These gloves are made from Nappa leather, which means they’re a lot like the leather used for your luxury vehicle’s seats. Soft, long-lasting, and durable is exactly what you need in both situations. The flexible leather lets you firmly grip the steering wheel and gearshift, while the entire face of the gloves are touchscreen compatible for when you want to use the center screen of your car or truck (or your phone when you’re not in your car).

That’s thanks to a conductive material added to the leather during the tanning process. The inside is lined with a faux fur that the manufacturer says is designed to keep your hands warm below zero degrees, and if your vehicle is colder inside than that, you might need to find a mechanic rather than better gloves. These can be had in black or brown, and with shiny or matte finishes, making sure you aren’t sacrificing style for winter comfort.

Product features:

  • Warm to below zero degrees
  • Soft, flexible, and premium lambskin leather
  • Breathable and durable with tough stitching
  • Warm inside lining
  • Available in different colors, finishes, and sizes
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices

5. Pierre Cardin Leather Gloves

pierre cardin leather gloves

This classic leather glove offers a timeless look but has modern features to help keep your hands warm. There is 3M Thinsulate inside for the inner lining, which keeps the heat inside but adds minimal weight and helps make these gloves easier to wear. The straight line stitching with detailed hemstitching is meant to help prevent fraying on the edges, while working to help let the gloves last longer and stay looking better through their life.

At the wrist, the cinched band keeps the ends of the gloves tight to your arms, helping make sure that they stay securely in place and cold air doesn’t blow in and chill your palms. The manufacturer calls them “the softest real leather gloves you’ll ever own,” which is ideal for not just comfort, but for letting your fingers wrap around the steering wheel and other controls in your vehicle.

Product features:

  • Soft lambskin leather exterior
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Classic looks
  • Detailed hem stitching adds durability
  • Available in various sizes and colors

6. AWOEZ Electric Thermal Gloves

awoez electric thermal gloves

There’s a heater in your house, one in your car, and you’ve probably got heated seats, so why not try heated gloves? These 7.4V rechargeable gloves are designed for motorcycle riders, but that makes them just as ideal for car or truck drivers too. They’re powered by a 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can heat up your hands for two to four hours depending on temperature and charge. That should be enough to cover your drive to work and back, with plenty of time in between if you need them to run errands, go out for lunch, or even to wear during your kid’s hockey game.

Charge them up and they’re ready to go for another day. The gloves have an internal far-infrared heating element that the manufacturer says can get up to 131-degrees Fahrenheit within five seconds (depending on exterior temperature), and they heat the back of your hand, your fingers, and your thumbs to make sure everything is comfortable.

Product features:

  • Electrical heat
  • Leather for comfort
  • Rechargeable for frequent use via 2600 mAh batteries
  • Available in men’s, women’s and unisex styling
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices

7. Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Gloves

carhartt waterproof insulated gloves

Carhartt is one of the biggest names in outdoor work gear, which means they know how to make a product that’s effective, rugged, and warm. These gloves start with a polytex shell that’s designed to add durability and longevity. A polyurethane palm adds strength to one of the hardest working parts of the glove, and provides extra grip for your palm, fingers, and thumb.

A waterproof insert keeps the water off of your hands if you’re clearing snow and ice or sleet from your car or truck, but a FastDry technology internal lining lets your hands breathe to enhance comfort. The stretch fleece cuff keeps your wrists warm and helps stop cold air from getting into your glove or from blowing up your sleeve, while a hook and loop closure lets you securely fasten the glove to your hand. There is also a nose wipe strip on the back, because when you’re spending time in the cold, things can get a bit runny from time to time.

Product features:

  • Waterproof insert
  • Rugged design and materials
  • Durable polytex shell
  • Reinforced polyurethane palm
  • FastDry technology lining
  • Well-known work wear brand

8. DICCO Winter Knit Gloves

dicco winter knit gloves

Sometimes it’s not about how good the gloves are, it’s just about having a pair to put on. Because some comfort is better than none. And these knit gloves from DICCO are just the ticket for that. Getting 12 pairs for less than a single pair of most of this list means that they’re nearly disposable. Leave a pair in your glove compartment? Why not leave two so you’re never left in the cold.

The acrylic blend material is soft, warm, and stretchy, meaning that one size of these gloves fits all. It’s also breathable so that your hands won’t get damp or clammy while you’re wearing the gloves. They’re flexible so your hands and fingers can move, they’re thin enough that you can leave a pair in a coat pocket or purse, and they have a ribbed cuff that can help keep cold air, snow, and ice from running down into your palm.

Product features:

  • Cheap and plentiful so there is always a pair around
  • Stretchy and breathable for comfort
  • Soft acrylic blend
  • Ribbed cuff traps body heat and prevents cold air from entering
  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices

9. YISEVEN Winter Leather Gloves

yiseven leather gloves

These gloves are made from 100-percent lambskin suede leather, which means that they are soft and supple and that they’ll stay that way over time. The suppleness lets you have a good grip on the wheel without straining or cramping your finger muscles, and unlike normal summertime driving gloves, these are lined for warmth with a faux fur that goes from your palm to the fingertips instead of just covering parts of your hand.

They’re touchscreen capable on the palm and on each finger, so you can keep them on when it’s time to use your smartphone (not when driving!) or your touchscreen infotainment system. These gloves are designed to fit snugly at first, then stretch and adapt to your specific hand size, shape, and how you hold them, and they’re fashionable enough to let you wear them from the car into the office. The button on the back is functional and holds the gloves more securely on your hands.

Product features:

  • Soft lambskin suede leather
  • Classic and fashionable design
  • Faux-fur lining
  • Compatible with touchscreen devices
  • Available in full range of sizes and two colors (black and brown)

10. Palmyth Magnetic Leather Gloves

palmyth magnetic leather gloves

Sometimes it’s colder out than a glove can handle, or maybe you need to get out and scrape and clear your windows, but you still need a finger or two free to push the climate control or radio buttons on your dash. That’s when a pair of convertible mittens like these comes in handy. A mitten keeps your hands warmer than a glove, so this set offers your three outermost fingers that mitten comfort.

Your thumb and index, though, are free to move about and do things like grip the steering wheel, turn up the heat, or open the lid of your coffee. If you need some extra dexterity, you can pop the end of your thumb or index out the opening and use any touchscreen buttons. With 3M Thinsulate insulation for warmth and goat leather for grip, these should keep your hands toasty until your heater has had time to get the cabin up to temperature.

Product features:

  • Warmer mitten style for three fingers
  • Removable cap on thumb and index
  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Goat leather construction
  • Water-resistant soft shell
  • Magnets are easier to use than Velcro or buttons found on other gloves
  • Available in wide range of sizes

What Features Do You Need?

Photo credit: George Dolgikh / Shutterstock.com

When it comes to winter driving gloves, how old or how new your car or truck is, and how often you plan to use your smartphone, are both important. Because if your ride has an old-style radio and not a screen to be found, and you couldn’t care less about checking Twitter or TikTok, you don’t need to worry about touchscreen-friendly mitts. But if your vehicle is loaded with screens and you’re on your phone as soon as you put the car in park, then that feature needs to be top of your list.

Next up, is how cold do your winters get? If you’re in the Midwest and expecting minus 20-degrees Fahrenheit for months on end, get the warmest gloves you can. Especially if you’re parking outside and pumping your own fuel. Live somewhere that’s just a bit chilly? Then picking a pair of lighter gloves and skipping the faux-fur lining might be all you need, plus lighter choices will generally be easier to wear and put you more in-touch with your steering wheel.

Why Winter Driving Gloves?

If you live somewhere extra cold, or if you have fingers that just never warm-up, the heated gloves on this list might be the perfect choice for you, since they can do more than just store your own body heat and keep out the wind.

Winter driving gloves might seem like an extravagance, but if you’re driving with one finger on the wheel and the other buried in your coat sleeve, you’re not just uncomfortable, you’re putting yourself in danger. Don’t worry about the cold cracking the skin on your hands, leaving you shivering, or just making your joints ache. Get the winter-ready solution that will protect your hands, your comfort, and yes, even your safety every time you get behind that chilly wheel this winter.

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