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2024 BMW XM Label First Drive Review: Power Play

Oh no. I’ve made a huge mistake.

When I first drove the “regular” XM—a 644-horsepower, $165,000 ($235,000 CAD) plug-in hybrid flagship SUV—I was lukewarm on it. I wrote off the XM as an expensive paradox, caught between the flash of the G-Class and the athleticism of the Cayenne Turbo GT.

I’ve just finished driving the 2024 XM Label through a challenging mountain road not far from its birthplace in Spartanburg, South Carolina and I’m forced to re-evaluate. This XM? This is good, and the one BMW should have started with.

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2023 BMW XM Review

Throw pillows. Of the many features you'll find in the 2023 BMW XM, the most unexpected—and yet illustrative—is the pair of suede throw pillows for the back seats.

BMW is making a big deal about this equally big SUV. It's the first dedicated M product since the original M product, the M1. Except instead of a Lambo-chasing two-door supercar, it's a four-door plug-in hybrid SUV ... but yet still targeting the stuff out of Sant'Agata Bolognese. The more things change...

With an equally stratospheric price tag, the XM sits high above the rest of the BMW range. It signals a new era for M, introducing an electrified powertrain to the sub-brand as it marches further upmarket.

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Detailed Specs

Engine4.4-liter turbo 8-cylinder + hybrid
Power644–735 hp (est)
Torque590–735 lb-ft (est)
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)N/A
Cargo CapacityN/A Staff Staff

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