Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers day is almost here and there’s no reason to panic about what to get your dad, because we have an excellent collection of car related Father’s Day gift ideas all at various price points.



Everyone knows the GoPro by now. It’s a tiny, mountable camera that’s great for capturing all the adventures you go on. Or you can stick it on the family chariot the next time you all go on a roadtrip and watch the memories again and again (without hearing the back-seat bickering and poor directions from passengers.)

Go-Pros come in many price points, from the entry level $129.99 GoPro Hero, to the $499.99 GoPro Hero4 Black, which shoots in 4k resolution. That’s four-times the resolution of HD! The high-end model also has wifi and bluetooth support so you can control it remotely from your smart-phone, or watch your footage on a smart tv.

It’s the perfect gift for the adventurous tech-geek Dad!

Racing School/Advanced Driver training/ Exotic Car Rental


Does your dad aspire to be the next Ricky Bobby? Well help fuel his dreams by sending him to an advanced driver training program.

There are tons of interesting and unique advanced driver schools throughout the US, that can teach the basics of high-speed car control. Why not start at to see what advanced driving courses are going on near you.

If he’s already been through that kind of training, then maybe its time to check him into a racing school, where he can get some instruction on a high-speed track, or behind the wheel of a shifter-cart or open-wheeled race car. We’d suggest the Miles Ahead MINI Driving Academy, which takes place in Indianapolis, at the famous Indy Motor Speedway. After the lesson you can even take a tour of the impressive and historical race-track and museum.

Now hopefully Dad isn’t one to get insulted by being offered attendance at a driving school, but if he does, maybe you can still give him a memorable ride. Consider offering him an exotic car rental, like Gotham Dream Car rentals which has an impressive fleet, that includes cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia and the Lamborghini Hurracan.

DIY Auto Cleaning Kits or Detailing service:

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Does your old man treat his car like another member of the family? If so, he’d probably love to give it the proper cleaning and detailing to bring back a like-new level of shine. Go straight to to find some car-cleaning and detailing kits that fit your budget. Don’t forget to grab some cleaning equipment for the interior too, which Detail King also offers.

If your dad isn’t much of a do-it-yourself sort of guy (and you’re too busy to help him out) you can always pay someone to detail the car professionally. Some detailers will mobilize to your location and clean up your car right on your driveway, giving you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind. Just don’t heckle the guy while he’s doing his thing with “Hey you missed a spot!” or you may end up with a spit-shine, or worse a shiner.

Portable Chargers

If your dad is the survivalist sort, he’d love some extra items in his car for that worst-case-scenario he’s always talking about. Here’s a portable charger from Cobra, but its more than meets the eye. This has enough juice to charge your phone, tablet and even jump start your car, boat or motorcycle in a pinch. It’s also tiny enough to fit in your car’s cup holder or glovebox.



Then again, maybe your pops is an indoors type, complete with his own man-cave. It’s time to give that corner of the house its own automotive flare, so pick up some nice wall-art, like this poster of the all the Datsun/Nissan Z-Cars, M3s or Skylines over the years, slickly sketched in sublime detail.

Is dad into motorsports? Then we’ll point you into the direction of some really cool work, like these watercolor prints from Doug Garrison. There’s artwork from modern racers including the new Corvette C7.R at Sebring, or the 911 RSR at the 24 hours of Daytona. There’s also your dad’s favorite classic racers like Aryton Senna or James Hunt.

If your old man is more into sculptures than traditional paintings then check out these pieces of wallart from Linear Edge, which feature some famous race-tracks from around the world.

Garage equipment/Tire Rack Tire covers


Is the garage your dad’s man cave? Then make sure it’s nice and clean with some classy looking Tire Rack Tire Covers. These will help make the garage appear tidier and cleaner. Made with the same weatherproof material that’s used with boat covers and awnings, these covers can also help prevent mildew and mold on your stored wheels.

You can also get him some slick Mechanix gloves to help keep his mitts clean while he’s working on his toys.

Automotive Apparel


Does your dad like to wear his automotive enthusiasm on his sleeve? Then pay up and let him showcase his love of cars on his shirts.

We love the design of tees at blipshift, but sometimes they’re a little limited in terms of current selection. Fortunately, that’s not the only place online to get some new threads. Redbubble has a massive selection of funny and cool Tees that showcase ones affinity for automobiles. We also like the shirts that are at

Of course, if your old man likes things a bit classier, then check out some themed cuff-links, ties or socks. Like this racetrack necktie found on Etsy.

Dash Cam or Car Alarm


If your pops is the paranoid type, then maybe a dash-cam will help keep his nerves steady. Modern dash-cams can turn on when loud noises or a significant movement is detected, making them ideal for dads who are worried about where they park their cars. Dash cams can help you in the case of an accident, when you need proof who is at fault during a collision. Garmin and Cobra have quite the selection of dashcams to fit your budget.

If your dad is more interested in security, you can always opt to get him an aftermarket car-alarm, like these ones from Viper.



There’s nothing cooler than new tools. While you can get a new set of tools from practically any hardware store, we’d recommend the ultra-light set from Carbonlite tools. These are made from high strength carbon fiber and feature stainless steel teeth, making them pretty durable too. Oh and as a final selling point, it’s good to know that they’re made in the USA.

If your old man has more than enough tools, then maybe it’s time to find him a box worth setting them up in. If you want the ultimate tool box, theres this one from Kobalt, which is built like a tank, features a stereo and even a mini-fridge.

Automotive themed houseware


We’ve covered just about every corner of your father’s life in this post, so the final point are these automotive themed trinkets for your house. We’ve seen wine stoppers that feature your favorite H-shifter pattern, hot rod themed mugs and tons of car-themed wall-clocks, but our favorite item to give dad is probably this shifter-themed toilet plunger.

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