November 10, 2021
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CarShield: Reviews, Coverage Plans, and Costs (2021)

An extended auto warranty is one way to ensure peace of mind after your factory warranty expires, and CarShield is one of the most popular extended auto warranty providers on the market. The company says it has covered over 1 million vehicles, but do CarShield reviews tend to be ringing endorsements from customers?

In this article, we’ll discuss CarShield reviews, coverage plans, and standard costs before diving into the company’s process for quotes and claims. Along with focusing on CarShield reviews, our warranty team compiled a list of the best extended auto warranty companies to help find the provider that’s right for you.

Our research found this provider to give the Best Value. Plus, it offers monthly plans.


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CarShield Highlights

Overall Rating 4.6
Reputation 4.1
Coverage 5.0
Price 5.0
Transparency 4.3
Customer Service 4.4

CarShield offers five vehicle coverage plans available in every state except California and also covers motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). American Auto Shield currently operates as the administrator for CarShield’s plans, and CarShield says its administrators have paid over $1 billion in claims to customers since the company opened its doors in 2005.

CarShield reviews are solid, as seen by the company’s 4.0- out of 5.0-star average score from over 22,000 reviews on Trustpilot. The St. Peters, Missouri-based provider has also earned some praise in the music industry with an endorsement from rapper and musician Ice-T.

Average Cost of CarShield

One of the main reasons for CarShield’s popularity is its low prices, according to numerous CarShield reviews. When our team reached out for a bumper-to-bumper warranty on a 2017 Ford Explorer with 45,000 miles on the odometer, CarShield quoted us $129.99 per month for the premium Diamond plan.

We also requested a quote for a 2013 Dodge Caravan with 88,000 miles and received two payment options for the powertrain-plus Gold plan. CarShield quoted us the same monthly rate for the unlimited plan above but said we also qualified for a 4-year/48,000-mile version of the Gold Plan. That contract costs $78 per month for 18 months, totaling $1,654.

Keep in mind that the cost of a CarShield extended warranty depends on a variety of factors—your vehicle’s mileage, the plan you choose, and the terms of your coverage—so rates vary.

CarShield Warranty Plan Term Length Monthly Payment Down Payment Deductible
Ford Explorer Diamond Unlimited $129.99 First month’s payment $100
Dodge Caravan Gold 4 years/ 48,000 miles $78 for 18 months $250 $100
Dodge Caravan Gold 4 years/ 48,000 miles $63 for 24 months $150 $100

Compared to other highly rated car warranty companies, CarShield’s bumper-to-bumper plan was much cheaper on a monthly basis. The unlimited term length is mentioned in various CarShield reviews since it allows for long-term coverage. On the other hand, you may end up spending more on an unlimited vehicle protection plan, since you’re not paying for coverage in full.

Our review team found the plans for the older Dodge to be very affordable. For the breadth of coverage included in the Gold plan and the price, we believe CarShield is a great choice for a powertrain-plus warranty in particular. After your manufacturer’s warranty expires, a CarShield extended auto warranty can be a good option for continued protection.

CarShield Coverage Overview

Although CarShield’s plans are often called extended warranties, they’re technically vehicle service contracts. That’s because only an automaker can offer a true extended warranty. Regardless, CarShield reviews show that the company sells warranty coverage comparable to other top-rated providers.

Below is a description of CarShield’s six main coverage plans:

  • Diamond: This is CarShield’s most comprehensive plan, covering everything from fuel pump breakdowns to starter problems to transmission failures. This plan does not cover aesthetic parts, hoses, belts, trim, or wear items.
  • Platinum: CarShield’s Platinum plan covers parts of your vehicle’s engine, transmission, air conditioning, electrical system, and more. However, it does not cover every part within those particular systems.
  • Gold: This plan is an enhanced powertrain warranty. In addition to common powertrain plan items such as the engine and transmission, this plan covers the alternator, power window system, and more.
  • Silver: This is CarShield’s most affordable extended warranty plan, and it focuses on the most important parts of the vehicle’s powertrain. These include the vehicle’s transmission, water pump, and drive axle.
  • Aluminum: CarShield’s Aluminum plan covers most computer-related problems and electrical problems in your vehicle, including the engine control module, starter, alternator, and more.
  • Motorcycle & ATV: This plan offers coverage for motorcycles and ATVs.

CarShield Warranty Levels

Here’s an overview of what each CarShield warranty plan covers:

Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Aluminum Motorcycle & ATV
Drive Axle
Transfer Case
Air Conditioner
Fuel Delivery System
Fuel Injector
Fuel Pump
Brake System
Wiring Harness
Instrument Cluster
Factory Audio
Power Windows
Water Pump

CarShield reviews show that customers tend to be satisfied with all six of the company’s plans. Whether you choose the Diamond plan’s exclusionary coverage or opt for the tightly focused Silver or Aluminum plans, expect quality service from CarShield.

Included Benefits

Along with coverage for auto repairs, CarShield provides the following benefits with every contract:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Flat tire services
  • Battery jump-starts
  • Lockout services
  • Fuel delivery
  • Towing reimbursement up to $125
  • Trip interruption benefits up to $50 per day for three days
  • Rental car reimbursement with some plans
  • Full refund if cancellation takes place within 30 days of purchase


It is important to note that some items are not covered by any CarShield plan. Below are a few of the exclusions found in a CarShield contract. These exclusions are common to most every extended warranty provider in the industry:

  • Items damaged by acts of nature, collisions, or vandalism
  • Items that had repairs performed without prior authorization from CarShield
  • Items with modifications or alterations
  • Damage from owner abuse or neglect
  • Repairs backed by preexisting warranty coverage

CarShield Reviews and Ratings

Like most extended warranty providers, CarShield receives mixed customer reviews. As mentioned, the company has a 4.0- out of 5.0-star rating on Trustpilot with over 22,000 reviews, showing that it’s reputable in an industry with far too many scams. CarShield reviews on Google give the company a 4.1-star rating.

However, CarShield holds an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and only a 1.5-star rating on the BBB website from drivers who rated the warranty provider.

Positive CarShield Reviews

In the positive CarShield reviews we found, customers praise the company’s customer service representatives and budget-friendly coverage plans.

“I’m totally satisfied with the customer service experience and monthly payment that works for my budget.” 

– Terence via Trustpilot

“Excellent, above excellent. The people are very professional and worked well with the repair shop. They stood behind their warranty. CarShield is the best and then there’s the rest.”  

– DanO via BBB

Negative CarShield Reviews

Negative CarShield reviews commonly speak of long wait times and warranty claims being flat-out denied. Other negative reviews mention some salespeople being pushy.

“I put in a claim over a month ago, and [CarShield] still has not processed the repair.” 

– Mike Jones via Google

“I was pressured to buy a policy, and I was told that I had to accept the policy price before terminating the call. Otherwise, the quoted price would not be available later.” 

– GixxerWolf via Google

CarShield reviews generally speak to a company that offers affordable pricing and extensive coverage options. Between these two reasons, it’s not hard to see why the company has a strong rating on Trustpilot.

CarShield Quotes and Claims

We tested CarShield’s quotes process by both calling and submitting a request online for a free, no-obligation quote. When our team member called in, the wait time was less than a minute to speak with a CarShield representative, and the call lasted only three minutes. Compared to other providers we tested, this process was much quicker.

However, the online quotes process was more time-consuming. After submitting a quote request form on CarShield’s website, it took 10 days to receive the quote.

CarShield Claims Process

Some CarShield reviews speak negatively of the company’s claims process. The procedure is relatively simple, though:

  • Take your vehicle to any mechanic certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®).
  • Give your CarShield contract to the service manager or a certified technician at the repair facility and have them call claims at 800-531-1925.
  • Review your warranty with the service manager to make sure this is a covered repair.

Pay your deductible through the ASE-certified repair shop. CarShield will pay the rest of your repair cost to the shop directly, so you don’t have to front the money and wait around for a reimbursement check. You also won’t need to head for a dealership to get repairs done through CarShield.

CarShield Mobile App

CarShield reviews speak relatively well of the company’s app, which reduces the amount of paperwork required for your extended warranty. By using the CarShield app, drivers can easily access their entire contract or find the phone number for claims services and roadside assistance.

The CarShield app receives relatively strong reviews online. On the Apple Store, drivers give the app 3.9 out of 5.0 stars from over 140 reviews. Around 130 reviewers gave it an average of 3.6 stars out of 5.0 on Google Play. CarShield reviews that reference the app consistently speak of how convenient it is to have pertinent contract information only a click away.

Is CarShield Worth It?

Some CarShield reviews may have you wondering, “Are extended car warranties worth it?” Our research team conducted a survey in 2021 to help answer that question. We polled 1,000 consumers who had either bought an extended auto warranty or contemplated buying extended coverage. Here are some of the study’s main results:

  • Only 13 percent of respondents said they were dissatisfied with their warranty coverage
  • 42 percent said they were satisfied with their provider
  • 24 percent reported being happy despite never filing a warranty claim

It’s worth noting that CarShield customers made up 38 percent of all consumers surveyed, meaning positive CarShield reviews were relatively common.

CarShield Extended Warranty: 4.6 Stars

Despite a few negative customer reviews, our CarShield review found the company to be a reputable extended car warranty company overall. We named CarShield the Best Value extended warranty provider for its low prices, numerous coverage options, and flexible payment plans.

Our research found this provider to give the Best Value. Plus, it offers monthly plans.

Other Recommendations for Extended Car Warranties

While CarShield is one of our top extended warranty providers and seems to be a solid choice if you’re on a tight budget, it’s always a good idea to get free quotes from more than one company. By doing so, you can compare pricing and coverage options to determine which provider is right for you and your vehicle.

Here are two other auto warranty companies to consider as you look at CarShield reviews.

Endurance: 4.9 Stars

A 2020 Inc. 5000 honoree, Endurance is one of the best extended auto warranty providers in the industry. Our Endurance warranty review recognizes the provider for having the Best Coverage overall.

The company offers six warranty options, ranging from the exclusionary coverage of the Supreme plan down to the powertrain warranty found in the Secure plan. Interestingly, the EnduranceAdvantage™ plan takes care of maintenance costs along with standard warranty coverages.

Endurance Elite Benefits come free with every membership for one year and provide some notable perks, including two tire replacements or repairs and cash assistance for a new car if the one under contract is totaled.

If you’re considering more than one extended warranty provider, be sure to look at our full CarShield vs. Endurance review.

Endurance is our pick for Best Coverage, with its comprehensive plan options.

CARCHEX: 4.8 Stars

Baltimore-based CARCHEX has over 22 years of experience with offering quality extended warranty plans to customers. You’ll find five coverage choices from CARCHEX, with the Titanium plan offering the most car protection and the Bronze plan covering just your vehicle’s powertrain.

Our review team recognizes CARCHEX for offering the Best Service. The company has some strong customer reviews and arguably the most notable partnerships of any extended warranty provider, with partners such as CARFAX,, and Kelley Blue Book. CARCHEX is particularly suitable for high-mileage vehicles and other used cars.

By looking at our CarShield vs. CARCHEX review, you’ll be able to see which provider best suits your needs.

Our research found this provider to have the Best Service.

Q & A

Here are some frequently asked questions about CarShield and CarShield reviews.
Is CarShield a good deal?
Yes, CarShield is a good deal. We recognized CarShield for having the Best Value with its relatively low monthly payments. When our review team requested a quote for a 2013 Dodge Caravan with 88,000 miles, we were quoted $78 for 18 months with a powertrain plus plan.
What does CarShield cover?
CarShield’s Diamond plan is its most comprehensive plan, covering almost every part or system in the vehicle. Other plans only cover particular parts of the vehicle. For example, the Silver extended warranty plan focuses on covering the vehicle’s powertrain.
How much does CarShield cost per month?
CarShield costs per month vary by plan and vehicle. We received quotes of $129.99 for the high-end Diamond plan and $78 per month for the powertrain-plus Gold plan.
Does CarShield really pay for car repairs?
CarShield sells several levels of coverage, so it's important to read the fine print of your specific contract to know what repairs the company will handle. Components usually covered by CarShield plans include the engine, transmission, and water pump.
Does CarShield have a deductible?
Our research team received quotes for several plans from CarShield and all of them had a $100 deductible. CarShield says it has low or $0 deductible plans, but similar to car insurance, a lower deductible usually means a higher price tag for coverage.
Does CarShield cover brakes?
The Diamond, Platinum, Aluminum, and Motorcycle & ATV plans cover brakes. Remember that brake pads are considered wear and tear items, so they're excluded from coverage.
What is the CarShield waiting period?
CarShield has a standard waiting period of 30 days/1,000 miles before full coverage begins.
Where can I find out how to cancel CarShield?
Your warranty contract should explain exactly how to cancel CarShield. Usually, drivers must reach out to American Auto Shield in writing to cancel their plan and receive a prorated refund minus the $75 cancellation fee.