In the world of tools, there are very few brand names as recognizable as Craftsman. If you’re shopping for a torque wrench and want to get one from a trusted brand, Craftsman offers a few different models. Don’t believe torque wrenches should only be owned by mechanics, because having one in your own garage has its advantages. From tightening your car’s lug nuts to changing spark plugs, a torque wrench is a must-have tool if you want to work on and maintain your own vehicle.

Depending on your budget, there are a few different types of Craftsman torque wrenches available. We’ll look at two of the brand’s most popular models: Digi-Click and MicroTork. When choosing a torque wrench, make sure you select the torque value you need and the proper drive size.

Craftsman Digi-Click Torque Wrench (9-13919)

craftsman 9-13919-25-250 ft-lbs digi-click torque wrench

The most advanced of the Craftsman torque wrenches is the Digi-Click torque wrench. As its name suggests, it’s a digital torque wrench that features a 1/2-inch drive and measures 25 to 250 ft-lbs in 0.5 ft-lbs increments. You can also convert from ft-lbs to in-lbs to Nm at the touch of a button. An LED backlit screen makes it easy to read even in dark garages or nighttime situations, with a sleek ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to use. The Digi-Click torque wrench uses a CR123A battery.

Since it is a digital torque wrench, it’s overall easier to use but there are some negatives. Since it uses a battery, it could be a major inconvenience if you need to use the torque wrench and the battery is dead. And since it does use fancier technology, there’s a higher chance something could break if you accidentally drop the torque wrench. A broken display screen basically means you can’t use the tool at all.

If you opt to purchase the Craftsman Digi-Click torque wrench, ensure you take good care of the wrench and be really careful when using it. Store it in a nice, dry place when it’s not being used and keep a spare battery or two handy.

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Craftsman MicroTork Torque Wrench

craftsman 9-31424 10-75 ft-lbs microtork torque wrench

If you are looking for a more traditional torque wrench, the Craftsman MicroTork (also known as the Micro-Clicker) is the way to go. Available with either a 1/2- or 3/8-inch drive, the MicroTork provides readings in ft-lbs and Nm. The 3/8-inch drive model is a 10 to 75 ft-lbs torque wrench, while the 1/2-inch drive unit does 20 to 150 ft-lbs. Craftsman says the torque wrench is accurate to ±4 percent of the measured load.

Like other standard torque wrenches, the MicroTork has a locking feature that makes adjustments quick and easy. A click feature makes the right torque clear and easy to read, while scales stamped into the housing displays inch/metric torque settings. The torque wrench itself weighs 2.99 lbs and has a grip that’s comfortable to use and won’t wear out.

Unlike the Digi-Click torque wrench, you don’t have to ever worry about dead batteries when using the MicroTork. Just take it out of your toolbox and it’ll be ready to go, all the time. It’s not as convenient setting the torque load you need, but even if you’re inexperienced with a torque wrench, you’ll likely quickly grasp how to adjust it.

Our Final Verdict

Basically, if you’re shopping for a Craftsman torque wrench you’ll need to decide whether you want a digital torque wrench or a traditional unit. Both have their pros and cons and ultimately comes down to what you need the torque wrench to do. If you don’t plan on using it often and just want something to periodically check your car’s lug nuts for example, a digital torque wrench would make the job more convenient. If you need a tool that will see heavier use, a traditional torque wrench is likely better for you since it will always work when you need it.

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