Endurance and CARCHEX are two of the better-known providers in the extended auto warranty space. But between Endurance vs. CARCHEX, which is better? How do the two companies compare, and which offers the best extended auto warranty?

This article compares Endurance and CARCHEX, examining coverage options, cost, and customer service. Both warranty companies are top-tier providers, but one may be better suited for you and your vehicle.

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Best Extended Warranty Companies
AutoGuide reviewed the top car warranty companies to find the best.
Below are our top 2 picks.
Best Coverage Best Service
Endurance CARCHEX
★★★★★ ★★★★★
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Endurance vs. CARCHEX Overview

Endurance CARCHEX
Overall Rating 4.9 4.8
Reputation 4.8 4.9
Coverage 5.0 5.0
Price 4.8 4.7
Transparency 5.0 4.3
Customer Service 4.8 5.0

Endurance: Best Coverage

Endurance extended warranties are available in every state except California. The direct provider has been in business since 2006 and is based in Northbrook, Illinois.

Endurance is one of the fastest-growing auto warranty companies in the field, earning a place on the Inc. 5000 in 2019. It’s not hard to see why. Endurance offers comprehensive coverage, reasonable rates, and easy-to-understand contract terms.

CARCHEX: Best Service

CARCHEX sells extended warranties in all 50 states. The company has been in business since 2004 and today has partnerships with industry leaders like CARFAX, RepairPal, Edmunds.com, and Kelley Blue Book.

We think CARCHEX is one of the most reputable extended car warranty companies around. It holds an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Endurance vs. CARCHEX: Coverage

CARCHEX offers five levels of extended warranty coverage while Endurance offers six. Endurance contracts extend as long as 8 years or 200,000+ miles, and CARCHEX contracts can last up to 10 years or 250,000 miles. When comparing Endurance vs. CARCHEX, Endurance is slightly more comprehensive with its benefits.

Endurance Extended Warranty Plans

  • Supreme: Endurance’s highest level of coverage is a bumper-to-bumper exclusionary warranty. It covers almost every part of the vehicle, with only a short list of exclusions like batteries, safety restraint systems, glass, cosmetic defects, the radio, tires, and bumpers.
  • Superior: One step below Supreme, the Superior plan covers hundreds of components but excludes gaskets.
  • Secure Plus: This plan covers electrical systems, steering, and brakes.
  • Secure: Intended to cover only the most vital parts in a vehicle, the Secure plan includes the engine, transmission, and supercharger.
  • Select Premier: This budget powertrain warranty covers the engine and engine components.
  • EnduranceAdvantage™: Covers mechanical breakdowns as well as maintenance

CARCHEX Extended Warranty Plans

  • Titanium: The highest level of CARCHEX coverage, the Titanium plan is similar to a bumper-to-bumper exclusionary warranty. Exclusions include upholstery, seat belts, batteries, glass, catalytic converters, body seals and gaskets, and tires.
  • Platinum: The Platinum plan covers a number of major systems and components, including the engine, transmission, electrical systems, steering, and more.
  • Gold: One step below the Platinum plan, this mid-level coverage protects similar components with the exception of the fuel delivery system and audio center.
  • Silver: The Silver plan covers powertrain components as well as the air conditioning, electrical system, fuel system, and seals and gaskets related to covered parts.
  • Bronze: A basic powertrain warranty, this plan covers the engine, transmission, cooling system, transfer unit, and drive axle.

Endurance vs. CARCHEX: Highest Level of Warranty Coverage

Component Endurance Supreme Plan CARCHEX Titanium Plan
Drive axle
Air conditioning
Electrical components
Transfer case
Rearview camera
Tires ✓*

*Only original vehicle manufacturer equipped tires or replacement tires of the same size and type are covered.

Comparing Benefits and Add-Ons

Along with comparing term lengths and components covered by Endurance and CARCHEX plans, you’ll want to know which has better benefits and add-on coverage.

Benefit Endurance CARCHEX
24/7 roadside assistance
Tire service
Battery service
Towing service Any tow less than 25 miles $100 reimbursement
Lockout service
Trip interruption
Tire repair/replacement
Key fob replacement
ID theft protection
Repair financing
Rental car Up to $30/day for 5 days

The fact that CARCHEX covers rental cars while your vehicle is undergoing a covered repair is significant. However, Endurance offers many benefits through the Endurance Elite Membership, which is free for your first year of coverage and available for a small fee thereafter.

Along with the benefits listed above, the membership includes discounts with select merchants and a $250 voucher redeemable with select partners.

Endurance vs. CARCHEX: Cost

Endurance and CARCHEX are very competitive when it comes to price. Both companies have competitive extended warranty rates. When we reached out for quotes for the same vehicle, CARCHEX offered longer terms and Endurance offered a lower cost. We recommend getting a quote from each to compare.

Here are the quotes we received for a 2017 Ford Explorer with 45,000 miles:

Highest Level Warranty Cost

Coverage Term Monthly Payment Down Payment Deductible
Endurance 3 years/80,000 miles $166.88 for 18 months $178.10 $100.00
CARCHEX 5 years/100,000 miles $202.89 for 18 months First payment $100.00

Powertrain Warranty Cost

Coverage Term Monthly Payment Down Payment Deductible
Endurance 3 years/36,000 miles $156.28 for 18 months $168.05 $100.00
CARCHEX 5 years/75,000 miles $165.78 for 18 months $165.78 $100.00

The final price tag for a CARCHEX extended warranty is higher than an Endurance warranty. However, CARCHEX warranties covered longer terms in this case. The cost per year for a CARCHEX warranty was actually lower. Which provider is better in terms of cost really depends on what you’re looking for.

Another thing to note is that prices for extended warranties vary based on your vehicle make, model, age, and mileage, as well as your city.

Endurance vs. CARCHEX: Customer Service

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation BBB Score BBB Customer Rating Trustpilot Score
Endurance No C+ 3.9 4.3
CARCHEX Yes A+ 2.0 3.5

While CARCHEX has a better industry standing, Endurance tends to score better in direct customer reviews. We think that both companies offer a high level of customer service. However, both companies have also been known to occasionally engage in aggressive marketing practices.

Final Thoughts on Endurance and CARCHEX

We think both Endurance and CARCHEX are excellent choices for an extended car warranty. When we performed an industry-wide review of the most popular extended warranty companies, Endurance and CARCHEX scored highest with 4.9 and 4.8 stars, respectively.

Coverage and prices offered by both companies are comparable. Endurance plans come with exceptional benefits, while CARCHEX may offer you slightly longer contract terms.

To compare Endurance vs. CARCHEX for yourself, get quotes from both providers.

Best Extended Warranty Companies
AutoGuide reviewed the top car warranty companies to find the best.
Below are our top 2 picks.
Best Coverage Best Service
Endurance CARCHEX
★★★★★ ★★★★★
Get Quote Get Quote
(877) 374-1840 (866) 254-0205

Other Top Recommendations for Extended Car Warranties

While Endurance and CARCHEX are our top choices for extended protection, they aren’t the only providers out there. It’s always smart to get a few quotes while shopping for coverage. Check out two of our other recommended providers: CarShield and Protect My Car.

CarShield: Best Value

CarShield extended warranties have some of the lowest monthly payment options. The company can be a good choice for customers on a limited, month-to-month budget. There are six levels of coverage available and plans that extend as high as 200,000 miles.

CarShield has a Trustpilot score of 4.1, and we rate the provider at 4.6 stars ourselves. Customers who praise CarShield highlight friendly customer service and an easy sign-up process.

Learn more in our in-depth CarShield review. To find out how much you would pay for a CarShield extended warranty, get a free quote for your vehicle.

Our research found this provider to be the most affordable. Plus, it offers monthly plans.

Protect My Car: Best Financing

A Protect My Car extended warranty comes with generous extended financing options. The option for a lower monthly payment plan over a longer time period may be appealing to some customers. Protect My Car offers three levels of coverage and plans that extend as high as 125,000 miles.

While Protect My Car is not rated by the BBB, it holds a nearly 5.0-star customer rating. Customers praise the high quality of customer care and friendly service representatives.

Read our comprehensive review of Protect My Car to learn more. Then, get a free, personalized quote for your vehicle.

Protect My Car is our pick for best financing.