2022 Ford Mustang vs 2022 Toyota GR Supra Comparison

2022 Ford Mustang GT vs 2022 Toyota GR Supra Comparison

When I was growing up, my best friend’s mom had an all-white Fox body Mustang. It was the coolest car on the block.

Did I care that the 302 V8 pushed out only a little over 200 horsepower? Or that the four-speed auto was slow? Of course not. I savored any opportunity to ride in the GT, the V8 rumbling in a way I could feel in my stomach.

Here in 2022, Everything old is new again, and Ford has given the Mustang an ’80s-inspired Ice White package. Horsepower has more than doubled—and the number of gears, too. Befitting its cruising status, this car runs Ford’s 10-speed automatic. I’m a kid again.

There’s nothing retro about the Toyota GR Supra. (Okay, the badge is ’90s cool.) While the Supra has finally gained a (very good) manual option for 2023, this fifth-generation model has been an auto-only affair since it arrived in 2019.

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Detailed Specs

Price / $27,470 - $79,420
Engine / 2.3-liter turbo 4-cylinder / 5.0-liter 8-cylinder / 5.2-liter supercharged 8-cylinder
Power / 310 hp / 450–470 hp / 760 hp
Torque / 350 lb-ft / 410 lb-ft / 625 lb-ft
Drivetrain / RWD
Transmission / 6MT / 10AT / 7DCT
Fuel Economy (city/hwy) / 12–21 mpg / 18–32 mpg
Cargo Capacity / 11.4–13.5 cu ft

Our Final Verdict

Ford Mustang

Performance 8.0
Features 8.0
Comfort 6.0
Quality and Styling 7.0
Value 8.0