Turns out all the rumors about the Hummer comeback are true, the difference is, it will now be called the GMC Hummer EV. Widely regarded by most as the symbol of human excess and everything wrong with the US of A, the Hummer brand was killed off at the end of the last decade (Yes, 2010 was 10 years ago). But the brand will be revived from the dead, with a literal change of heart. It will not be the guzzler of gas like the previous Hummers; this one will be all-electric.

So from the icon of excess, GM aims to transform the Hummer name to a mobility solution for the future. It will debut as a pickup truck and not as a full-fledged SUV. Also, it will fall under the GMC brand and will be labeled as Hummer by GMC. One of the main factors contributing to the brand’s demise was also an independent dealer network that wreaked havoc in GM’s profit margins. Keeping that in mind the company has decided that the electric Hummer will share the showroom floor with GMC’s other trucks.

Details are few and far between right now. What we do know are basic figures, and they’re certainly impressive. How’s 1,000 hp sound? 0-60 mph in three seconds even? The power necessary to produce those numbers means the Hummer EV might just be carrying around a literal ton of batteries—so hey, at least it’ll still be heavy like the originals.

Beyond the front-end teaser released late January, the public’s first real look at the Hummer will happen at the 2020 Super Bowl. After that, GM will have a special reveal on May 20, 2020, with production and sales expected to start in late 2021.

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GMC Hummer Powertrain

GM has released the first bits of detail on the GMC Hummer EV’s drivetrain. We know it will be all-electric, boasting 1,000 hp. Torque is quoted at 11,500 lb-ft, though that number is likely multiplied through the truck’s gear ratios: expect the on-sale figure to be a more relatable figure. It should still be hovering around the four-digit mark however, making the Hummer the most powerful production GM product when it launches.

Details on the battery and motor setup are still unknown. We would assume it’s at least a dual-motor setup—one at each axle—although GM could even be going for four, for a more articulated drivetrain. Given the expected performance, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the battery pack hit or surpass 100 kWh.

The Hummer EV will likely not be a range-oriented electric car. Our best guess right now suggests a single-charge range of roughly 200 miles.

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Detailed Specs

Engine / Dual motor setup (est)
Power (hp) / 1,000
Torque / 1,000 (est)
Range / 200 miles (est)