Hondas are known for being reliable vehicles that usually aren’t prone to many major breakdowns. But when issues do arise, Honda Care could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on repair costs.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your Honda Care questions to help you decide if this coverage is a good choice for your vehicle. Learn more about what Honda Care covers, how much it costs, and how it compares to the best extended car warranty companies on the market. 

When shopping for an extended warranty, it’s always smart to get quotes from multiple providers before deciding on coverage. We recommend comparing the cost of Honda Care against a quote from Endurance, our highest-rated third-party provider. You can get a free Endurance quote for your vehicle using the buttons below.

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What is Honda Care?

The Honda Care program provides manufacturer-backed extended protection for your car’s most critical components. With Honda Care, you can enjoy peace of mind on the road knowing that you’re protected against the cost expensive repairs.

What Does Honda Care Cover?

Honda Care can protect your Honda for anywhere from 5 years/60,000 miles to 8 years/120,000 miles. These coverage limits are high compared to many other manufacturer extended warranties. All Hondas within the original factory warranty period of 3 years/36,000 miles are eligible for Honda Care.

Honda Care has three comprehensive extended service plans that customers may be eligible for depending on whether their vehicles are new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned (CPO). Honda Care also offers a powertrain-only plan for pre-owned vehicles.

All Honda Care comprehensive plans cover parts and systems including:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Front and rear drive axles
  • Computers and electronics
  • Air conditioning
  • Engine cooling system
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Brake system
  • Fuel system
  • Honda navigational systems
  • Honda genuine accessories

Honda Care’s new vehicle coverage is exclusionary coverage, meaning it will cover all parts of your vehicle, except for a short list of exclusions. If you use your Honda for business, the Honda Care new vehicle plan also will cover your commercial vehicle.

The Honda Care powertrain plan, which is exclusively offered for pre-owned vehicles, covers a shorter list of parts, including:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive axle

What Honda Care Doesn’t Cover

Exclusions to all Honda Care extended warranties include:

  • Engine parts: Including the distributor cap, rotor, timing belt, and catalytic converters
  • Pipes: Including head pipes and tailpipes
  • Hoses: Including radiator, heater, fuel, and vacuum hoses
  • Plugs: Including spark plugs and plug wires
  • Wear-and-tear items: Including wiper blades, batteries, upholstery, and cables
  • Accessories and modifications: Including any non-genuine Honda parts

This is a limited list of exclusions. Be sure to read your contract thoroughly to know what parts are covered and which are not. Many parts that are not covered under Honda Care would be covered with a third-party extended warranty provider.

Honda Care Added Benefits

Every Honda Care plan covers oil changes and filter changes for the duration of your warranty. Plus, all plans come with tire repair or replacement services if your tires are damaged from potholes or road debris like nails and glass.

Some additional benefits that come with all Honda Care service contracts include:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Trip interruption benefit

These benefits are standard among nearly all reputable third-party extended warranties. But Honda Care has a couple of perks that third-party providers don’t offer: Honda concierge services and the guaranteed use of genuine Honda parts.

Honda Care Extended Eligibility

Honda dealerships sometimes sell vehicles from other car brands. If you buy a non-Honda car from a Honda dealer, you may still be eligible for Honda Care. There are 43 non-Honda vehicles that are eligible for Honda coverage, including:

This is a unique benefit to Honda Care that could make it more worthwhile for some car owners. Many extended warranty companies do not provide protection for luxury models, so the fact that Honda Care applies to non-Honda luxury vehicles is an impressive perk.

How Much Does Honda Care Cost?

Honda does not share any information about Honda Care pricing on its website. But generally, the cost of an extended car warranty from a manufacturer will depend on:

  • The type of car you drive
  • The level of coverage you qualify for
  • The deductible you choose

Your contract’s deductible is the price you’ll pay out of pocket when you bring your car into the Honda dealership for repairs. Honda Care customers can choose to pay either a  $0 or $100 deductible. If you choose the $0 option, the price of your contract will be a bit higher. If you choose the $100 deductible, you’ll pay less for your Honda Care coverage.

Many manufacturer warranties require you to pay up front for extended coverage, but Honda offers customers flexible payment plans. If you think a payment plan could benefit you, be sure to ask your Honda dealership about your options.

Honda Care Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to learn more about where to buy Honda Care coverage, when coverage begins, if coverage is transferable, and how to cancel your coverage.

Where Can You Buy Honda Care?

You can buy a Honda Care vehicle service contract from most Honda dealerships in the US. Although not all Honda dealerships sell Honda Care contracts, all honor the terms and are equipped to perform any covered repairs.

Where Can Honda Care Repairs Be Made?

When your vehicle breaks down, you can take it to any Honda dealership for repairs. If you break down and are not able to make it to a dealership, Honda will tow you to the nearest dealership for free.

When Does Honda Care Coverage Begin?

Some benefits will start on the day you purchase your Honda Care contract, but repair coverage will only begin once your factory Honda Limited Warranty expires.

Is Honda Care Transferable?

Yes, Honda Care is fully transferable to one subsequent vehicle owner. This means that if you sell your vehicle while Honda Care coverage is still in effect, the coverage can be transferred to the next owner. However, if that owner chooses to sell it again during the lifetime of the Honda Care contract, it is not transferable to the next owner, except in Florida. 

If you purchase Honda Care in Florida, the coverage is fully transferable without a limit to how many times coverage can be transferred. However, transferred contracts are not eligible for a refund upon cancellation.

Can You Cancel Honda Care?

You can cancel your Honda Care policy for a full refund within 60 days of purchase, so long as you haven’t filed any claims within that time period. After 60 days, you can cancel at any time and receive a prorated refund based on how long you’ve had the policy and how many miles you’ve driven.

How Does Honda Care Compare to Third-Party Warranties?

A Honda Care contract may be a great choice for your vehicle—if the price is right. But if your Honda factory limited warranty has expired, or if you’re interested in getting more flexible coverage, you should consider a third-party extended warranty.

Our review team examined every major extended warranty company in the industry, looking at plan options, costs, customer reviews, and more. We found that an Endurance auto warranty offers the Best Coverage on the market.

Here’s how Honda Care stacks up against an Endurance warranty:

Honda Care Extended Warranty  Endurance Extended Warranty
Coverage Start Date After your Honda Limited Warranty expires Anytime
Longest Term 120,000 miles  200,000+ miles
Levels of Coverage 4  6
Deductible $0 or $100 $0, $50, $100, or $200
Where to Get Repairs Honda dealerships US or Canadian repair facilities certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®) 
Cancellation Full refund available within 60 days Full refund available within 30 days
Roadside Assistance  
Rental Car Reimbursement  
 How to Purchase  Purchase from dealerships Get Quote

Honda Care might be right for you if:

  • You want repairs to be made using only genuine Honda parts.
  • Your Honda is still under its 3-year/36,000-mile limited factory warranty.

A Honda extended car warranty from a third-party provider may be right for you if:

  • You want more comprehensive coverage options to choose from.
  • You want to cover your vehicle for longer than 120,000 miles.
  • You want to be able to choose your own repair facility.
  • Your Honda is too old or has too many miles to qualify for Honda Care.

Final Thoughts: Is Honda Care Worth It?

In order to determine if Honda Care is right for you, you must honestly assess your finances and priorities. If you want original Honda parts to be used for repairs and guaranteed Honda-trained technicians to work on your vehicle, then Honda Care could be a good choice. 

However, a third-party extended warranty could be best if you want more customizable coverage, flexible payment options, and the option to take your vehicle to any repair shop in the event of a breakdown.

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Best Extended Warranty Companies
AutoGuide reviewed the top car warranty companies to find the best.
Below are our top 3 picks.
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