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Honda’s Civic, Accord and CR-V are all some of the best selling vehicles in America. It's not hard to see why: they do what owners ask, they're reliable, and they can still entertain the squishy sentient being behind the wheel when the time calls for it. Over the years Honda has expanded the lineup to surround its big three sellers. The Odyssey has long been one of the top-selling minivans (with a refresh in 2021), while the Fit was for years a bright light in its (now-niche) sub-compact segment. Of course, Honda hasn't ignored the crossover craze. The Honda HR-V is very popular as a sub-compact crossover. A refreshed seven-seat Pilot landed recently and a new Ridgeline pickup truck is available for those wanting an extra dose of utility. Honda has also revived the Passport nameplate for a crossover to slot in between the Pilot and CR-V. The Honda Insight and Clarity are both back in the lineup, offering buyers hybrid options (Insight) as well as plug-in EV and hydrogen fuel-cell (Clarity). Both the Accord and CR-V now offer hybrid versions as well. On the performance front, the Honda Civic Type R is finally here and lives up to the hype of being a fantastic front-drive hot hatch.

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Established in 1948 Honda initially began producing motorcycles. Its first car was the T360 mini pickup which went on sale in 1963, followed by the S500 sports car in that same year. Honda was the first automaker to introduce variable valve timing (VTEC) technology in its engines and combined with cars like the Civic Si helped launch a new generation of what has been termed sport compact enthusiasts.

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Honda Fit

2019 Honda Fit The least expensive way into a current Honda is still one of the best. Sure, the Fit is no spring chicken, and it's not a crossover either. What the Fit lacks in raised ride height it makes up for with a clever interior designed to make short work of large loads though. Honda's Magic Seat setup allows you to store a huge TV safely behind the seats, or even draw up a makeshift bed on the passenger side. We like that the Fit is the driver's choice in its (admittedly small, literally) segment. In Sport trim it even comes with a slick-shifting manual transmission—though no extra power. The cons list includes a stingy standard safety list and a dearth of tech on all but the pricey higher trims. Nonetheless, the Fit is our current pick of the petite pack. Prices start at a hair over $17,000 and stretch to $21,000 for a loaded EX-L, before options.
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Honda Civic

2020 Honda Civic Sedan Touring in red on the beach Thanks to a low starting price ($21,605) and plenty of configurations, the Civic remains a big seller for Honda. It's one of the older offerings in its segment, but the Civic nails the essentials, with a good mix of space for passengers and their things. It also offers a comprehensive suite of safety features across the board, though you need to move up to Sport trim for the upgraded rear-view camera or the EX for lane-keep assist. The Civic maintains its sporty side this generation too. The Civic Si is a reasonably-priced, fun-to-drive sport compact with a 205 hp version of Honda's 1.5-liter turbo-four. Those wanting more speed—and have a thicker wallet—can go for the hardcore Type R ($37,950), a wild-style hot hatch with over 300 hp.
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Honda HR-V

2020 Honda HR-V Sport in blue As the smallest of Honda's numerous crossover offerings, the HR-V doesn't offer many standout features in the segment. It's the safe, sober choice, with a tried-and-true naturally-aspirated engine shacked up to a CVT. It does carry the Fit's Magic Seat system though, allowing for multiple configurations to maximize cargo space. It lags behind the competition in terms of standard safety and tech. Prices start at $21,940 and can clear the $30k bar for a loaded Touring model.
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Honda Insight

2020 Honda Insight in silver in front of bridge Like the old saying goes, the third time's the charm. Honda's Insight returned a few years ago on the Civic platform, with slightly different looks denoting its hybrid drivetrain. In fact, in some ways, we almost prefer the Insight's cleaner lines to the fussy Civic styling. It can't match a Prius in the race to sip the least amount of fuel, but ratings of 49 mpg highway, 55 mpg city are nothing to sneer at. It's faster than the Toyota too, though the engine can get pretty shouty. The base trim, at $23,885, also lacks some of the tech of others in its price range. The top Touring trim rings in at $29,795.
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Honda Accord

2020 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T in dark gray The Accord remains one of the best mid-size cars on the market. It's enjoyable enough to drive for what is a very mainstream package—even offering a class-exclusive manual transmission—as well as reliable, roomy, and good looking. A hybrid option also gives it the sort of fuel mileage that even cars the size of the Fit can't hope to match. Drawbacks? Not many: the steering is light, and the 10-speed auto can get just a bit clunky shuffling through all those ratios. That it starts at a shade under $25,000 makes it about all the car you'd ever really need. Load the Accord up with every bell and whistle and you're looking at a $37k-plus bottom line.
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Honda CR-V

2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid In this crossover-crazed world, the CR-V is Honda's big money maker. It's not the cheapest entry in the field, but it's one of the most accomplished, which helps justify its $26,170 starting price. With looks the generous could call inoffensive (or at worst, boring), the CR-V is car-like both visually and in how it feels behind the wheel. It boasts a cavernous amount of storage room behind its second-row seats, beating everything in the class. New for 2020 is a hybrid model, which we'd go for over the turbo petrol unit. Prices start at $26,170 for a base gas model and rise to $34,370 for the Touring Hybrid.
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Honda Odyssey

2021 Honda Odyssey Those who value space above all else know no crossover can match the stuff-stowing prowess of a minivan. The Honda Odyssey is a big box on wheels, offering acres of room for the big families out there, or simply those that want a huge, flat load bay behind the second row of seats. Cubbies pepper the cabin, there's a handy microphone/camera setup to talk to the way-back, and there's even a built-in vacuum. The Odyssey does lag behind the competition by not offering either all-wheel drive or a hybrid powertrain, however. Still, with a refresh for 2021, it remains one of the best all-round options in the segment.
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Honda Pilot

2020 Honda Pilot Elite The Pilot plays the typical Honda role in the three-row crossover class: it does most everything well, with few weaknesses. Coming in front- or all-wheel drive forms, it's certainly more road-biased than other SUVs, which makes it an ideal family mover. All versions come with Honda's excellent 3.5-liter V6, which balances power with average towing and fuel economy ratings. A recent refresh brought the Honda Sensing safety suite on as a standard feature across the board. We like that a lot; we like Honda's still-clunky infotainment less. Prices start at $32,770, but higher trims get pricey fast, even hitting $50k.
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Honda Passport

2019 Honda Passport off road No, your eyes do not deceive you: the Passport, a smaller, five-seat SUV sibling to the Pilot, starts for a few hundred more, at $33,110. Thank a higher level of standard trim. The Big H pitches it as the slightly more rugged option for those that don't need the extra row, and the Passport delivers on that promise. It's not going to challenge a Jeep Wrangler out in the desert, but its trimmer dimensions do make it a better off-roader than the Pilot. Shame then that, bizarrely, front-wheel drive is standard. Given its rough-and-tumble nature, the Passport also tops out at a more palatable $44,900.
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Honda Clarity

2020 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid The Clarity is an oddity in the Honda lineup. Not just with its angular styling, but in its drivetrain choices: both a plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell are available. Only the plug-in is purchasable, starting at $34,520. If you want the Clarity fuel cell model, you'll need to live in California, and you'll need to lease it from Honda. We like that Honda hasn't made the Clarity too weird; if anything, it has an almost premium-car feel to its serene interior. Of course, it also posts great fuel mileage numbers, and can go up to 47 miles on a single charge. There is a catch, however: while it's capable of great mpg ratings, the Clarity has a tiny fuel tank, so you'll still be filling up often.
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Honda Ridgeline

Honda genuinely surprised us when it brought the Ridgeline back for another generation a few years ago. This unibody pickup truck shares its platform with all the other V6-powered Hondas, making it the smoothest-riding mid-sizer in town. As an added bonus, it boasts better fuel economy figures than the other gas-powered trucks in its class. If you need a truck to double as a family vehicle, the Ridgeline does it well. Drawbacks include a shallow bed with a high lift-over height, and an intrusive lane-keep assist. Getting into a Ridgeline will cosy you from $35,020 to $44,640.
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