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Toyota’s products, from the Yaris subcompact car to the Corolla, Camry and RAV4 SUV, are global nameplates, achieving major sales success around the world. Other offerings, like the full-size Avalon sedan, Highlander SUV, Sienna minivan, and Sequoia SUV have also done well, as have the Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks. Toyota’s Prius (now available with all-wheel drive) leads a range of hybrid vehicles that also includes the Camry Hybrid, Highlander Hybrid, and even a Corolla Hybrid. Bold new versions of the Camry and Avalon were introduced with much more style than found in older models. Toyota's entry into the subcompact crossover market is the Toyota C-HR, with polarizing styling and fun driving dynamics. The brand has also made a considerable push into the performance category lately with the launch of the Toyota 86 (formerly the Scion FR-S) as well as the all-new Supra.

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Toyota is Asia’s largest automaker, but a series of recalls and supply disruptions proved that the Japanese giant is far from invincible. Despite these setbacks, the company appears as strong as ever and its cars are still well-known for their bulletproof reliability and standard safety features. Toyota is poised to remain one of the world’s top automakers for years to come. Toyota owns the luxury brand Lexus. The cheapest car Toyota sells at the moment is the Yaris sedan starting at just $16,605. If you are shopping for which Toyota cars have all-wheel drive, the list is extensive and includes the RAV4, Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia, and Land Cruiser. Toyota is also the only automaker to offer an all-wheel drive minivan, the Sienna. Plus, even the Prius offers all-wheel drive now in the AWD-e trim. 2020 will see both the Avalon and Camry gain all-wheel drive models too. Oddly, the C-HR sub-compact crossover is not available with all-wheel drive. Where are Toyotas Made: While Toyota continues to produce some of its more niche offerings overseas, the majority of its volume models are made in the USA. These include the Corolla and Camry, as well as the RAV4, Highlander, Avalon, and Tundra.
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