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The volume brand under the Chrysler/Fiat umbrella, Dodge saw its product offerings cut during the great recession, but continues to offer several vehicles including the Durango, Charger, Grand Caravan, Challenger, and Journey. Most of Dodge's lineup is offered with the powerful Pentastar V6 engine, and almost every model has a performance version. The Durango SRT, Challenger Demon, and Charger Hellcat offer insanely hopped-up versions of the base models for enthusiasts. If its Ford and Chevy competition is more buttoned-up, Dodge is certainly the wild child of the Detroit big three. After its 2009 reorganization, Dodge’s truck lineup, including the 1500 pickup truck, Heavy Duty models and the Dakota mid-size pickup, was spun-off into the Ram truck brand. Initially a parts supplier, Dodge began manufacturing its own vehicles in 1915. In 1928 Chrysler took over control of the company and it has remained under the Chrysler umbrella since.
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2021 Dodge Challenger
2021 Dodge Challenger
view 12 trims
$28,295 - $58,995 13/21 mpg
0 reviews
2021 Dodge Charger
2021 Dodge Charger
view 9 trims
$29,995 - $69,995 12/21 mpg
0 reviews
2021 Dodge Durango
2021 Dodge Durango
view 13 trims
$31,765 - $62,995 13/19 mpg
0 reviews
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