Amazon Alexa is quickly becoming available in a wide variety of new cars, giving consumers an onboard AI assistant that can play music, find directions, tell them the news and much more.

Now you can get Amazon Alexa in your vehicle even if it’s not new thanks to Amazon Echo Auto. The newly introduced device simply plugs into the lighter socket or 12V outlet in your car and rests on your dashboard or center console. You can then talk to the device, saying things like “Alexa, tell me the news” for example, or “Alexa, play my driving playlist” allowing you to focus on the road instead of fiddling with your infotainment system or worse, looking down at your smartphone. Echo Auto can also Bluetooth to your phone and supports hands-free calling.

Amazon Echo Auto

Echo Auto features eight microphones, along with a light bar telling you the status of the device and ‘Microphone’ and ‘Action’ buttons on the top. The device will connect to your car using Bluetooth, but you can also plug the device into your car’s audio system using the 3.5mm audio socket (that’s an AUX outlet for you kids). Amazon says you may be able to connect the device  using an FM transmitter or tape adapter as well if you have an older vehicle.

Every Amazon Echo Auto will come with an Echo Auto device, an in-car power adapter, a micro USD cable, a 3.5mm auxiliary cable and a quick-start guide. The device is covered under a 1 year warranty, but 1 year, 2 year and 3 year extended warranties are available for extra.