VanTrue T2 Dashcam Box

There are a ton of dash cams on the market today.

It can be hard to determine the differences between the myriad of in-car cameras available on the market, but after testing the VanTrue OnDash T2, we’re confident that this camera has enough special features to set it apart from its many, many competitors.

The VanTrue OnDash T2 is one of the company’s more high-end cameras. It comes with the usual 12V/lighter socket plug in, but interestingly, also comes with an OBD2 plug-in. This allows you to plug the camera directly into your OBD2 port, allowing the camera to receive power even when the car isn’t turned on. A built-in wave sensor detects when an object is near the camera, prompting the camera to turn on and begin recording. This allows it to act as a security camera, recording any potential thieves or vandals who may prey upon your car.



Everything that comes with the VanTrue OnDash T2

There’s some other nice features too. A built-in g-sensor can detect a sudden jolt or shake and immediately tell the camera to lock the footage and prevent it from overwriting it (loop recording will automatically overwrite footage you don’t save). This ensures you will have a recording of an accident involving your vehicle, even if you forget to press the button on the camera to lock the footage in the heat of the moment. An optional GPS receiver module (which my test camera had) also allows you to upload driving footage alongside GPS-tracking data with fairly accurate KMH or MPH speed and acceleration information.

This features make the OnDash T2 feel like more of an integrated aprt of your car rather than an aftermarket add-on – a nice feeling when you’re paying $170.

VanTrue T2 Dashcam Box

VanTrue T2 Dashcam Box and User Manual

As for the camera itself, it immediately feels high quality when you pull it from its high-end packaging. The button actuation is a bit clicky and hollow-feeling, but otherwise, this camera feels very well made. Recording quality is very good in both low light and during the daytime (you can view some demo footage we took from a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek below) and it even has a ‘night vision’ function thanks to its Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor. There are some 1440p cams out there with sharper image quality (including one from VanTrue that isn’t so dissimilar to the T2) but I’d say that’s overkill for what’s essentially a surveillance camera. Audio recording is also good quality – there are plenty of cameras out there with tinny audio, but the T2’s is pretty crisp.

The VanTrue T2 is the only dash cam you’ll ever need to buy. It’s fairly pricey, approaching $200 with the optional GPS mount, but it’s dual-purpose, serving as a dash cam and 24/7 surveillance cam. We’re confident in its ability to last due to the good build quality and name-brand image sensor, and VanTrue has an 18-month warranty to ease any worries you may have with regard to durability. VanTrue also promises it will operate just fine in temperatures as low as -20 degrees celsius – important for folks like me who live in wintery climates.

Overall, we’re very impressed with the VanTrue T2 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends or family. There are certainly less expensive dash cams out there, but few are as comprehensive as the T2. If you go by the mantra ‘Buy Right or Buy Twice’, you’ll probably like the VanTrue T2.

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Q & A

VanTrue OnDash T2 FAQ
What resolution does this camera shoot in?
1920x1080 at 30fps
How large is the rear-facing display?
2 inches
How large of a MicroSD card can it take?
Up to 256GB
Does it have a GPS logger?
Yes, although it is optional
Is there a microphone and speaker?
Does it record at night?
With a Sony sensor with night vision, it records in the dark well.
Will it drain my vehicle battery when plugged in to the OBD2 port?
No - a motion sensor ensures it does not waste your car battery

Detailed Specs

Camera resolution / 1920x1080 at 30fps
Wide angle lense / 160 degrees
Lense aperture / F/1.8
Image sensor/processor / Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor and NOVATEK NT96655 processor
Voltage / Works with 12V and 24V outlet
Charger cable length / 10 feet