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by Jason Siu
If you drive with your four-legged best bud, you'll want to make sure they're safe and buckled up in the car.
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If you often travel with your four-legged best friend, you probably want to keep them as safe as possible in your vehicle. Just like humans should always be wearing a seat belt while in a car, you’ll want to make sure your dog is restrained while you’re driving. There are a few obvious reasons, such as making sure your dog doesn’t jump out the window or go flying inside your car from harsh braking. But more importantly, in the situation of an accident, an unrestrained dog could get seriously harmed or cause harm to passengers inside the vehicle.

A dog seat belt will provide protection for your pet while it’s riding in your car, while also helping prevent distracted driving since you know your dog is staying in place.

To learn more about dog seat belts, refer to our table of contents.

Updated 10/15/2020 with new product recommendations!

1. Editor's Pick: Blueberry Pet Seat Belt

Available as a single unit or as a two pack is Blueberry Pet’s seat belt. Buyers can choose from a wide assortment of colors, including baby pink, yellow, dark orchid, emerald, orange, pink, medium turquoise, mint blue, neon green, and royal blue. This seat belt can be adjusted from 16.5 inches to 25.5 inches and is 1-inch wide. It is designed to fit most vehicles on the market, but Blueberry Pet does note that it is not compatible with Volvo cars.

Installation is fairly straightforward, simply plug the seat belt into your seat belt receptacle. This product is manufactured from nylon materials and is machine washable in cold water, on the gentle cycle.

Like other dog seat belts, it is intended to be used with a harness and not with a dog collar.


Price, wide assortment of colors, adjustable, machine washable


Not compatible with Volvo vehicles

2. Pawaboo Dog Safety Vest Harness with Car Seat Belt Lead Clip

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, Pawaboo offers a safety vest harness with adjustable car seat belt. The product is available in four sizes depending on your pet: small, medium, large, extra large. You can also choose from a variety of colors and styles including black, red, navy blue and white, red and white, rose red grid, blue grid, red with U.K. flag, blue with flags, pink with U.S. flag, and gray with U.S. flag.

The harness is made of oxford fabric and is 100-percent polyester, so it’s durable, lightweight, and soft. A broad sponge padded chest plate adds extra protection and comfort for your dog.

This vest harness can attach to seat belts with the seat belt attachment loop hook quickly and easily, but it’s not compatible with several vehicles: ATV Ranger, Chevrolet Spark, 1992 Chevrolet Caprice Station Wagon, 1994 Ford Explorer, 1993 Ford F-150, 2012 Ford Focus, 2014 Honda CR-V, 2013 Honda Odyssey, 2013 Honda Pilot, Kia Forte, Kia Niro, Kia Soul, and Lexus RX350.


All-in-one includes harness and seat belt, variety of colors and styles, oxford fabric, 100-percent polyester, padded chest plate


Incompatible with several vehicles

3. Vastar 2-Pack Adjustable Pet Car Seat Belt

Manufactured from high quality nylon fabric, Vastar’s adjustable pet seat belt is also available as a single unit if you don’t need a pair. These seat belts feature solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles for durability, while the hassle-free seat belt clip design will easily latch into your car. They are available in a variety of different colors, including black, blue, fluorescence green, fluorescence orange, pink, and red. Vastar’s product is also adjustable, ranging from 19.68 inches to 32.28 inches.

Unfortunately, these dog seat belts won’t work in every vehicle. Vastar lists the following cars as being incompatible: 2015 Acura RDX, 1989 Ford F-150, 1989 Ford Ranger, 2013-2014 Honda Pilot, 2016 Honda CR-V, and 2012 Kia Forte. The seat belt works for the rear seat in the 2012 Toyota Tundra, but not the front seats. For the 2016 Acura RDX, 2012-2014 Honda CR-V, and 2014 Honda Odyssey, the seat belt only works for the front seat. Check with the manufacturer before purchasing if you want to confirm this seat belt works with your car.

To use the seat belt, simply clip it onto your pet harness and snap the belt tab into the seat belt receptacle inside your car. The Vastar adjustable pet seat belt comes with an 18-month warranty.


Price, variety of colors, hassle-free clip design, adjustable, 18-month warranty


Isn't compatible with every vehicle

4. Kurgo Dog Seat Belt

A more basic option is the Kurgo dog seat belt, available in black/grey, black/orange, blue, and red. This tether is designed to keep a dog secure in place with limited movement without straining it and can be used with any harness. The seat belt extends from 15 inches to 22 inches and the tether is designed to be a universal fit, although the company confirms it is not compatible with Volvo vehicles and is not recommended for Ford trucks. Like other pet seat belts, this one clicks into your car’s seat belt attachment for easy installation.

This seat belt uses a carabiner to attach to your dog’s harness and comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects when purchased new from an authorized dealer.


Carabiner attachment, adjustable, lifetime warranty


Price, not compatible with every vehicle

5. SlowTon Dog Car Harness

Our last product that we will take a look at is a harness and seat belt combo from SlowTon, available in six different sizes: XXX-small, XX-small, X-small, small, medium, and large. Color choices include black, bottle green, burgundy, dark blue, grey, purple, red, seat belt purple, canvas wine red, canvas blue, canvas dark grey, red and white, new black, blue and black plaid, green and black plaid, and grey and black plaid.

The harness and straps are made of double mesh fabric with a flannelette edge to absorb moisture so the harness is comfortable and breathable for your pet. The harness is easy to put on with two buckles on the chest straps and it can be easily adjusted for comfort. The seat belts are also adjustable and easy to attach.

The seat belt itself is said to be compatible with most vehicles, although SlowTon doesn’t specifically say which vehicles it doesn’t work with. Since it uses a similar belt buckle as other products on the list, expect it to have the same compatibility issues with vehicles listed for those seat belts.


Harness and seat belt combo, wide variety of sizes and colors, price, double mesh fabric, adjustable


Not compatible with all vehicles

6. URPOWER 2-Pack Dog Seat Belts

Another affordable 2-pack option comes from URPOWER, constructed from sturdy nylon fabric. These dog seat belts feature a zinc alloy swivel snap, along with an anti-rust hook and clip, allowing your pet to spin around without the seat belt getting tangled. The strap has an elastic buffer, helping protect your pets during sudden braking. It can also be adjusted from 20.8 inches to 26.3 inches. The tab width on the clip is 0.83 inches, so you’ll want to check to make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle prior to ordering.

You can choose from a variety of colors, including black, blue, grey, light grey, orange, pink, and purple. Like most dog seat belts with a similar design, you’ll want to attach this to a harness rather than a collar.


Price, nylon fabric construction, zinc alloy swivel snap, anti-rust hook and clip, elastic buffer, adjustable length, variety of colors


Belt may be a bit too long for certain breeds, larger dogs may undo the buckle

7. Mighty Paw Safety Belt

Mighty Paw offers a more comprehensive solution, which attaches directly to the vehicle’s frame using the latch bars found in the crease of a car’s backseat. Those latch bars are required by law as they increase child restraint effectiveness and child safety, and Mighty Paw believes they’re a safer option for pets as well. Unlike other seat belt systems that can accidentally be released if a dog steps on the buckle button, this particular seat belt is securely latched onto an object the pet can’t easily access. It uses a strong carabiner hook made from aviation aluminum that has a tangle-free swivel attachment.

The belt can be adjusted from 16 inches to 26 inches and is constructed from high-quality weather-proof nylon with all metal hardware. The product comes with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, with Mighty Paw saying you can return it if you aren’t completely satisfied with it.

Since it does use the vehicle’s latch bars, it’s compatible with all vehicles. The installation does require a bit more effort than simply plugging it into a seat belt receptacle.


Uses vehicle's latches instead of seat belt buckle, all metal hardware, swivel attachment, carabiner hook, adjustable, nylon, 100-percent satisfaction guarantee


Requires more work to install

8. Friends Forever Pet Seat Belt

Friends Forever’s pet seat belt is similar to products from Vastar and Blueberry Pet, although this option is more affordable and sold as a pair. It features a belt strap that can be adjusted from 20 inches to 32 inches and buckles into your car’s factory seat belt receptacle. The seat belt is manufactured from high quality, durable nylon fabric material with penta-layered sewing for extra durability. The swivel and collar buckle tab are made from U.S. zinc alloy metal.

Like other products, it uses a 2 cm tab on the seat belt clip, so you will want to check to make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle. Remember, you will want to use these seat belts with a harness and not a collar.


Price, adjustable, nylon, zinc alloy hardware


May not fit certain vehicles

9. Leash Boss Car Seat Belt Restraint

If your dog loves to chew things and you’re worried it’ll chew right through these other nylon seat belts, take a look at the Leash Boss restraint. Instead of regular nylon, this seat belt uses a heavy duty nylon coated steel rope, which is the same material you’ll find on dog tie-outs. And instead of using the seat belt receptacle, this product attaches to the latch bar found in the rear seats, similar to Mighty Paw’s belt. That means it’s compatible with all vehicles, since latches are required by law.

The Leash Boss seat belt is available in five sizes: small (16 inch), medium (21 inch), large (26 inch), X-large (31-inch) and XX-large (36 inch). It uses a swivel clip to attach to your pet’s harness.

This product is assembled in the U.S. and comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty that protects against defects and product issues.


Heavy duty nylon coated steel rope, variety of sizes, swivel clip, uses latch system, five-year warranty



10. BWOGUE Headrest Restraint

For something a bit different, the BWOGUE headrest restraint is more universal, assuming your vehicle has adjustable headrests. This dog seat belt is installed onto the headrest, which means you don’t have to worry about it being compatible with your seat belt buckle. Constructed from nylon fabric, you’ll get the run-of-the-mill solid zinc alloy swivel snap and quality buckles.

This option is adjustable from 18 to 30 inches, accommodating pets of all sizes. Best of all, you can use this seat belt outside the vehicle, since it’s a perfect leash. That means you can hop in your car, secure it to your headrest, and when you arrive at the dog park or vet, simply remove it from the headrest and use it as a leash. It also allows you to easily secure pets to other objects outside your vehicle.

Choose from a variety of colors: black, blue, dark blue, grey, pink, purple, and red. Some color choices also come with an elastic bungee option, giving you a little more flexibility for your pet. Again, you’ll want to use this with a pet harness rather than a collar.


More universal design than using a seat belt buckle, elastic bungee options, adjustable, works nicely as a leash, plenty of color choices


Vehicle needs to have an adjustable headrest, a bit too long for certain breeds

What is a Dog Seat Belt?

Just like how standard seat belts help keep humans safe while riding in a car, a dog seat belt is designed to keep your pet safe when it’s a passenger. There are generally two types of dog seat belts, one which uses your car’s seat belt buckle and another that uses your car’s latch system. While most of the products that use a seat belt buckle are advertised as being universal, there are some vehicles that they are incompatible with. So you will want to verify that it works with your car prior to purchasing.

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Seat belts that use the car’s latch system, on the other hand, will be universal, as the latch system is a requirement by law. It’s generally used for child safety seats and the same logic applies to protecting your pet.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using a dog seat belt is to make sure your pet is using a harness and not a collar. None of the pet seat belts are intended to be used with a collar.

Why do I Need a Dog Seat Belt?

The main reason to purchase a pet seat belt is to help make sure your furry friend stays safe while riding in a vehicle. Not only will a seat belt restrict where your pet can roam while riding in the car, it’ll make sure it doesn’t go flying inside the cabin if an accident occurs or even during abrupt braking. Equally as important, it prevents distracted driving, which is actually quite common when driving with a pet.

Another benefit to having a harness and a seat belt on your dog is that a restrained dog is less likely to try to run out of the car once the door is opened. The restraint ensures you can safely take the dog out of the car when you’re ready.

What to Look for in a Dog Seat Belt

The main thing to look for when shopping for a dog seat belt is to make sure it is compatible with your car. Most products that use a seat belt buckle will specify which vehicles are incompatible, but the list is not always complete. Contact the seller to verify a seat belt will work prior to purchasing.

You’ll want to make sure you get a product made from high quality material that a dog can’t easily chew through. Pay close attention to the mechanism that is used to attach to your harness. You will generally want to make sure it can swivel, so your pet doesn’t accidentally get tangled while sitting in your car.

Some products can be adjusted to fit your pet, while others are available in different sizes. So make sure you get the correctly sized product based on your pet so that they’re comfortable and safe while riding in your car.

Lastly, some products will offer a warranty which is something you always want to look out for when buying a product, regardless of its price.

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