The Best Sunglasses Holders for Your Car

Bryan Raab Davis
by Bryan Raab Davis
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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 9000 sun glare-related accidents occur every year on U.S. roads. Common sense says that having a pair of sunglasses to hand could help mitigate some of the danger involved with driving into the sun.

However, keeping your sunglasses easily accessible in the car is more challenging than you think. It’s too easy to lose sunglasses under the seat, at the bottom of the console, or in one of the myriad other nooks in a car’s cabin. Of course, when sunglasses slide around uncontrolled, they tend to get scratched, which can diminish their effectiveness by making them harder to see through.

An easy solution is a handy eyeglasses holder for your car. They provide a much safer place than the glove compartment and help keep your specs from getting lost. The best sunglass holders are easy to reach, affordable, and secure.

Here are our favorite sunglass holders to keep your favorite pair of shades grounded.

1. Editor’s Pick: FineGood Glasses Holders for Car Sun Visors

FineGood sunglasses holder features a thoughtful design and robust materials. Photo credit:

We love this thoughtfully designed sunglasses holder from FineGood. The sun visor clip is a sturdy, serrated metal alloy. There are two separate holders for eyeglasses, but you can use them for key fobs, credit cards, and other small items. The holders feature strong spring clasps and have a thick foam-padded face.

That means they get a firm grip on whatever's being held without risking damage. They're low profile, and the holder can be rotated 180 degrees so you can keep your glasses horizontal or vertical. The main body is textured with a faux carbon-fiber trim, and the centerpiece is available in black, silver, gold, or rose.

These sunglasses holders might be too flashy for some tastes, but that’s a minor complaint about an otherwise perfect accessory for your car, truck, or SUV.

Key Features

Mounting point: Visor

Size: 3.85 by 1.0 by 1.69 inches

Material: Metal spring, ABS plastic body


Clever design, holds glasses snugly


Imitation carbon fiber finish is not to everyone's taste

2. Best Dashboard Mount Sunglasses Holder: Roson Sunglasses Holder

These all-metal stick-on sunglasses holders are an elegant solution for any vehicle. Photo credit:

Drivers who don’t want to clip something onto their visor or air vent will appreciate this stick-on sunglasses holder. The holder consists of a zinc alloy loop on a stainless steel shaft coated with a non-slip plastic ring. The holder features a strong 3M adhesive and a stylish metal base plate.

Once installed, you can reposition the ring depending on how you want your glasses to fit. Since they hang rather than being held fast by a clip, there’s less chance of bending or breaking your glasses frame. The downside is they sit loosely and can still rattle and bounce around.

We like the Roson sunglasses holder because you can mount it on any surface within your vehicle; it’s also quite elegant. They are available in a one or two-pack.

Key Features

Mounting point: Dashboard, console, door

Size: 1.2 inches

Material: All metal


Elegant design, sticks to just about any surface


Difficult to remove, glasses hang rather than being held fast

3. Best Space-Saving Sunglasses Holder: Thenice Sunglasses Holder

This clever glasses holder installs in place of your car's grab handle. Photo credit:

This clever glasses holder replaces your car’s grab handle for a convenient, out-of-the-way place to stash your shades. Installation is trickier than the other holders we list here; it’s necessary to pry off the trim cover on the grab handle and then remove the handle before replacing it with this case. However, once that’s done this is one of the most secure and safe places to hold your sunglasses available.

The unit here fits for Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Corolla, but there are options for a wide range of passenger vehicles. The drawback is that you no longer have access to your driver’s side grab handle, but that is likely not an issue for most drivers. The plus side is a very secure and inconspicuous sunglasses holder. It’s made from robust metal spring clips, ABS plastic body, and velvet padding.

Key Features

Mounting point: Grab-handle

Size: 7.5 by 2.5 by 1.2 inches

Material: ABS Plastic body, metal spring


Secure, out of the way


More complex to install than other glasses holders

4. Most Stylish: Mudder Leather Eyeglasses Hanger

These leather eyeglasses holders are elegant and feature a strong spring clip. Photo credit:

Mudder’s two-pack sets of leather sunglasses holders feature an aluminum alloy sun visor clip wrapped in stitched leather and a brushed-aluminum glasses clip. They hold your glasses securely in place when not in use, and their subtle design blends nicely with most car interiors.

The fashionista is catered for with a range of available colors: white, black, cream, pink, or red. The clasps are small at just 4.0 by 1.0 by 1.77 inches but should hold just about any size of sunglasses securely. The clips are padded with a thick and sturdy foam insert to keep your glasses safe from scratching or bending.

The biggest complaint from users was that it requires two hands to remove glasses from the holder because of the strength of the spring clip. We prefer that to a clip that isn’t strong enough to provide a tight, secure hold.

Key Features

Mounting point: Sun visor

Size: 4.0 by 1.0 x 1.77 inches

\Material: Aluminum and leather


Stylish, strong spring clip


Two handed operation

5. Best Value: Superior Essentials Sunglasses Holder

The Superior Essentials sunglasses holder clips easily onto your visor or air vents and hold sunglasses firmly in place. Photo credit:

You don’t need a complicated or fancy sunglasses holder; sometimes, the best designs are simple and compact. Super Essentials offers just such a holder. It comes with a simple loop that fits over your sun visor or on the air vent bars with the included vent clip attachment.

Two spring-loaded clips for your sunglasses hold them securely in place, though they are better for thicker glasses arms – skinny wire glasses arms are too small to be held securely. The clips keep them in place, but the glasses will rattle around a lot.

The only real problems are that the clips can become brittle in cold weather and more prone to breaking. The other is that the clips hold glasses arms tightly and can scratch them if you’re not careful removing and replacing your glasses in the holder.

Key Features

Mounting point: Visor or vent

Size: 5.0 by 1.63 inches

Material: Metal spring, ABS plastic body


Simple design, friendly price


Some users reported that this item can become brittle in cold weather

6. Honorable Mention: Boao 2 Packs Car Sun Visor Organizer and Sunglasses Holder

This full-features sun visor organizer includes a handy sunglasses holder within its array of car organization capabilities. Photo credit:

Last but not least on our list of great sunglasses holders comes this impressive setup from Boao. The multifunctional organizer is made from hardboard and nylon with two elastic straps that secure it to your sun visor. It has pockets for your cash, cell phone, cards, and assorted loose ends, as well as a sunglasses holder clip.

If you’re a true packrat behind the wheel, or frequently drive long distances and need to be well organized with all your stuff close at hand, this is a good option, but it might be overkill for some drivers. The complex design means more things to break.

However, if you need a lot of storage for a lot of gear, this is one sunglasses holder that does literally everything.

Key Features

Mounting point: Visor

Size: 12.2 by 5.91 by 0.8 inches

Material: Nylon, hardboard


Incredibly versatile


Might be overkill

The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses While Driving

Of course, sunglasses reduce glare and improve visibility when driving into the sun and protect your eyes from reflective flashes, such as from another vehicle's brightwork. But they render benefits the rest of the time too.

Sunglasses can reduce fatigue behind the wheel and help you remain alert. There are long-term effects associated with the glare from driving long distances on sun-drenched highways too. You can also use special light-filtering glasses with yellowed lenses for driving at dusk and dawn, as this helps filter the light and improve your low-light visibility in some instances.

Your eyes are your most important sense out on the road, protecting them makes you more comfortable and safer.

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