The traditional way of washing your car with a hose and nozzle has really given way to pressure washers and foam cannons in recent years. Even if you’re not that passionate about detailing or washing your car, owning both a pressure washer and foam cannon makes the job a lot easier and with better results. Foam cannons are fairly basic products, attaching to a pressure washer and blanketing your car with a nice, thick layer of foamy soap so you can get straight to washing. Instead of constantly dipping your hand mitt or sponge into a bucket full of soap, you can simply use your foam cannon to get your car ready to be wiped down.

Using a foam cannon also means using just the right amount of soap you need for the job, rather than wasting excess wash in a bucket. In addition, you don’t have to constantly put your hand mitt back into your bucket for more soap, which means less chance of dirt getting back onto your paint.

You may notice while shopping for a foam cannon that most of them are manufactured overseas, which means you’ll see a lot of similar products. In fact, most of them don’t have any real outstanding features to separate themselves from the competition. So how do you choose? You’ll want to keep a look out for brass connectors and a quality bottle, as the most common issue with foam cannons is the bottle breaking at the neck.

In this article, we’ve researched dozens of the most popular foam cannons, narrowing the list down to the 10 best, based on the quality of the product and its price. Again, most of these products will look the same and quite possibly may be the same, just under different branding.

For more information on foam cannons, refer to our table of contents.

1. Editor's Pick: DUSICHIN Adjustable Foam Cannon (SFL-001)

dusichin foam cannon sfl-001

Competitively priced and with an overwhelming number of positive reviews is the DUSICHIN Adjustable Foam Cannon. This foam cannon comes with a 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting and is a 1-liter bottle with all of its connectors made of quality brass. To use this foam cannon, your pressure washer must have 2.0 GPM and over 1000 PSI pressure. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals, this product is adjustable so you can control the mixing and how much foam it generates.

Most users are extremely satisfied with the quality of this foam cannon, although some have complained of the bottle breaking. But this is unfortunately, typical of most foam cannons and really comes down to how carefully you use it.

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2. Best with a Hose: Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Blaster

chemical guys torq foam blaster

Now if you don’t own a pressure washer but still want to enjoy the benefits of a foam cannon, take a look at Chemical Guys’ TORQ Foam Blaster. Although it’s quite a bit more expensive than the other products on our list, this foam cannon can be used with a standard hose, which is great. It’s also adjustable, which means you can control the dilution ratio of the foam sprayed from the nozzle. The bottle holds just shy of 1 liter (32 ounces).

The nozzle on this foam cannon also stops water flow when it’s not in use, helping you to save water when washing your car. Featuring brass and aluminum parts, this is a great option if you don’t want to purchase a pressure washer.

3. MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

matcc adjustable foam cannon

MATCC’s Adjustable Foam Cannon is very similar to DUSICHIN’s offering (and others on this list), with a 1/4″ quick disconnect, 1-liter bottle, and requiring a pressure washer with at least 2.0 GPM and over 1000 PSI of pressure. It is adjustable allowing you to dial-in the sprayer for any situation, along with controlling the mix and foam generation. Select from either a fan or cylindrical pattern, as well as less or more foam. The core of this foam cannon is made of quality brass, while the main body is solid brass.

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4. Fasmov Adjustable Snow Foam Lance

fasmov adjustable snow foam lance

Looking similar to the previous two products on our list is this foam cannon from Fasmov. Again, it features a 1/4″ quick disconnect, high quality brass connectors, and a 1-liter bottle. Unsurprisingly, it requires a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and over 1000 PSI of pressure to use. It’s hard to tell what makes this foam cannon different than some of the others on the list, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was just the same product.

5. Twinkle Star Foam Cannon

twinkle star foam cannon

Available with either a 1-liter bottle or a 2-liter bottle is Twinkle Star’s foam cannon. The 1-liter bottle comes with 5 spray nozzle tips, which allows you to control the spray angle. This is an adjustable foam cannon (even without the nozzles), and can dispense foam up to 20 feet. All the connectors on this product are made from quality brass and requires a pressure washer with 2.5 GPM and over 1000 PSI of pressure.

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6. MTM Hydro Original Adjustable Foam Lance

mtm hydro original adjustable foam lance

Featuring adjustable fan blades (narrow or jet) so you can control just how much foam is being sprayed onto your car, the MTM Hydro Foam Cannon is priced a bit higher than other products on our list. With this foam cannon, you can also adjust how much soap is being mixed with your solution, so you can increase or decrease the foam output. Compatible with pressure washers from 1100 to 5500 PSI of pressure and 1.8 to 5.3 GPM, this product comes with a couple of fittings to get you on your way. The bottle included with this foam cannon has 32-ounce capacity.

7. Blisstime Adjustable Snow Foam Lance

blisstime snow foam lance

If you believe that most of these products all come from the same overseas factory, then grab Blisstime’s Adjustable Snow Foam Lance. Why? Because it comes with a free chenille microfiber car wash mitt. And by free, we mean free, since this foam cannon is priced similarly as the other options on our list, and even cheaper than others. Its features and specifications are pretty standard, with a 1/4″ quick disconnect, premium brass connectors, 1-liter bottle, and requiring a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and over 1000 PSI of pressure to use. It is adjustable, with one flow control knob to adjust the volume of foam output, as well as the jet angle to choose from a wide fan to a narrow stream.

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8. Obecome Adjustable Quick Release Foam Cannon

obecome adjustable snow foam lance

Obecome’s foam cannon is likely from the same factory as all the others, with the exact same feature set of 1/4″ quick disconnect, brass connectors, 1-liter bottle, and requiring a pressure washer with 2.0 GPM and at least 1000 PSI of pressure. Even the two adjustable dials are similar to the other products, with the top allowing you to control the amount of foam dispensed, while the nozzle adjusts the spray pattern from wide to narrow. Is there a reason to choose this one over all the others? Not really—but the company’s customer support does seem good.

9. Tool Daily Foam Cannon

tool daily foam cannon

Tool Daily’s Foam Cannon also includes 5 spray nozzle tips, just like Twinkle Star’s product. This adjustable foam cannon comes with a 1/4″ quick disconnect fitting and a 1-liter bottle, with the ability to control foam generation and spray pattern. It’s compatible with pressure washers from 2.0 to 5.3 GPM and 1000 PSI to 3000 PSI. The included nozzles cover 0 (red), 15 (yellow), 25 (green), 40 (white), and 65 (black) degrees.

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10. SudMagic Foam Cannon

sudmagic foam cannon

Now for something that’s actually a bit different, SudMagic’s Foam Cannon features a brass threaded bottle with a lifetime warranty. That means this bottle won’t strip like other foam cannons with plastic threads, and the company stands behind the product. The top knob adjusts the thickness of the foam while the nozzle controls the foam spray, and this foam cannon includes two orifices: 1.1mm and 1.25mm. Heavy-duty brass components are used throughout, along with an industrial strength HDPE bottle.

This foam cannon is designed to be used with pressure washers that do not exceed 5.3 GPM and 3200 PSI. If you’re looking for something that’s more durable and willing to pay a bit extra, this is the foam cannon for you.

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