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Throughout your driving experience, you’ll notice that regular headlights may reflect fog and hinder visibility. No matter how good your lights are, you’ll still face this issue, and it’s a significant safety concern when you can’t see things like the lane markers, traffic signs, and other cars.

Fortunately, you can get or upgrade your car with aftermarket fog lights, which are better suited to deal with low visibility situations like fog, dust, heavy rain, and drifting snow. They’re different than regular driving lights due to their location, beam shape, and color and instead of reflecting light off the fog and affecting your ability to see, they help light your way and make it safer to drive.

To learn more about fog lights, use the table of contents to navigate, but we’ll start out with the list of the best fog lights you can buy.

1. Editor's Pick: Philips X-tremeVision LED Fog Light

philips x-tremevision led fog light

Philips is a trusted name for lighting in both household and automotive applications, and its fog lights got great reviews on Amazon and is also a bestseller. These lights feature a 12-year expected lifetime and are covered under a three-year warranty, meaning they’re sure to last. An LED bulb with 9.3 watts of output and 840 lumens, these feature a bright white illumination that the company says won’t glare or blind other drivers. If you want to replace your halogen fog lights, these are a great pick for a plug-and-play solution. LEDs use less energy and stay cooler than halogen lights and also have a longer lifespan.

They’re a bit pricey, but many buyers swear by them. A few users reported that the lights stopped working in 2.5 years, but the company made good on the warranty and replaced the product.

Promoted Product: Diode Dynamics SLF LED Bulbs

Diode Dynamics SLF LED Bulbs

One of the most trusted brands in automotive LED lighting, Diode Dynamics has developed a true OEM-grade replacement fog light bulb in the SLF LED. With 780 lumens of output per bulb, it’s significantly more powerful than a standard incandescent bulb, but even more impressive is how Diode Dynamics has managed to focus that light output into an optimized beam pattern with some truly advanced optics. The SLF offers unbeatable durability, too, boasting solderless terminals and custom wiring with strain reliefs, with proven reliability in temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also backed by an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Few LED bulb manufacturers have managed to create quality plug-and-play replacement fog light bulbs compact enough to fit right into the factory housings, let alone ones that deliver the proper focused “hot spot” in the beam pattern. Diode Dynamics did, and with its superior output, extreme durability, and a choice of true white (6000K) or yellow (3000K) color temperature, the SLF is a no-brainer. They’re available in all popular fog light bulb sizes, such as H8, H10, H11, H16, 5202, 9005, and 9006.

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2. LEDHOLYT High Power LED Fog Light

ledholyt high power cob led fog light

This set of fog lights has a very unique design that combines an LED halo with a high-intensity Xenon lamp for improved lighting performance. Each bulb has a 30W output, which is extremely bright. You can also get this fog light with different colors for the ring. The company says it’s durable, has a waterproof seal design, and a long lifespan, adding that it has a large viewing angle, light uniformity, high brightness, and good heat dissipation.

Professional installation is highly recommended, as some buyers have reported they encountered issues when trying to install it themselves — this is not a plug-and-play product. Some have also reported quality issues, but at such a low price, that’s expected.

3. HELLA 005750971 500 Series Fog Lamp Kit

hella 500 series fog lamp kit

It’s hard to argue with HELLA when it comes to aftermarket equipment, especially in the realm of off-road gear and lighting. These could be a great fit on some off-road crossbars or bull bars. They have an output of 55W and are bright halogen bulbs with plenty of versatility. The company says they have a lightweight design and use an impact-resistant/reinforced housing and a bonded, water-tight lens.

You can get amber ones or stylish black enclosures if you want as well. For safety, the harness even comes with a fuse.

4. JDM ASTAR 30W High Power LED Fog Light Bulbs for DRL or Fog Lights

jdm astar led fog light bulbs

JDM ASTAR is a brand that shows up often in lists of bestselling automotive lighting. These JDM ASTAR bulbs can be used as either fog lights or as day-time running lights. These lights have six 5W high-power white LEDs in each bulb and are covered by a one-year warranty. A plug-and-play bulb, users report that these are very easy to install and don’t require a professional. 

Many buyers note that these are extremely bright and not only help you see but can also help others see you. Proper angling is needed so you don’t blind oncoming drivers, however. Some buyers have complained about the bulbs being the wrong size, while others mention they don’t last very long.

5. Valeo Fog Light

valeo oe fog light

Valeo is a trusted and well known French manufacturer of aftermarket automotive parts. These are replacement lights for OEM Ford fog lights, so they will cost less than buying them at the dealership without sacrificing quality. Another benefit of getting an OEM product is that they won’t look aftermarket, often resulting in a cleaner look. Many buyers love the fitment of these quality lights and comment on how useful it is to have something that can plug and play so easily.

However, with so many possible applications of this light, some buyers have either been sent the wrong unit or didn’t correctly select their car when ordering. Be sure to check this light will fit your car. A few have also reported that the lights shatter easily.

6. Rigid Industries 50481 D-Series SAE Fog Light Set

rigid industries fog light set

Rigid Industries is a big name in the LED lighting sphere and these lights got high ratings on Amazon. This Rigid Industries Fog Light kit is SAE compliant, meaning you can safely/legally use them on a federal highway, and they have a fantastic spread of bright and even light that doesn’t blind oncoming traffic if angled correctly. The cast aluminum housing means its tough and built to handle the vibrations a car encounters day to day, and the units feature pressure equalizing vents. The products from this company are designed, engineered and built in the USA. 

There are very few negative reviews of these lights, and the company backs it with a lifetime warranty. The only issue is they’re pretty expensive.

7. XSPEED LED Fog Light Bulbs JDM Gold Yellow

xpeed led fog light bulbs

If you were going for that cool yellow JDM look, these XSPEED LED bulbs will certainly do the trick. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes and fitments, with an output of 1,600 lumens for each bulb. They’re very bright, easy to install, and buyers haven’t had too many negative experiences with them, so the ratings are good. Some find the lights dimming and being less effective, while others say these are plenty illuminating. The lights are backed by a one-year warranty.

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8. BEAMTECH Led Fog Light Bulb

beamtech led fog light bulb

These bulbs are only for use in fog lights and feature a modest output of 800 lumens, but users report that they are quite bright and white. They will live over 10,000 hours and are considered pretty durable. 

The one year warranty seems a bit limiting, and some buyers find themselves changing them often, so be aware that they’re not the longest lasting options. Some users also report the beam pattern has a blindspot. 

9. SEALIGHT H11/H8/H16 LED Fog Lights Bulbs

sealight led fog light bulbs

This plug-and-play LED bulb is a bestseller on Amazon and has very good ratings. They have even 360-degree full angle illumination, an aluminum shell, and good heat dissipation. You can use these 6000k white bulbs for fog lights or daytime running lights, but not headlights. The company says they should fit most Japanese vehicles, but double check to see if they are compatible with your car, as some users have installed them in Fords and other brands and they work just fine.

The product is backed by a one-year warranty. The bulbs are polarity sensitive, so you might have to flip it and plug it in again, but is otherwise pretty easy to install.

10. Auxbeam H1 P145S LED Fog Lights

auxbeam led fog light bulbs

These Auxbeam LED lights can be used as fog lights or headlights. They look luxurious with an aircraft-grade gold aluminum housing and are waterproof, have a 360-degree beam angle, and shine a bright, 6000K white light that won’t dazzle oncoming traffic as long as it’s angled correctly. It also has a built-in fan for heat dissipation and has a built-in CANBus to avoid error codes.

These lights have a 1-year warranty and got rave reviews on Amazon. Make sure they fit your car before buying.

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How do Fog Lights Work?

Fog lights are different lights than your standard driving lights, DRLs or headlights. They are in another enclosure with separate switches and bulbs. Sometimes they’re placed externally on a car, like on the roof or bumper, and other times they can be integrated in a lower grille or bumper. They are typically angled downwards so the light doesn’t simply reflect off the fog, snow or rain and right into your eyes — this is why you shouldn’t use your highbeams while driving in these conditions. Fog lights also won’t pose a risk to oncoming drivers by dazzling them like your highbeams do.

With a flat and wide beam of light, fog lights can illuminate parts of the road in front of the car that are usually hard to see in certain conditions. They’re not just useful for fog — they can help with visibility in dusty, snowy, rainy and misty conditions too. In such situations, drivers may have a hard time seeing the load markers, or other hazards like downed trees and other debris, so fog lights can help highlight the important areas of the road without posing a risk to other drivers.

Different Types of Fog Lights

There are a few different types of fog lights. While most fog lights are designed to be used to illuminate in front of the vehicle, there are such things as rear fog lights, which help make your car more visible to other vehicles.

Additionally, fog lights differ in the type of lights they use, here’s a breakdown:

LED Fog LightsThese types of fog lights use light emitting diodes, which use much less power and generate less heat than the other light sources. They’re pretty efficient and tend to have a long lifespan too, meaning you won’t need to replace them very often. Finally, LED lights can be tweaked to shine in different colors, which assist in cutting through certain situations. These tend to be more expensive than halogens.

HID Fog Lights: Similar to headlights, you can get high-intensity discharge fog lights, also known as HIDs. They use xenon gas, which is lit by an electrical charge. Similar to LEDs, there is no filament to burn, they are more durable than standard halogen lights. These lights are very bright and fairly efficient in terms of power.

Halogen Fog LightsMost cars with built-in fog lights use halogen lights, so they’re typically commonplace and easy to find. They’re also much more affordable. However, they don’t last as long as other forms of lights. Additionally, they’re not the brightest lights out there.

What to Look for/Avoid while Shopping for Fog Lights

There are a few key things to look for when buying Fog Lights.

Longevity: LED fog lights are typically rated in terms of how long they can run for and that range varies by tens of thousands of hours. You’ll want a set that can run a while, with some offerings featuring 50,000 hours of lighting.

Wattage: Efficiency is something that buyers should be concerned about when it comes to new lights. Low wattage lights use less power, but may also be less intense, depending on the types of lights they are. LEDs are capable of being low wattage but plenty bright.

Lumens and Output: The lumens and voltage of the lights are how you can tell how bright they will be. LEDs are rated by their lumens, while other light types use volts.

Fit and Finish: Some lights you buy will be replacements for your cars standard, built-in fog-lights, while others will be mountable, aftermarket additions. Know what you’re getting and whether your car has the space and electronics system to support a new set of lights.

Warranty: As always, a warranty helps provide peace of mind when buying aftermarket equipment. Look for equipment that have multi-year warranties, so you can breath easier knowing that the company stands behind its products and will back you up if anything goes awry.


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