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Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern
An inexpensive way to get a little bit more out of your truck's trailer hitch.

A trailer hitch cover may be something that you’ve never even considered buying for your vehicle.

But while some trailer hitch covers serve as a cosmetic upgrade only, there are others that can give your vehicle some added usability. Some double as a third brake light, while some others give your trailer hitch a triple ball hitch mount for different hitch sizes.

We’re going to go over some of our preferred hitch mounts on the market today to give you a good idea of the different types of products that are out there. We’ll cover cosmetic trailer hitch covers and practical ones as well, hopefully helping to start your trailer hitch search on the right foot.

1. Editor's Pick: BougeRV Trailer Hitch Tube Cover Plug Cap

This hitch cover from BougeRV includes a bracket that mounts over top of your hitch tube. That means you don't have to take the cap completely off and risk losing it. Just flip the cap open when you need to use the hitch, hitch up your trailer and you'll be on your way.

BougeRV makes versions of this product for 1 1/4- inch and 2-inch hitch tubes, so just make sure you're buying the right size. It's a bit pricier than a simple cap, but it's still extremely affordable.


Bracket means you'll never lose it, inexpensive


Design is a bit bland

Bottom Line

If you tend to lose things, this is the trailer cap for you!

2. CURT Manufacturing Rubber Hitch Tube Cover

This hitch cover from CURT Manufacturing is as simple as it gets.

Consisting of just a plain black rubber cover, this very cheap hitch cover will go unnoticed as it covers up the hole in your trailer hitch. A cover such as this can prevent dirt, dust, and debris from entering your hitch tube.

It will also fit snugly into your hitch tube so you don't have to fiddle with it or worry about it falling out as you drive.


Inexpensive, simple design


Perhaps a bit too plain for some consumers

Bottom Line

A no-frills hitch cover that comes in at under $5

3. JIAYI Trailer Hitch Cover

A similar product to our top pick comes from JIAYI. Designed to fit 2" hitch receivers, this simple plug is manufactured from durable black rubber and features a bracket that holds it in place. This means you don't have to fuss with any pins or clips and it installs in mere seconds.

It's also extremely affordable and is a popular choice on Amazon. Just keep in mind that it only fits 2" trailer hitch receivers, so if you need something a different size, we recommend our top pick instead.


Affordable, includes bracket for easy installation/use, constructed from durable black rubber


Only fits 2" receivers

Bottom Line

A solid trailer hitch cover if you have a 2" receiver

4. TGL Hitch Step

This hitch step from TGL is another hitch tube cover that doubles as a step.

But while the hitch step above from Bully we mentioned above has a curved design, this TGL step is a bit flatter and thus more sturdy to stand on.

It doesn't double as a LED brake light like the Bully step, but has its own advantages such as a non-slip surface design and a durable powder coated finish that will prevent rust.

Like other large metal hitch covers, this step could also provide your vehicle with extra crash protection in the event of a rear-end collision - although we hope you don't ever get to test that out.

If you want a hitch cover that doubles as a step, this could just be the exact product you're looking for.


Doubles as a step, heavy and sturdy construction


Does not double as an LED brake light like other steps

Bottom Line

A heavy, durable and useful step that gives you easy access to your truck bed while covering up your hitch tube

5. LFParts Blank Black Trailer Metal Hitch Tube Cover

This hitch tube cover from LFParts is a dirt and dust cover that will be more durable than the cheaper plastic covers that are on the market today.

In addition to the metal construction being a bit more durable than plastic, this hitch tube cover also looks better than a plastic one, in our opinion.

While still inexpensive, the metal cover is obviously a bit more expensive than the plastic covers.

Again, you should ensure you are buying the properly sized cover when shopping for a metal hitch tube cover such as this, as some are for 2-inch hitch tubes and others for 1 1/4-inch tubes.


Simple design, sturdy metal construction, inexpensive


More money than a plastic hitch tube cover

Bottom Line

An inexpensive way to cover up your hitch tube that does away with the plastic

6. MaxxHaul Trailer Hitch Cover With LED Brake Light

This trailer hitch cover from MaxxHaul also doubles as an LED brake light.

Why spend $20 or even $30 on a purely cosmetic trailer hitch cover when you can get this hitch cover for even less that will also ensure the person behind you really knows you've stepped on the brakes. The light consists of 12 singular LED lights that are very bright and will last much longer than a standard brake light might.

This hitch cover will fit your standard 2x2 hitch cover and includes a hitch pin.


Doubles as a brake light, inexpensive


Power cord may not be long enough for some applications

Bottom Line

A decent quality and inexpensive trailer hitch cover that doubles as a brake light

7. Bully Chrome Series Heavy-Duty Truck SUV LED Hitch Step

This hitch-mounted step from Bully is a useful little device that will keep your hitch tube covered up when it's not helping you haul.

Not only does it double as a step that will help you access your truck's bed, it comes with integrated LED lights that will light up when you hit the brakes.

The step is 19-inches wide and 3.75-inches in diameter. The included adapter also means it will fit 2-inch and 1-1/4-inch hitch receivers.

With a durable design, this step will support even the heaviest of users and will last over time. It's also relatively inexpensive.


Useful step, integrated LED brake light, adapter included


May be a bit bulky for some buyers' tastes

Bottom Line

A very useful way to cover up your hitch tube when it's not in use

8. HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault

This rather interesting product from KeyVault allows you to cover up your hitch tube and gives you a convenient and safe place to keep a key.

With a secure metal construction, built-in code combination and a heavy-duty rubber dust cover, this hitch cover can safely hide a key, cards and other valuables while your off doing outdoor activities or when you're camping. How many times have you thought "my car keys are a real pain"? This is your solution!

This hitch cover also comes with a hitch pin and a dust cover. The dust cover is important, as it covers up the key code so passersby don't know about your little secret storage compartment.


Doubles as a convenient hitch lock box, sturdy design with included dust cover and hitch pin


Some users may not be comfortable using such a lock box

Bottom Line

A convenient way to cover up your hitch tube—especially if you hate bringing your keys with you

9. Rhino USA Shackle Hitch Receiver

This hitch receiver from Rhino will keep your trailer tube covered up when you're not towing but will still give you a useful hitch to use should you need it.

The American-made hook has a 31,418 lb max strength, so you'll be able to pull just about anything using it. It is also offered with a lifetime warranty, so you know that it will last and that you'll get a replacement or your money back on the off chance that it doesn't.

Such a product could be of particular interest to off-roaders who may need to recover a vehicle from a ditch or when it gets stuck in mud or snow.

Just because your trailer hitch tube isn't being used doesn't mean it can't be useful!


Doubles as a very strong tow hook, lifetime guarantee, American made


More expensive than a simple cosmetic hitch tube cover

Bottom Line

A useful product to cover up your hitch tube that's also extremely durable

10. Pilot CR402 Propeller Hitch Cover

Our final entry on this list comes from Bully, who has developed this cute propeller hitch.

This propeller hitch spins as your car or truck drives down the road. If you typically tow a boat with your hitch, this is a perfect way to let everyone know how when you're not towing it around! It looks just like a boat prop.

While it has no secondary use, this propeller is fun to look at and will protect your hitch tube from dirt, rust, and other corrosion when it's not in use. At just over $10, it's also a relatively inexpensive way to cover up your hitch tube.


Novel design, fun to look at, protects your hitch tube from dirt, rust, and other corrosion


Silver finish flakes off, not very durable

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