The Best Truck Bed Liners

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by Sam McEachern
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Protect your truck's bed and its resale value.
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Installing one of the best bed liners helps your pickup truck last longer, protects your resale value, and can even enhance its appearance. A bed liner not only protects your truck’s bed from being damaged by whatever cargo you are hauling, they also help to protect the bed from rust.

Two of the most common bedliner types are drop-in and spray on. A drop-in bed liner is usually made of plastic and simply drops in place in your truck’s bed, while a spray on bedliner is applied either with a spray gun or painted on with a brush or roller. Spray-on bed liners are typically made from an aliphatic or polyurethane base, but there are many different types available on the market today.

There are also rubber bed mats, which don’t replace bed liners entirely but serve as a durable second layer of protection, and are especially useful if you’re dropping heavy materials like metals, rocks or lumber into your truck. Even with a bedliner, you can still dent the metal underneath, so dropping in an affordable rubber truck bed mat adds an extra layer of protection. With both used and new truck prices like they are today, your truck is an investment you want to protect.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the best bed mats and spray on bed liners on sale today. We’ll also go into deeper detail on the chemistry of bedliners, the installation process and what you might want to know about them before you decide to purchase a bed mat or apply a spray on liner. If you want to learn more about bed liners, use the table of contents to navigate, but we’ll start out with the list of best products first.

1. Editor's Pick: U-POL Truck Bed Liner Kit with Spray Gun

If you like U-POL's quality urethane formula bed liner but don't own your own spray gun attachment for an air compressor, this is the kit for you. U-POL's bedliner comes as a full kit complete with a spray gun and a hardener. With four one-liter bottles of bed liner, all you need to bring to the equation is some painter's tape to mask off your truck bed, and sandpaper for the prep process.

Consumers say U-POL's instructions are clear and easy-to-read, making the application process of the bed liner simple and straightforward. It also dries in just one hour—much quicker than some other spray on urethane formulas.

One con to this bed liner is that it may chip if applied heavily.

Like all liners, you'll want to properly prep your surface before applying this product. A respirator is also always recommended.


Fast drying, spray gun included, high quality urethane solution


Could chip if applied heavily

2. Best Budget Option: Rust-Oleum Automotive Truck Bed Coating

Rust-Oleum's truck bed coating is a specially formulated solution that's designed to prevent rust from forming on your truck bed. It will also protect against the usual scratches, rust, and weather-related damages your truck bed may experience.

Manufactured in the U.S., this high-quality solution applies easily and can be used with a brush, roller, or a spray gun. None of these applicators are included with the can of bedliner, however—you'll have to buy them separately. The product described here is a 32-ounce can of the bedliner only.

This product will take a few days to cure properly, so you'll want to make sure you don't have to use your truck for anything after you've applied it. Users also report the bedliner smells extremely strong when being applied and shortly after, so we'd suggest using a respirator with it. This is true for all spray on bedliners.

With an inexpensive price tag, it's hard to go wrong with this bedliner formula from Rust-Oleum.


Inexpensive, made in North America


Smelly, doesn't come with application equipment

3. U-Pol Products Raptor Black Truck Bed Liner Kit

The Raptor Black Truck Bed Liner Kit from U-Pol Products is for people who want to save money and apply their own spray on bed liner at home.

This kit comes with four liters of spray on bed liner—enough bed liner to cover your entire truck bed. It doesn't include a spray gun, but you can purchase one separately; or use a brush or roller to apply the liner.

The installation process is simple: just tape off your tailgate, latch pins, hinges and anything else you don't want the liner to end up on, lightly sand your bed and spray the liner on. You may want to prep the surface with a primer beforehand for ideal results.


Spray or roller application, can be clearcoated, sticks to many surfaces


Need to use a primer on painted surfaces for best results

4. Herculiner Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

This bed liner kit includes everything you'll need, including one gallon of protective black bed liner, an application brush, and two rollers.

The manufacturer says the bed liner is made from a tough, textured polyurethane formula that is up to five times thicker than some other liners from the competition. The surface won't flake or peel, either, so long as it's applied properly.

Additionally, Herculiner says this bed liner will give your truck bed a nice shiny finish, so you don't have to settle for a cheap-looking liner.

You'll want to apply this bed liner on in coats, waiting about one to four hours between applications. The one gallon can included is enough to apply two heavy coats to a large six-foot pickup bed.


Affordable, large one gallon can of liner, complete kit


Requires more than one gallon for eight-foot or larger beds

5. Custom Coat Urethane Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit

This spray-on bed liner kit from Custom Coat includes four four-liter bottles of the spray on bed liner, a spray gun, and a black-colored tint and hardener. That means it includes just about everything you'll need to apply it, aside from your own air compressor, painter's tape, and sandpaper.

Consumers who have bought this spray on bedliner kit say the end result looks factory and that it sprays on very easily. Like many other spray-on bed liners, however, you'll want to prep the surface properly beforehand. Ensure you have sanded the bed enough, and you may also want to use a primer as a base coat so the bed liner sticks easily.


Spray gun included in kit, easy application


More expensive, requires air compressor

Bottom Line

A pricey yet convenient kit that allows you to easily apply your bed liner at home

6. Linerxtreeme Spray on Bedliner Kit With Gun

This huge spray on bedliner kit from Linerxtreeme is perfect if you will be applying a spray-on bedliner to a number of trucks, or if you plan on redoing your spray-on liner sometime in the future.

We say that because this kit includes three full gallons of bedliner, enough for multiple coats on an eight-foot bed. It also comes with a spray gun, and a formula reducer and activator. You'll want to follow the instructions provided in the kit for using this bedliner, as it's not quite as easy to apply as some others on this list.

Like other spray on bedliners, be sure to properly prep your truck's bed before applying this formula.


Large quantity for big projects, two-part automotive kit, includes spray gun


Expensive, more complicated preparation, must be sprayed

7. Rough Country Bed Mat

The Rough Country Bed Mat isn't a bed liner in a technical sense, but is a great product that will give your truck's bed a second protective layer.

If you already have a drop-in or spray-on bed liner applied, you may also want to get a bed mat. Sometimes a bed liner will become damaged over time, leaving your truck bed looking old or worn-down. With a bed mat, you can protect your truck's bed from damage and also protect your liner from damage. If you find yourself hauling heavy stones and rocks or other objects that pose a threat to the overall condition of your truck bed, a bed mat may be a wise purchase.

Rough Country makes bed mats for a variety of pickup truck makes and models, including the ever-popular Ford F-150 and Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra. It's a quick and easy installation too—just drop it in and drive. The nyracord rubber mat will protect your truck bed, while the knobby underside will ensure it stays in place, even if you need to drive with your tailgate down.


Just unroll and go, affordable


Doesn't protect bed sides, water and grit will get underneath

8. T-Rex SpeedoLINER

This black bedliner kit from Speedkote includes a free spray gun, eight 32 oz bottles of bedliner, and two bottles of activator/hardener.

If you have multiple trucks to protect to spray, this large kit could be ideal for you, as it comes with an abundance of bedliner and activator. The bedliner is quick-drying and is a urethane based formula.

This bedliner will protect against damage and rust and will prove to be durable over time. You must be sure to properly prep your bed beforehand first, though, or risk ending up with a product that chips or peels. Properly sand your bed before applying the product and for best results, use a primer as well.

This bedliner also leaves behind a shiny, glossy finish, so if you'd prefer a rubbery matte finish, you may want to look at other products.


Free spray gun included, convenient bottle size, 2K formula


May need a primer for best results, expensive

9. POR-15 OEM Bed Liner

The POR-15 OEM Bed Liner is sold in quantities of one gallon or one quart, making it easy to get the right quantity for your project. Inexpensive and easy to apply, this bedliner is designed for the DIYer who wants to reapply their truck's bedliner or apply an all-new spray on bedliner.

The manufacturer claims this bedliner has a rust-preventative formula that's also waterproof and chip resistant. This bedliner leaves a textured, glossy finish behind. It's also made in New Jersey, so you know you're are supporting an American company when you buy from this manufacturer.

Some users say this bedliner and chip or peel if not applied properly. If you purchase this water-based, easy clean-up bedliner, be sure to heavily sand your truck bed beforehand. You may also want to use a primer with it as well. It sprays on thin, so be sure you have enough bedliner to cover your entire truck bed a few times over.


Inexpensive, safer water-based formula, USA made


Can chip or peel if not applied properly

10. Dupli-Color DIY Truck Bed Liner with Kevlar Bed Armor Kit

This bedliner kit from Dupli-Color includes one gallon of water-based bedliner, a brush, a roller, a paint tray, and sandpaper. That's pretty much everything you'll need to properly apply this bed liner, aside from painter's tape for the preparation process. Like the other water-based bedliner above, Dupli-Color's kit is not as thick as urethane bedliners and can be runny, so you'll want to prepare your bed carefully before applying it, and pay attention to how thick your application is.

This bedliner also contains Dupont kevlar, which adds to the overall durability of your bed.


Kevlar formula is tough, brush-on kit


Expensive compared to similar products, requires thorough bed preparation

What Are the Different Types of Bedliners?

There are two types of bedliners on sale today: drop in and spray on.

Drop in bedliners are typically cheaper than spray on liners and are easier to install. A drop in liner is essentially just a molded piece of reinforced plastic that slides into place into the rear of your bed, and is either glued into place, or fastened down with metal bolts. Some drop in bedliners will cover the lip of your truck's bed, while others will wrap underneath it. Drop in bedliners aren't typically as resilient as a high-quality spray-on bedliner, as the plastic can become damaged and water can find its way between the liner and the bed, which may cause rust. One upside to these plastic liners, though, is that they can be easily replaced with a new one.

A spray on bedliner, by comparison, is a permanent solution that sticks to your truck bed. When applied properly, they should completely protect the bed surface from damage, and water or dirt. Some spray on liners are made from polyurethane, which leaves behind a textured, almost rubberized liner finish. Polyurea liners are also available, which typically dry harder and leave behind a glossy finish. Some have a slick surface that makes it easy to slide heavy items out, but can be hard to secure. Others are lower in friction and help keep heavy cargo from moving around, but all of them help protect your truck bed from the elements.

Spray on liners are more expensive than drop in liners if they are done professionally, although you can save some money by doing it yourself at home, assuming you have access to an air compressor. If you choose to go that route, you must ensure your truck bed is clean and well sanded down before you apply the liner. If you haven't sprayed an automotive finish before, you'll definitely want to do some practice passes on a piece of scrap metal or plywood; and definitely read up on the process first.

Which One is Best For My Project?

If you frequently need to load heavy objects into your bed, a drop in bedliner is probably the solution you're looking for. The grippy, textured surface that a spray on bedliner leaves behind makes it hard to slide heavy objects into the bed. If you're on a budget, you may also want to opt for a drop-in liner, as it is cheaper to purchase and easy to replace.

A spray on bedliner will be the best solution for those who are looking to truly protect the bed of their pickup. These liners will protect against rust and weather-related wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of your pickup. If you don't load heavy objects frequently, want to protect your truck from rust and don't mind spending a little extra coin, a spray-on bedliner is for you.

A bed mat is an extra layer of protection against dents from heavy objects that you can add to any type of bed liner.

Which Manufacturers Should I Look For?

If you are buying your truck new, we suggest getting the OEM manufacturer to install your bedliner. Many automakers offer drop in plastic bedliners, whereas others will offer both spray on and drop in liners. If you bought your truck new, we suggest consulting with the dealership about a bedliner and having it installed professionally.

If you didn't buy your truck new and are looking for an aftermarket drop in bedliner solution, reputable brands include WeatherTech and RuggedLiners. Spray on bedliners are available from a wide variety of companies including U-Pol, Line-X, Rust-Oleum, Speedkote and Dupli-Color. You can choose to have a company apply the spray liner, or do it yourself. We suggest going the professional route, but if you do it yourself, you'll definitely save some money.

Are All Bedliners Black?

Most bedliners, whether they are drop in or spray on, will be black. However some manufacturers, like Dupli-Color, make spray-on bedliner colors in a variety of colors, including but not limited to blue, desert tan, and army green. Some manufacturers also sell a tint for their spray on bedliners separately, allowing you to make it green, blue, or whatever other color you can dream up.

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