All cars sold from the 2018 model year onward are required to have a backup camera.

But while the government has stepped in to help make this important safety feature standard across the board, many cars on the roads today are not equipped with a reverse camera. That’s where the aftermarket backup camera comes in. There are many different backup cameras on sale today across a variety of price ranges, so we’re going to go over some of the best on sale while also covering different price points.

There are some basic things to know before you start shopping for a backup camera. First, you’ll need some type of monitor to pair with your aftermarket backup camera. Some modern-day vehicles have factory installed touchscreens or monitors with backup camera input, or you may have an aftermarket screen with the right inputs installed in your vehicle already. If not, some cameras come with a dedicated monitor, whereas others come with a rear-view mirror with a small integrated screen for the camera. Additionally, some aftermarket navigations systems, such as those from Garmin and nuvi, have inputs for backup cameras.

You’ll also want to ensure you know how to properly install your backup camera before pulling the trigger on one, or locate a nearby automotive electronics shop where you can have it installed for you.

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1. Editor's Pick: X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

x1pro rear view mirror dash cam

The X1PRO Rear View Mirror Dash Cam has a large 9.88-inch display and rear view mirror screen that shows the rear view camera’s image in full-screen HD.

The screen also features touch control to operate both the rearview camera and forward facing dash cam. It features a 296P front camera and 720P backup camera and displays sharp front and rear facing images. The mirror unit also features motion sensors, allowing it to automatically shut on and off depending on if the vehicle is parked or not, along with an anti-vibration bracket. It takes SD cards as well, allowing you to save and store your dash cam footage.

This camera also features lane departure warning – a feature enabled by its 140-degree wide view rear camera that helps to eliminate blind spots. Like other cameras on this list, you may to enlist the help of a professional to install correctly.

2. Esky Rear View License Plate Camera

esky vehicle backup camera

This rear-view camera from Esky is inexpensive and produces a high-quality image for its low price.

With two sets of LED lights helping to brighten the way, this little camera also works at night. Most users report much stronger daytime performance than nighttime, however, and say the nighttime performance leaves something to be desired.

It easily attaches to the bolts on your license plate frame and comes with 19 foot long AV and power cables so you can plug it into the back of your vehicle’s factory or aftermarket monitor or touchscreen. The camera is waterproof, but some users report condensation entering in heavy rain or car washes. It has a wide 135-degree viewing angle so you can see not only directly behind you, but what’s coming from your peripherals as well.

If you want to install this camera yourself, you may need to do some online research, as it comes with vague instructions and this process can be different for different vehicles.

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3. AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Camera Mirror

auto vox wireless backup camera mirror

This wireless backup camera/mirror combo from AUTO-VOX is a high-quality, easy-to-install product that could easily pass as a factory installed option on your vehicle.

The package includes the camera itself, a wireless signal transmitter and a rear-view mirror/monitor combo that looks just like a normal rear-view mirror for a passenger vehicle. The camera’s view is fed into a small rectangular screen on the driver’s side of the screen and disappears when the vehicle is not in reverse.

The camera itself includes 6 LED lights that automatically come on to illuminate the path behind you at night. It’s also waterproof and will work in the rain. Like the Esky camera above, the camera is affixed to the rear of the vehicle with two straps that attach to the bolts holding your license on. The package also includes a wireless transmitter so you do not need to run a long wire from the rear of your vehicle to the front.

While this camera is somewhat expensive, it undercuts many other high-end rearview mirror monitor/camera combinations on sale.

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4. YANDA HDR Reversing Backup Camera Kit

yanda dash cam car dvr backup camera

The YANDA HDR Reversing Backup Camera Kit doubles as a backup camera and forward-facing dash cam. It uses two Sony 1080p cameras to do this, ensuring the picture is clear in both the day and night.

Instead of projecting the camera’s image onto a small monitor within the rearview mirror, this kit will turn the entire rearview mirror into a display when you put the vehicle in reverse. The rearview camera is also adjustable and features lane guidance.

The mirror’s forward facing camera also records audio clearly and can save your video files for playback at a later time with an SD card.

Some downsides to this product are that the user manual is confusing and it may be difficult to install for non-professionals. The touchscreen menu can be confusing to navigate as well.

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5. AUTO-VOX X1 Rear View Mirror Camera

auto-vox x1 mirror dash cam backup camera

The AUTO-VOX X1 is another rearview mirror/monitor combination that offers a full-screen view of what’s behind you.

When the touchscreen rearview camera display isn’t on, the unit doubles as a normal rearview camera. The 9.88-inch screen is high-quality and clear and is rated at 720p. The camera produces a clear image and lowers automatically when in reverse to provide a better angle of the parking space. The user can also adjust the view of the camera with their finger at any time.

Like other backup cameras of this quality, it delivers a clear and relatively bright picture at night as well.

Some downsides to this quality product are that it will be hard to install for non-professionals and the on-screen clock only displays in military time.

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6. AUTO-VOX X2 Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

auto-vox x2 mirror dash cam backup camera

The AUTO-VOX X2 is essentially an improved upon version of the X1 above with the addition of a forward-facing dash cam.

Like the X1, the X2 features a large 9.88 inch rearview mirror that shows what’s behind you in full-screen. The display produces a sharp 960p image and can easily adjust the direction the rear camera is facing with touch inputs.

The rearview camera automatically comes on and adjusts its view when you put the vehicle into reverse, which has an extremely wide 140-degree viewing angle. The mirror can also help you see what’s in your blind spot while your vehicle is in motion.

Similar to the X1 above, the X2 will be difficult to install for amateurs, but it does come with instructions for home wrenchers.

7. Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

garmin bc-30 wireless backup camera

This backup camera from Garmin is perfect for those who already own an aftermarket Garmin or nuvi GPS unit.

This camera works using a wireless transmitter that is powered by your vehicle’s 12v outlet. From there, the GPS unit will pick the camera up and automatically show what’s behind you when you put the vehicle into reverse, so long as it’s installed properly. Garmin does recommend getting it professionally installed, but says home installation is possible for do-it-yourselfers.

The camera wirelessly transmits video up to 45 feet and is rugged enough to withstand harsh weather. The camera displays a sharp image in the daytime works well in low light as well.

This is definitely our recommended camera for those who already own a Garmin or nuvi GPS unit.

8. Pruveeo Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam

pruveeo d700 touchscreen backup camera

The Pruveeo Touch Screen Backup Camera Dash Cam is a very inexpensive rear view mirror and dash cam combo that includes a 1080P resolution front-facing dash camera with 150-degree wide angle lens and a weatherproof 480p rear camera.

This budget-minded option has a clear display and also works relatively well at night, especially for the price point. It also boasts extremely easy installation – just fix the rear view mirror/display over your existing rear view mirror and plug the power cable plug into the cigarette lighter. You will have to buy a cable separately to wire the camera to the mirror, however.

The 7-inch mirror/display screen also features touch operation and accepts SD cards for recording front-facing video. Unlike many other dash cameras, it does not have G-force auto save or motion detector activation.

9. Pyle Rearview Mirror Monitor

pyle dash cam rearview mirror monitor

The Pyle Rearview Mirror Monitor is another dash cam and rear-view mirror combination that is of a higher quality than the Pruuveo dash cam above, but sells for a higher price.

This mirror, backup camera and video recording kit includes a rearview mirror assembly with a built-in 7.4 inch display screen, rear-facing backup camera, and a separate forward facing dash camera. There’s also a built-in g-sensor that allows the camera to turn on and off when the vehicle is in motion or parked, along with a microphone for audio recording. The mirror also incorporates a micro SD memory card slot so you can save your dash camera footage.

This camera includes installation instructions but those with limited knowledge of in-car electronics may want to have installed professionally. You must also completely remove your mirror from your windshield in order to install the Pyle rearview mirror/display.

10. Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror

pyle rearview backup camera mirror

The Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Mirror is a less expensive version (nearly half the price) of the Pyle camera above that isn’t as high-quality and doesn’t include a forward-facing dash cam.

This inexpensive rearview mirror/camera option has a rugged rear backup camera with a 170-degree viewing angle and auto white balance paired with a 4.3-inch LCD in-mirror monitor. The camera itself is waterproof and has ‘night vision’ and is fog resistant. Line other similar backup cameras, the camera easily mounts to the rear license plate bracket.

This camera also includes on-screen display lines so you can easily guide your car into tight parking spaces – just like an OEM backup camera might have. Installation is similar to other cameras – you might want to get it professionally installed, but you can feasibly do it yourself as well.

One downside to this camera is that it does not feature LED lights on the backup camera, making it hard to see when reversing at night.

11. LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and 4.3'' Mirror Monitor

leekooluu backup camera

The LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and 4.3” Mirror Monitor is an extremely inexpensive option, undercutting many other rearview camera/mirror combos.

While this camera has a narrower view than some others and the display is a little dark during the daytime, it’s a great tight budget buy. Some users may also find the cable included with the mirror to be a bit short.

In addition to being good value, this camera is also adjustable, the rearview mirror is large and despite the price, the camera should prove to be weather resistant even over long periods of time.

You may professional help to install this product, like many others of this type.

12. BOSS Audio BV430RVM Rear View Car Mirror and Camera

boss audio bv430rvm rearview camera mirror

This mid-level price range camera and rearview mirror/monitor combo from BOSS Audio has a factory look, a weatherproof wide angle camera and a 3-year online dealer warranty.

Like other rearview mirror displays, the BOSS Audio unit automatically displays the rear view mirror’s image in the corner of the mirror when the vehicle is put in reverse. The camera is wide angle and includes has ‘night vision’ in place of rear-facing LED lights.

The kit includes the necessary wires and brackets for installation, but you may want to consider professional installation.

Like many other rearview mirror/camera combos, the display screen may be hard to see during the day for some.

13. Spedal 1080p Car Dash Cam

spedal car dash cam rearview camera

This slick-looking 1080p rearview mirror display has an easy-to-use interface and a modern-looking design accompanied by a 120 degree rear view camera and a 1080p, 138 degree forward-facing dash camera.

The backup camera is waterproof and is described as having ‘super night vision’ that produces a bright image at night or on rainy days. A built-in sensor ensures it automatically shuts off or turns on when your car is parked or moving.

This high-quality feeling, neatly designed rearview mirror/dash cam combination not only looks like a factory product – it could even enhance the look of your car, especially if its a newer vehicle.

The mirror itself is also easy to install, clipping to your existing mirror and receiving power from your car’s lighter outlet or 12v socket.

14. eRapta Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor System

erapta wireless backup camera

The eRapta Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor System is for the rearview camera shopper who doesn’t have an existing display screen or GPS but doesn’t want to replace their rearview mirror. It comes with a dedicated backup camera monitor, which measures in at 5-inches diagonally.

The LCD display comes with clips a bracket for affixing it to your dash or console within your vehicle and also shows guidelines on the screen when the vehicle is in reverse.

Joining the dedicated monitor is a license plate mountable, 149-degree wide angle camera that is both waterproof and has built-in LED lights that automatically come on when the vehicle is in reverse at night.

15. TOGUARD Backup Camera Mirror Dash Cam Touch Screen 1080P

toguard backup camera mirror dash cam

This 7-inch backup camera, rearview mirror and dash cam combination from TOGUARD records forward-facing images in 1080P and has a 480p rear-facing camera. It’s operated by touching the screen, similar to a tablet or smartphone.

Separating this cam apart from others is the unique, modern-appearance. It also features a parking monitor and g-sensor, on-screen parking guides, an anti-glare screen surface and plenty of wiring for installation. You also don’t have to replace your originally mirror with this unit as it clips onto your existing mirror.

Unfortunately, the mirror can only handle 32 GB memory cards, so you can only record forward facing dash cam footage for a certain amount of time before the card has to read over.

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