In 1839, Charles Goodyear unearthed the wisdom that the addition of sulfur and heat alters a rubber’s consistency; the process, later known as vulcanization, formed the basis for Goodyear’s tires and floor mats.

The company uses thermoplastic elastomer material to engineer its floor mats. The mat is designed to precisely fit your car’s make, model, and year. Also, the manufacturing process ensures that they are equipped to draw as much grime and liquid away from your clothes and feet and as possible. Moreover, Goodyear mats’ deep, pan-like design takes care of all sorts of spills and mess.

We have reviewed the five best Goodyear floor mats. It’s important to know the year, make, and model of the car you’re buying for to ensure the best fit and utility.

Goodyear GY5004 Premium Rubber/Carpet Floor Mat

goodyear uinversal

These floor mats offer you every day resilient protection from moisture, grease, mud, and debris tracked in, thereby enabling you to keep your car clean, which can also increase your resale value.

The product is engineered with a raised, protective heel pad that gives them remarkable prevention against scuffing. The universal Goodyear fade and stain resistant mats are available in one size aimed to fit the majority of popular vehicles out there.

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Goodyear GY6204 Premium Rubber Floor Mats

goodyear premium

If you’re seeking functionality and style for your car’s interior, then order a pair of Goodyear GY6204 floor mats. These mats are made with a raised moisture barrier that shields your floor surfaces from rain, spills, and snow. You also get protected against debris, grime, and rapid wear and tear.

The product comes with an anti-skidding nib backing making the mats immovable, thereby minimizing the likelihood of slips. The 4-piece set is available in black, tan, and gray colors to complement the inside of your car.

Goodyear Natural Rubber Floor Mats

goodyear natural

Goodyear’s floor mats are engineered from a thermoplastic elastomer material to draw as much dirt and water away from your clothes and feet as possible. Moreover, they come with a deep pan-like shape to prevent any accidental spills. Therefore, whatever happens, your car carpets will stay clean and dry.

At a very affordable price, you will get a product made out of environment-friendly recyclable rubber. Moreover, it is trimmable with household scissors to fit borders in most of the popular vehicles today. Additionally, the mat is manufactured in contemporary symmetrical design to retain its color and shape over an extended period of time.

Goodyear GY600477 Carpet Mat Set

goodyear carpet

The GY600477 model by Goodyear is designed to ease into almost any vehicle model and make and can also be easily paired with the standardized factory upholstery colors.

The product is engineered with high-quality, heavy-duty rubber and comes with raised borders for extra protection. These UV stain and fade resistant carpet floor mats will defend your car interior from dirt, moisture, and debris. Each mat is made with high-pile luxurious carpet for a visually appealing appearance and cozy feel.

Goodyear GY420477 Floor Mat

goodyear mat

Say hello to style, comfort, and functionality with these Goodyear floor mats that are made with solid heavy-duty rubber and are a perfect fit for the majority of common vehicles.

The product comes with raised borders as well as a protective heel pad design to trap dirt and keep it at bay from your clothes and feet. Moreover, the rib pattern ensures that dirt and debris are channeled properly. This reliable Goodyear product is UV stain and fade resistant.

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