WeatherTech is an American manufacturing firm with a global presence. It makes state-of-the-art vehicle protection products and delivers them to 84 countries worldwide. The company also engineers flexible and customized all season automobile floor mats with deep channels built to trap mud, road salt, water, and sand.

We have reviewed five top-of-the-line WeatherTech floor mats so you can pick the best ones for your needs.

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WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats

weathertech w239 all-weather floor mats

As the name suggests, once you’ve got the W239 floor mat in your car, you’re protected for every season. The mat is engineered with an OEM-approved thermoplastic elastomer compound and features a non-sticky, protective finish for a swift cleanup.

The ISO 9001 certified product comes with anti-skidding ridges at the bottom of the mat. Also, it has deep channels to trap water and mud and offers excellent coverage. The W239 comes with a driver’s side and a front passenger side mat and features deep grooves to trap moisture coming off your shoes.

WeatherTech AVM Cargo Mat

Protect your trunk with these AVM Cargo mats by WeatherTech. This vehicle protection product is crafted from a flexible, soft rubber compound unfazed by subzero conditions. Its specially developed outer ridges and reservoirs trap and retain fluids and grime to render complete trunk and cargo area protection.

It is made from an OEM-approved compound, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and offers a textured finish. Also, it is available in many colors to match your car interior. The shipping dimensions are 53”x 36” but can be clipped down to 41”x 27.5”.

WeatherTech AVM Heavy Duty Floor Mats

weathertech avm heavy duty

Keep your feet and clothes nice and dry with a pair of AVM Heavy Duty mats by WeatherTech. These mats offer an unmatched dust and debris trapping courtesy of their inventive reservoir and tall outer ribbing. Moreover, they stay undeterred even in the unforgiving cold. The product is developed with a sophisticated rubber-like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound, and a perfect fit for your front, passenger, and rear floor placement.

The AVM Heavy Duty mats come built-in with a licensed TechGrip II holding device as well as grommets on the driver’s side. These feature anchors to the floor to restrict fluids leaking via the grommet hole. Additionally, underside molded-in nibs stop them from sliding out of place.

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WeatherTech Custom Fit AVM

custom fit

The Custom Fit Rear AVM by WeatherTech is the most evolved of the Universal mats that perform impeccably during all types of weather. The manufacturer’s product designers measured several automobiles to establish the most precise combination of a perfect fit. Also, the marked trim lines enable you to make a custom fit on your own, while maintaining the shape your car needs.

The product is developed with tall outer channels and ridges to channel liquids to the mat’s lower half where a reservoir traps the grime and fluids and keeps them away from your clothes and feet. Moreover, the odorless compound used to design the product stays put even in extreme climate and is also non-toxic.

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WeatherTech FloorLiner

As the name suggests, these mats by WeatherTech are designed to offer optimum coverage for the first-row driver and passenger side floor surfaces. The black colored product is designed to safeguard your car carpet and the area around the floorboard side.

These front mats are a proven defense against snow, ice, water, and grime, and courtesy of the innovative design, also keep the accumulated muck away from your designer jeans and shoes. Also, they are easy to put back in once you take out for cleanup. Lastly, they feature an anti-slip design.

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