Triangle Tire recently held an event in Toronto to launch its full lineup of passenger vehicle tires in Canada.

It’s not a new brand: founded in 1976, it now produces over 24 million tires annually. The vast majority of those—some 20 million—are for cars, trucks and SUVs. Triangle tires are produced in China, with two research and development centers globally: one in China, and the other in the USA. Canada joins a list of 170 countries that Triangle sells its wares in.

In the Great White North, Dynamic Tire will be the exclusive distributor of Triangle Tire. We were on hand to check out the lineup and talk with employees from both companies. The primary message from all was one of value: Triangle tires are for those that want the greatest cost savings for the smallest sacrifice in on-road performance. Perhaps most surprising (and welcome): all Triangle tires come with a standard road hazard warranty, which is very uncommon in the passenger car segment. There is also a 30-day no-hassle trial period. Clearly, Triangle is targeting everyday drivers here.

Below we focus on three of the brand’s major passenger car applications; for the full lineup, check out Dynamic Tire.

Triangle Tire Advantex TR259

The Advantex TR259 will likely be the volume leader for Triangle, as it’s the brand’s all-season SUV and crossover tire. And we don’t need to remind you of what’s most popular on the roads these days…

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The TR259 comes in a range of sizes, from 16-inch items to 19-inchers. With cross-section widths of 215 through to 265, the TR259 covers most modern crossover and SUV applications. Its near-symmetrical design is meant for the place most crossovers spend most of their time: on normal paved roads. That translates to a quieter ride and improved fuel economy. If you’re looking for a set of rubber a little more chunky for your crossover, however…

Triangle Tire AgileX TR292

The AgileX is for those wanting a little more utility in their sport utility’s tires. The blocky tread pattern of the TR292 makes it better suited for a blend of on- and off-road situations. The deeper sipes and shoulder slots improve water dispersion, forcing it out from under the treads. With wet and muddy spring time around the corner, that’s a key selling point.

Like its more road-biased sibling, the TR259, the TR292 is available in a variety of sizes. Its widest spread of width options is in the 16-inch realm, with 15-, 17-, and even a 20-inch option also in the lineup.

Triangle Tire Advantex TC101

For those sticking to cars, Triangle offers the Advantex TC101. A humbler, value-oriented model, it’s an all-season performance tire for smaller sedans and hatchbacks.

With even modern sub-compacts running 17-inch wheels or larger, it’s easy to forget older cars still run more reasonable wheel sizes. That’s why it’s good to see 15-inch options for the TC101, as well as 16- and 17-inch models. They’re properly narrow too, coming in as thin as 185-series for the two smaller diameters. We’re big proponents of narrow tires; they make cars more fun at speeds that won’t land you in trouble.

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