July 19, 2018
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Why Does My Car Smell?

Many asks themselves: why does my car smell? It’s not likely that you always smell the unique odor your vehicle has, most of us can’t. And that’s likely because we sit in them day in and day out.

The smells are part of the background for us. Our passengers, however, don’t have the benefit of being used to it. Pet owners who drive their furry friends around may have some funky smells which rise from the carpets and seats. Parents most likely have stains from drink spills of some kind. Few things bring out bad smells worse than the hot sun of a summer’s day. While a heavy-duty shampooing or interior detail might get rid of most smells, sometimes you need the added touch of an air freshener.

Automotive air fresheners have moved on beyond the typical foam pine tree hanging from the rear-view mirror. That said, there’s something nostalgic about the hanging air freshener that brings back memories from days past. Thankfully, Little Trees still sells hanging air fresheners. These simple air fresheners cover bad smells with a huge selection of scents. While they rely purely on the natural airflow of your vehicle, their advantage is in their price and long-lasting scent. Available in six packs of four, or 24, in a bundle.

Take things a step up from passive air fresheners to something a little more active. Plugging directly over your vents can be a great way to add some pleasant smells back into your vehicle. As the air comes out of the vent, perfume from the air freshener is carried with it throughout the cabin. Most of these style of air freshener provide better scent coverage in your vehicle but are costlier. Perfume packets should last around 30-days, but then need to be refilled or replaced. Febreze has mastered odors in your home and now for your vehicle. They sell a small variety of scented pod air fresheners. Dials let you adjust how much scent is released into the vehicle to accommodate particularly bad smells, or passengers with perfume sensitivities.

Top 15 Best Air Fresheners for Your Car

Most perfume-based air fresheners are good for covering or masking whatever smells you may have. Once the perfume wears off, the smell may return. One of the best ways to tackle a smelly car is to actually eliminate the odor itself. An air purifier with active carbon ingredients should act to filter out many of the things which cause foul smells. Bacteria or mold can also contribute to odors, so keeping the moisture under control inside your vehicle can be important. Activated Carbon can be excellent at absorbing moisture, odor causing particles, allergens like dust and pollutants.

Wrapped in a durable cloth bag, Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag can last as long as two years. An ideal solution for those with allergies to scents, or anybody looking for a longer-term solution to smelly interiors. Using Moso Bamboo charcoal to filter the air, these handy bags could also be used in RVs, trailers, boats, sheds and more.

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