Report: Ferrari CEO Says 612-Successor, Next Enzo Due Out in 2012

Report: Ferrari CEO Says 612-Successor, Next Enzo Due Out in 2012

In a recent interview with the U.K.’s CAR magazine, Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa spilled some details on the exotic Italian automaker’s future product plans, including a hint that the replacement for the 612 Scaglietti will arrive in 2012. Unfortunately for Ferrari, the replacement comes about 8 years too late. (Yup, do the math, the 612 first launched in 2004).

Also due out in 2012 is a successor to the Enzo. Don’t expect a hybrid powerplant or any other green-technology breakthroughs, however, as Felisa says a hybrid Ferrari is at least four years away from being on the road. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a twin-turbo motor out back, much like in the iconic F40.

As for the 599, it’s still a relative baby, so don’t look for a replacement until 2015.

Being from the U.K. the folks at CAR also couldn’t resist asking Ferrari about the upcoming McLaren MP4-12C. “We like the challenge,” said Feilisa. “It is important to have the competition. But we are not worried about it.” Ferrari might just want to be, however, as the new McLaren promises a lower curb weight and more power.

[Source: Car]

  • TONY1

    Ferrari should not be afraid of any McLaren hotrod. The former make their whole car, engine and all and have the pedigree which cannot be manufactured overnight. Nice to see McLaren still using Ferrari though (ex Ferrari designer). No wonder it looks like a 458 with some more holes.