Report: Still Hope For Full-Sized, Rear-Drive Chevy and Cadillac Models

Report: Still Hope For Full-Sized, Rear-Drive Chevy and Cadillac Models

With yesterday’s announcement of the Chevrolet Caprice police cruiser, General Motors was clear to indicate that a civilian version of the car would not be offered. According to a report by the GM know-it-alls at GMInsideNews, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no rear-drive full-sized sedans are coming.

With GM back on track, the company is reportedly re-examining the possibility of building one or even two vehicles on the full-sized Zeta platform. Product boss Bob Lutz is particularly interested in using the platform to underpin two new sedans: one for Chevy and one for Cadillac. GM does already have plans to build the Cadillac XTS, but it be offered as either a front-drive or all-wheel drive model, with no rear-drive option available. GMI’s sources indicate, however, that there has been considerable discussion on this topic by GM execs as many people doubt Cadillac can ever achieve top-tier luxury status without a true rear-drive S-Class/7 Series competitor. The discussion has even moved into action as several individuals within the company have been tasked with proposals for the car.

A new Caprice model in Australia is due out in 2013, so if GM does bring back a civilian Caprice or create a new rear-drive full-sized Cadillac, it would most likely have to wait until then.

[Report: GMInsideNews]

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