Report: Pontiac Reaches its Inglorious End As Last U.S.-Market Car Rolls off the Line

Report: Pontiac Reaches its Inglorious End As Last U.S.-Market Car Rolls off the Line

Earlier this week General Motors produced its last Pontiac for the U.S. market, ending the brand’s 82 year run. The final vehicle to roll off the assembly line at 12:45 p.m. on Wednesday, November 25th at the Orion Township plant was a rather unspectacular white G6 sedan which is scheduled to be sold to a fleet. It’s hardly the sort of send-off one might expect for a brand that has produced such memorable legends as the GTO and Firebird.

There was no pomp and circumstance as the last 100 vehicles rolled off the line and no GM executive was on hand.

The Pontiac brand was highlighted for elimination on April 27, as a part of General Motors’ viability plan. GM agreed to kill-off Pontiac and try and find buyers for Saab, Saturn and Hummer in exchange for a bailout by the U.S. and Canadian governments. To date, both the Saab and Saturn deals have fallen through, leading to the scheduled elimination of Saturn with the same fate likely for Saab. The sale of Hummer to Chinese heavy machinery company Sichuan Tengzhon is still pending.

Watching the Pontiac brand come to an end isn’t an unfamiliar event for may of the plant workers, as many of them were building Oldsmobiles when GM decided to retire than brand in 2000. For workers there is a glimmer of hope as GM has announced that in 18 months it will begin producing a new small car at the same facility.

In the mean time, the plant will stay open as it wraps up final production of the Pontiac G3 Wave, which is sold in Canada.

Since the brand’s inception in 1926 it is estimated to have sold as many as 41 million cars.

[Source: TheDetroitNews]

  • Mary Smith

    Halting production of the Pontiac G8 shows the CEO’s lack of insight into the American consumer’s historical attachment to Pontiac’s legendary “muscle” cars. Many car enthusiasts are dedicated to the restoration and continuation of Pontiac’s highly regarded “youthful” models that have competed successfully with Ford’s treasured Mustang. The elite “granny” Buick lacks a contemporary market. It is overpriced and blandly conservative. Bring back the sporty, reasonably priced Pontiac!

  • Joe Yoman

    What a sad disgusting end for such a treasured car division. The fact that GM somehow managed to let this brand wither and die the way it did is beyond belief and making the last 2010 Pontiac a Toyota Vibe just adds more insult to injury. GM should hold there heads down in total shame for killing there only stand out sporty division!!!

  • Harry Tam III

    I’ve owned Pontiacs all my life. I STILL own one. I’ve never owned any other make. Even now, over a year since Pontiac’s demise was announced, no other make will do. I hope that GM resurrects the brand some day soon. I strongly suspect that there are more than a few Pontiac loyalists out there. Pontiac was a very strong, iconic brand. It had kept the same arrowhead badge that it had had since 1963 or so. There was no need to change or tweak it. The arrowhead badge is a consistent, unchanging symbol of a brand that has built-up tremendous loyalty over the decades. When GM foolishly chose to end the brand, it was outselling Buick two-to-one. True, many Pontiacs went to fleet sales, but then those fleet cars are driven around, “carrying the flag” for Pontiac, as it were. If you watch NHRA, you see that Pontiacs are STILL being raced, even now. Pontiacs had superior aerodynamics. There they are, with the Pontiac arrowhead badge painted all over them. GM, BRING PONTIAC BACK!


    Pontiac didnt build excitement, but tried to import it by re-badging Holden, Terrible.
    I want my G8!