World’s Fastest Jeep SRT-8 Goes 9’s, Has Sports Cars Scratching Their Hoods

World’s Fastest Jeep SRT-8 Goes 9’s, Has Sports Cars Scratching Their Hoods

Running 9 seconds in the quarter mile is quite a feat for any sports car. It takes come serious modifications to get a Toyota Supra or Chevy Corvette to go that fast. And just recently we reported on the first Nissan GT-R to break the 10 second barrier. So imagine how surprised we were to hear of a 9-second SUV. That’s right, a Jeep SRT8 has gone down the quarter mile with the quickest time of 9.658 and the fastest mph of 146.72.

The high performance version of Jeep’s Grand Cherokee, the SRT-8 sports a 6.1-liter Hemi V8 that pushes out 420-hp and 420 ft-lbs of torque from the factory. Stock 0-60 is under five seconds with a top speed of 150-mph. But hey, that means absolutely nothing for this SRT-8 that’s pushing close to the factory top speed in less than 10 seconds and in a mere quarter of a mile.

Built by Lewis Performance Machine, the SRT-8 sports a 426-stroker built to handle 1500 AWD horsepower. Details are naturally a little hard to find, but the owner reports the obvious: upgraded fuel system, drive line and rear end. He does let the public know that a 75-shot of NOS is used to help get the Jeep off the line while the trans brake and 2-step is still being tested. The beast is tuned by Johan at Diablo and rolls on Nitto NT05Rs on the stock rims.

The video after the jump shows the SRT-8 running a 9.87, which the owner claims is on 13 psi and the 75 shot. The 9.659 was with 16 psi and the 9.658 was at 19 psi with the boost tube blowing off. Naturally the Jeep SRT-8 had a lot more in it, given that its 9.658 pass was at a lowly 139.36 mph vs the 146.72 it hit with the 9.659 pass.

It should only be a matter of time before the SRT-8 hits Orlando Speedworld again, so we’ll keep you guys up to date if they enter the record books with an 8 second pass.

Make sure you check out the video after the break!

[Source: JeepGarage]

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  • Harrison

    Hell YEAH Chris and LPM! Congrats on all your success! You guys so deserve it. Glad everything has finally come together for you guys. Can’t wait for future low numbers and thanks for setting the bar so damn high!! Now, I’ll NEVER catch up. 🙁 Congrats again boys!

  • Scott

    Holy smokes! Congrats Chris and JeepGarage!

  • Wade

    Congrats to all involved. Its always fun to see SUV’s running down the track fast.

  • Mario

    Congrats to all involved in making this possible.
    Thanks for putting the Jeep name so high.
    Makes me even more proud of owning a Jeep SRT8.

  • Frankie

    AWESOME!!! Congrats man!!!

  • Joe Speed

    Now I’ve seen it all.

  • Jose a.k.a Knuckles

    Way to represent the Jeeps Chris!!!

  • Steve

    Amazing truely amazing!!

  • roshane

    suck batty

  • Irv

    You’ll enjoy watching this video about my SRT-8

  • pistmotorman

    Joe Lewis is a joke. This idiot screwed up my motor and then dogged my phone calls for weeks. When I finally got a hold of him he had every excuse why it wasn’t his fault. He gave me back my fresh rebuilt motor months after it was supposed to be done, with bent valves and cylinders that where bored to big. No wonder I had so much blow by. I had to lift my motor and completely rebuild it again. Now it runs like a champ…..I should have done it my self to begin with. Stay away from Joe Lewis.

  • Nathan14699

    i dislike my i6 hse could merk this