Illegal Immigrants Stow Away in Aston Martin Race Trailer

Illegal Immigrants Stow Away in Aston Martin Race Trailer

Eight Afghanis, four Iraquis, and four Vietnamese nationals were arrested at the UK border after a border patrol agent noticed the side door to Aston Martin Racing’s trailer appeared to have been forced open. The illegal immigrants had stashed away on the top shelf of the trailer, hiding behind the $1,000,000 LMP1 Race Car.

This news comes just a few days after several other illegal immigrants were arrested while trying to sneak into the UK on one of Bernie Ecclestone’s Formula 1 Management Trucks, carrying F1 Broadcasting equipment. When the driver arrived home, he discovered the immigrants and called authorities, who arrested them all.

What is it about racing rigs that they have become such popular methods of transport for illegals? It’s possible that at many checkpoints, especially before and after a well-known race, the folks in charge will simply wave race teams through, since it costs so much money to race they wouldn’t even bother smuggling drugs, but on the other hand…..

[Source: UK Telegraph]


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