Ohio Tornado Murders Dodge Viper, Ram SRT-10

Ohio Tornado Murders Dodge Viper, Ram SRT-10

The deadly Ohio tornado that killed seven people last week claimed two more victims, a late-model Dodge Viper RT-10 and a Dodge Ram SRT-10. If we do the math, that’s a total of 950 horsepower put out of commission. Ironically, both of these vehicles would have no problem outrunning a tornado, with the Viper topping out at 187 mph and the Ram, the world’s fastest production truck, topping out at 154. We’ll have to assume the drivers were cowering in fear in a basement at the time. Let’s hope they have full coverage.

[Source: Jalopnik]

  • jimmmy

    i feel bad for the fourwheelr it look like a yamaha warrior RIP all Three Of Them.